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K. Richard. 2. The history of I. Wickliffe. N. Herford. P. Repington excommunicated.

the Dioces of Canterbury, there sitting in his Tribunall seat. To whom the sayd bishop of Canterbury saying, that for because at that time he had not the presence & assistence of the doctors in diuinitie, and of the Canon and ciuil law: He continued the sayd busines touching the sayd Nicholas Phillip, and Thomas, in the same state wherin thē it was till Tewesday next & immediately ensuing: MarginaliaThe 1. day of Iuly. an. 1312. that is to say, the first day of Iuly, the yeare of the Lord abouesayd, and prefixed vnto the said Nicholas, Phillip, and Thomas Hilman the same day to appeare before him, wheresoeuer within his prouince of Caunterb. he should then chaunce to be, to do that whiche vppon the sayd 28. day, they were purposed to doe together or a part.

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Which Tuesday being come 

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The condemnation and excommunication of Hereford and Repingdon are taken from Archbishop Courtenay's register; see Lambeth Palace Library, Courtenay Register, fo. 30v.

, the foresaid Archb. in the chiefe house of his Churche at Canterbury, before the houre of 9. with the doctours, whose names are vnder conteined and other clerkes a great multitude: Expected the foresaid Nicholas, Phillip, and Thomas, long time by the bedle calling them and looking after them. who neuerthelesse appeared not before two of the clocke after dinner the same day, continuing the foresayd busines in the pristine state til the same houre. At which houre the foresaid Archbishop of Cant. hauing assistentes, the doctors, & clerkes, vnder recited: examined the foresayd maister Thomas Hilman, thē and there iudicially appearing, what his opiniō was touching the foresayd conclusions: who at them and the meaning of them somewhat stammering, at last, to all and singuler the same conclusions then to him red and expounded thus aunswered. MarginaliaThe answere of Tho. Hilman. I suppose and iudge all & singuler those conclusions lately condemned by my Lord of Canterbury that now is, together with the coūsaile and consent of hys clerkes, to be hereticall and erroneous, euē as the same my Lord of Caunterbury, and other doctours of Diuinitie of the Canon and ciuill law, by common consent & counsaile haue supposed and thought. And that the same (being for hereesies and errours as before is sayd condemned) doe as much as in me is condemne: protesting that I will holde and affirm the contrary of those cōclusions, & in the same fayth liue and dye. MarginaliaNic. Hereford and Phil. Repington for not appearing excommunicated.Then sayd the archbishop of Caunterbury, then & there sitting as Tribunall or iudge, pronouncing the said maisters Nicholase and Phillip (long in court called before and taried for, and yet not appearing) guilty of contumacy and disobedience: excommunicated them for the penaltie of this their cōtumacie, in tenor of these words following.

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MarginaliaExcommunication pronounced by the Archbishop. We William by the grace of God archbishop of Caunterbury, Primate of Englande, Legate of the Apostolicall see, and thorough all our prouince of Canterbury, of all hereticall prauitie chiefe Inquisitour: Do pronounce maister Nicholase Herford, and maister Phillip Repingdon, professours of diuinitie, hauing this day and place by our prefiction appoynted to heare & decree in this busines of hereticall prauitie (being in Court by our Bedle long called & taried for, and yet not appearing) to be stubburne, and disobedient persons: and for the penalty for this their contumacie, we do excommunicate them and either of them by these presentes.

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The denouncing 
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I.e., announcing, not denouncing in the modern sense of the word. This is an order from Archbishop Courtenay commanding that the excommunications of Hereford and Repingdon be announced at Paul's Cross. It is copied from Lambeth Palace Library, Courtenay Register, fo. 30v.

of the excommunication agaynst Nicholas Herford, and Phillip Reppington.

MarginaliaThe 12. day of Iuly an. 1382 Excommunication to be denounced at Paules crosse. WIlliam by Gods permission Archb. of Caunterb. &c. To our beloued sonne in Christ, whosoeuer he be, þt this instaunt sonday shall preach at Paules crosse in London, Salutatiō, grace and blessing. For asmuch as we prefixed a certaine competent day and place to maister Nicholas Herford, and maister Phillip Reppingtō, Canon Regular of the Monastery of our Lady of Leicester, beyng Doctours of Diuinitie and of heretical prauitie, vehemētly suspected: After certayne aunsweres not fully made, but impertinently and nothing to the purpose, as also hereticall and erroneous: In diuers places of our said prouince commonly, generally, and publikely taught and preached, and therfore that they should iudicially appeare before vs, to doe & to receaue peremtorily in that behalfe, what thing soeuer the qualitie of that business shoulde moue vnto vs: and that we haue for their contumacie in not appearing before vs at that day and place iudicially appoynted as right therein required: We by these presentes commaund & commit vnto you, firmely enioyning you, that when all the multitude of people shalbe gathered together to heare your sermō: that in the day and place appoynted, you publikely and solemnly denoūce the foresaid Nicholas & Phillip, holding vp a crosse, and lighting vp a candle, and then throwing downe the same vpon the ground, to haue bene so and in such maner excommunicated and still be.

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Fare ye well. In our Manour house at Lambeth, the 13 day of Iuly, the yeare of our Lord. 1382. and first yeare of our translation.

The Citation agaynst the sayd Nicholas and Phillip.

WIlliam by the grace of God. 

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This order is copied from Lambeth Palace Library, Courtenay Register,fo. 32r.

&c. To our welbeloued sonne M. Robbert Rigge chauncellour of the Vniuersitie of Oxford salutation &c. For as muche as we haue prefixed a competent day and place to M Nicholas Heerford, and M. Phillip Reppington &c. as before. We straightly charge and commaund you that you publiquely and solemnly denounce in the church of our Lady, and in the scholes of the Vniuersity, the foresayd Nicholas and Phillip, to haue bene by vs excommunicated and still is. And that you further cite or cause to be cited peremptorily, the foresayd Nicholas and Phillip, that they and euery of them appeare before vs within 15. dayes after the date of this citation, wheresