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788 [764]

K. Henry. 3. kissing the knee of the Popes Legate comming into England.

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CUL copy: as with other images in this section, additional detail is provided to the image but none (including a lack of shading) is provided to the robes depicted in red. WREN copy: another pale image, with the cardinals in pale orange.

rour, the place being empty, but in all Ecclesiasticall benefices haue full right and power to geue, to translate, & to dispose after my arbitrement. Marginalia75. [illegible text] 75. Did not I Zacharias put downe Childericke the old kyng of Fraunce, & set vp Pipinus? Marginalia7[illegible text] 76. Did not I Gregorius vij. set vp Robert Wysard and made him kyng of Sicilia & Duke of Capua? &c. Marginalia7[illegible text] 77. Did not I þe same Gregorius also set vp Rodulphus agaynst Henr. 4. Emperour? Marginalia7[illegible text] 78. And though this Hēricus was an Emperour of most stoute courage, who stode, 62. times in opē field agaynst hys enemies. Marginalia79. [illegible text] 79. yet did not I Gregorius bring him coram nobis, & made him stād at my gate iij. dayes & iij. nightes barefoote & barelegge with his wife & child, in the deepe of wynter, both in frost & snow, entreatyng for his absolution: & after did excōmunicate him agayne, so þt he was twise excōmunicated in my dayes? Marginalia8[illegible text] 80. Agayne did not I Paschalis after Gregory, set vp the sonne of þe sayd Hēricus against his father in war to possesse þe Empire, & to put downe his father, & so he did? Marginalia81. [illegible text] 81. Item, did not I pope Alexander bring vnder Hēry the second kyng of Englād, for the death of Thomas Becket, & cause him to go barefoote to his tombe at Canterbury with bledyng feete? Marginalia82. Chronica vernacula. 82. Did not I Innocentius the 3. cause kyng Iohn to kneele downe at the feete of Pandulphus my Legate, & offer vp his crowne to his handes: also to kisse the feete of Steuen Langton Byshop of Canterbury, and besides marsed him in a M. Markes by yeare? Marginalia83. Pope Vrbanus. Caus. 15. q. [illegible text] cap [illegible text]. 83. Did not I Vrbanus 2. put downe Hugo earle in Italy, dischargyng his subiectes frō their oth & obedience to him? Marginalia84. Pope Paschalis. Carsulanus. Platina. Vincentius. Stella Antoninus. Matheus Parisiensis. Pope Gelasius. 2. Pope Calixtus. 2. Platina de vitis pontificum. 84. Did not I Paschalis excōmunicate also hys sonne Henr. 5. & get out of his ndes all his right & title of electiōs & donations of spirituall promotions? Did not I Gelasius 2. bryng the Captaine Cintius vnder, vnto the kissing of my feete. And after Gelasius, dyd not I Calixtus 2. quale the foresayd Emperour Henricus 5. & also bryng in subiectiō Gregory whō the sayd Emperour had set vp agaynst me to be pope, bringyng him into Rome vpō a Camell, his face to þe horse tayle, makyng him to hold the horse tayle in his hād in stead of [illegible text] Marginalia85. Pope [illegible text] 85. Further, did not I Innocētius 2. set vp and made Lotharius to be Emperour for driuyng out pope Anacletus out of Rome? Marginalia86. Nauclerus. 86. Did not I the sayd Innocētius take the dukedome of Sicile frō the Empire, & made Roger to be [illegible text] therof, wherby afterward the kyngdom became the patrimony of S. Peter? Marginalia87. Pope Alexander 3. De [illegible text] & [illegible text]. 87. Did not I Alexāder 3. suspēd all the realme & churches of Englād for the kings mariage? an. 1159. Marginalia[illegible text] 88. But what do I speake of kyngs? did not I the sayd Alexāder bryng the valiant Emperour Fridericke the first to Venice, by reason of his sonne Otho there takē prisoner, & there in S. Markes church made him fall down flat vpō the groūd, while I set my foote vpō his necke, saying the verse of þe Psalme. Super aspidē & basiliscū ambulabis? &c. Marginalia89. Pope Adrianus [illegible text] Rom. pōtificū. 89. Did not I Adrianus pope, an englishmā borne, excommunicate Wil. K. of Sicile, & refuse his peace, which he offered? and had not he ouercome me in playne field, I would haue shakē him out of his kingdom of Scicil, & dukedom of Apulia. Marginalia90. Ex Auentino. 90. Also did not I þe sayd Adrianus, cōtrolle & correct the foresayd Fridericus Emperour, for holding the left styrrup of my horse whē he should haue holdē the right? Marginalia91. Bulla Adriani contra [illegible text]. 91. & afterward did not I excōmunicate & curse him, for that he was so sawsie to set his owne name in writing before mine? Marginalia92. Acta Rom. pontif. 92. And although a poore flie afterward ouercame & strāgled me, yet I made kings & Emperours to stoupe. Marginalia93. Pope Innocentius. 3. Ex [illegible text] & Actis Rom. pontificum.
Ex Abbate Vspergens.
93. Did not I Innocētius 3. deiect Philippus, brother to Fridericus, from the Imperiall crown, beyng elected without my leaue, & after set him vp againe? & also set vp Otho of Brūswicke, & after did excōmunicate & also depose the same 4. yeares, setting vp the Frēch K. to warre agaynst him? Marginalia9[illegible text]. Ex eodem. 94. Thē was Fridericus 2. by me set vp & reigned. 37. yeares & yet v. yeares before he dyed. Marginalia95. Pope Honorius. 3. Ex Mario. 95. did not I Honorius interdict him, for not restoryng certaine to their possessiōs at my request? Marginalia96 Pope Gregor. 9. Ex eodem. 96. Whō also Gregorius 9. did excōmunicate twise together, & raised vp the Venetiās agaynst hym. Marginalia97. Pope Innocent. 4. Hieronimus Marius. Petrus de Vincis. 97. And at lēgth Innocētius spoyled him of his Empire: after that caused him to be poysoned, at

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