Thematic Divisions in Book 12
1. Exhumations of Bucer and Phagius along with Peter Martyr's Wife2. Pole's Visitation Articles for Kent3. Ten Martyrs Burnt at Canterbury4. The 'Bloody Commission'5. Twenty-two Prisoners from Colchester6. Five Burnt at Smithfield7. Stephen Gratwick and others8. Edmund Allen and other martyrs9. Edmund Allen10. Alice Benden and other martyrs11. Examinations of Matthew Plaise12. Richard Woodman and nine other martyrs13. Ambrose14. Richard Lush15. The Martyrdom of Simon Miller and Elizabeth Cooper16. Rose Allin and nine other Colchester Martyrs17. John Thurston18. George Eagles19. Richard Crashfield20. Fryer and George Eagles' sister21. Joyce Lewes22. Rafe Allerton and others23. Agnes Bongeor and Margaret Thurston24. John Kurde25. John Noyes26. Cicelye Ormes27. Persecution at Lichfield28. Persecution at Chichester29. Thomas Spurdance30. Hallingdale, Sparrow and Gibson31. John Rough and Margaret Mearing32. Cuthbert Simson33. William Nicholl34. Seaman, Carman and Hudson35. Three at Colchester36. A Royal Proclamation37. Roger Holland and other Islington martyrs38. Stephen Cotton and other martyrs39. Scourging of Thomas Hinshaw40. Scourging of John Milles41. Richard Yeoman42. John Alcocke43. Thomas Benbridge44. Four at St Edmondsbury45. Alexander Gouch and Alice Driver46. Three at Bury47. A Poor Woman of Exeter48. The Final Five Martyrs49. John Hunt and Richard White50. John Fetty51. Nicholas Burton52. John Fronton53. Another Martyrdom in Spain54. Baker and Burgate55. Burges and Hoker56. The Scourged: Introduction57. Richard Wilmot and Thomas Fairfax58. Thomas Greene59. Bartlett Greene and Cotton60. Steven Cotton's Letter61. James Harris62. Robert Williams63. Bonner's Beating of Boys64. A Beggar of Salisbury65. Providences: Introduction66. The Miraculously Preserved67. William Living68. Edward Grew69. William Browne70. Elizabeth Young71. Elizabeth Lawson72. Christenmas and Wattes73. John Glover74. Dabney75. Alexander Wimshurst76. Bosom's wife77. Lady Knevet78. John Davis79. Mistress Roberts80. Anne Lacy81. Crosman's wife82. Congregation at Stoke in Suffolk83. Congregation of London84. Englishmen at Calais85. Edward Benet86. Jeffrey Hurst87. William Wood88. Simon Grinaeus89. The Duchess of Suffolk90. Thomas Horton 91. Thomas Sprat92. John Cornet93. Thomas Bryce94. Gertrude Crockhey95. William Mauldon96. Robert Horneby97. Mistress Sandes98. Thomas Rose99. Troubles of Sandes100. Complaint against the Ipswich Gospellers101. Tome 6 Life and Preservation of the Lady Elizabeth102. The Unprosperous Queen Mary103. Punishments of Persecutors104. Foreign Examples105. A Letter to Henry II of France106. The Death of Henry II and others107. Justice Nine-Holes108. John Whiteman109. Admonition to the Reader110. Hales' Oration111. The Westminster Conference112. Appendix notes113. Ridley's Treatise114. Back to the Appendix notes115. Thomas Hitton116. John Melvyn's Letter117. Alcocke's Epistles118. Cautions to the Reader119. Those Burnt at Bristol: extra material120. Priest's Wife of Exeter121. Snel122. Laremouth123. William Hunter's Letter124. Doctor Story125. The French Massacre
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Queene Mary. Visitation of Cardinall Poole. His Articles to be inquired vpon.
MarginaliaAnno 1556. February.¶ Here folow the articles set forth by Cardinall Poole, to be inquired in his ordinary visitation, within his Dioces of Caunterbury.
Touching the Clergy. 
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The records of Cardinal Pole's visitation of the diocese of Canterbury survives as Lambeth Palace Library SR/78/2. John Strype also printed a copy of Pole's visitation articles for the diocese of Lincoln copied, Strype claimed, from a manuscript in Foxe's papers (Strype, EM III, 2, pp. 2389-413). This manuscript does not survive.

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MarginaliaArticles of the Cardinall to be enquired in his visitation of Kent.1 FIrste, whether the Diuine Seruice in the Churche at times, dayes, houres, be obserued and kept duly, or no.

2 Item, whether the Parsons, Vicars, and Curates do comely and decently in theyr maners and doinges behaue themselues or no.

3 Item , whether they do reuerently and duely minister the sacraments or sacramentals or no.

4 Item, whether any of theyr parishioners do die without ministration of the sacraments, through the negligēce of theyr Curates or no.

5 Item, whether the sayd parsons, vicars, or curates, do haunt Tauernes or Alehouses, increasing thereby infamy and sclaunder, or no.

6 Item, whether they be diligent in teaching the Mydwiues how to christen children in time of necessity, according to the Canons of the Church or no.

7 Item, whether they see that the Font be comely kept, and haue holy water alwaies ready for children to be christened.

8 Item, if they do keepe a book of all the names of them that be reconciled to the duety of the Church.

9 Item, whether there be any Priestes, that late vnlawfully had women vnder pretensed maryage, and hytherto are not recōciled, and to declare theyr names and dwelling places.

10 Item, whether they doe diligently teach theyr Parishioners, the articles of the fayth, and the ten commaundementes.

11 Item, whether they do decently obserue those thinges that do concerne the seruice of the church, & al those things that tend to a good and Christian life, according to the Canons of the Church.

12 Item, whether they do deuoutly in theyr prayers pray for the prosperous estate of the Kyng and Queenes Maiestyes.

13 Item, whether the sayd Parsons and Vicars do sufficiently repayre theyr Chauncels, Rectoryes, and vicarages, and do keep and mayntein them sufficiently repayred and amended.

14 Item, whether any of them do preach or teach any erroneous doctrine, contrary to the catholicke fayth & vnity of the church.

15 Item, whether any of them do say the diuine seruice, or do minister the sacraments in the English tongue, contrary to the vsuall order of the church.

16 Item, whether any of them do suspiciously keepe any women in theyr houses, or do keepe cōpany with men suspected of heresies, or of euill opinions.

17 Item, whether any of thē that were vnder pretence of lawfull matrimony maried, and now reconciled, do priuily resort to theyr pretensed wiues, or that the sayd women do priuily resort vnto them.

18 Item, whether they do goe decently apparelled, as it becommeth sad, sober, and discreet ministers, and whether they haue theyr crownes and beardes shauen.

19 Itē, whether any of thē do vse any vnlawfull games as dice, cardes, & other like, wherby they grow to sclaunder and euill report.

20 Item, whether they do keepe residence and hospitality vpon theyr Benefices, and do make charitable cōtributions, according to all the lawes Ecclesiasticall.

21 Item, whether they do keepe the booke or Register of Christening, Burying, and Mariages, with the names of the godfathers and godmothers.

Touching the lay people.

MarginaliaArticles of Cardinall Poole to be inquired vpō touching the Laitye.1 FIrst, whether any maner of person, of what estate, degree, or condition so euer he be, do hold, maintein, or affirme any heresies, errors, or erroneous opinions, cōtrary to the lawes Ecclesiasticall, and the vnity of the Catholicke Church.

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2 Item, whether any person doe holde, affirme, or saye that in the blessed Sacrament of the Aultar there is not cōteined the reall and substantiall presence of Christ: or that by any maner of meanes do contemne and despise the sayd blessed Sacrament, or do refuse to do reuerēce or worship thereunto.

3 Item, whether they doe contemne or despise by anye maner of meanes any other of the Sacramentes, Rites or

Ceremonies of the Church, or do refuse or deny auricular confession.

4 Item, whether any do absent or refrayne, without vrgent and lawfull impedement, to come to the Church, and reuerently to heare the diuine seruice vpon Sondaies and holy dayes.

5 Item, whether being in the Church, they do not apply themselues to heare the diuine seruice, and to be contemplatiue in holy prayer, and not to walke, iangle, or talk, in the time of diuine seruice.

6 Item, whether any be fornicatours, adulterers, or doe commit incest, or be baudes, and receiuers of euill persons or be vehemently suspected of any of them.

7 Item, whether any do blaspheme and take the name of God in vayne, or be common swearers.

8. Item, whether any be periured, or haue cōmitted Simony or vsury, or do still remayne in the same.

9 Item, whether the Churches & churchyardes be well and honestly repared and inclosed.

10 Item, whether the Churches be sufficiently garnished and adorned with all ornaments and bookes necessary, and whether they haue a Roode  

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Cattley/Pratt, VIII, Appendix: ref page 299, line 16

The reasons for these representations were thus given in earlier times: "And for this cause Roodes and ymages ben set on hye in the chirches; for as soone as a man cometh into the chirche, he shold see it and have it in his mynde and thynke on Cristis passyon: wherfore crosses and other ymages be full necessary and nedeful, whatsomever these Lollers saye; for and it had not be full profitable, holy faders wolde have destroyed hem many yeres agone. For right as the people done worshyp to the Kingis seale, not for love of that seale, but for love of that kyng that it cometh fro; so Roodes and ymages be set for the Kynges seale of heven and other sayntes in that same wyse: for ymages ben lewed peples bokes; and as Johan Bellet [See Bishop Jewel's Reply to Harding, Art. iii. div. 15. end.] saith, there be thousandes of peple that cannot ymagyne in her [their] hertes how Crist was done on the crosse, but as they see by ymages in the Chirches, and in other places there as they ben." The "Liber Festivalis," fol. xli. Edit. Paris, 1495.

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in theyr church of a decent stature, with Mary and Iohn, and an Image of the Patrone of the same church.

11 Item, whether any do witholde, or doth draw from the church any maner of mony or goodes, or that do withhold theyr due and accustomed tithes frō theyr Parsons & Vicars.

12 Item, whether any be common drunkardes, ribalds, or mē of euill liuing, or do exercise any lew pastimes, especially in the time of diuine seruice.

13 Item, if there be any that doe practise or exercise any artes of Magike, or Necromancy or do vse or practise any Incantations, Sorceries, or witchcraft, or be vehemently suspected therof.

14 Item, whether any be maried in the degrees of affinity, or consanguinitye, prohibited by the Lawes of holye church or that do mary, the banes not asked, or do make any priuy contractes.

15 Item, whether in the time of Easter last, any were not confessed, or did not receiue the blessed sacrament of the aultar, or did reuerētly behaue themselues in the receiuing thereof.

16 Item, whether any do keepe any secret conuenticles, preachinges, lectures, or readinges, in matters of religion contrary to the lawes.

17 Item, whether any do now not duly keepe the fasting and embring dayes.

18 Item, whether the aultars in the Churches be consecrated or no.

19 Item, whether the Sacrament be caryed deuoutly to them that fall sicke, with light and with a little Sacring Bell.

20 Item, whether the common scholes be well kept, and that the scholemaisters be diligent in teathing, and be also Catholicke, and men of good and vpright iudgemēt, & that they be examined and approued by the Ordinary.

21 Item, whether any do take vpon them to minister the goodes of those that be dead, without authority from the Ordinary.

22 Itē, whether the poore people in euery parish be charitably prouided for.

23 Item, whether there do burne a Lampe or a Candle before the sacramēt. And if ther do not, that then it be prouided for, with expedition.

24 Item, whether infantes & children be brought to be confirmed in conuenient time.

25 Item, whether any do keepe or haue in theyr custody any erroneous or vnlawfull bookes.

26 Item, whether any do withhold any mony or goodes bequeathed to the amending of the high wayes, or any other charitable deede.

27 Item, whether any haue put away theyr wyues, or any wiues do withdraw thēselues from theyr husbandes, being not lawfully diuorced.

28 Item, whether any do violate or breake the sondaies and holy dayes, doing theyr daily labors & exercises vpon the same.

29 Item, whether the Tauernes or Alehouses, vpon the sondayes and holy dayes, in the time of Masse, matins and Euensong, do keepe open theyr doores, and do receiue people into theyr houses to drink and eat, and therby neglect theyr dueties in comming to the church.

30 Item, whether any haue, or do depraue or contemne the authority or Iurisdiction of the Popes holynes, or the See of Rome.

31 Item, whether any Minstrels, or any other persons do vse to sing any songes against the holy sacramēts, or a-

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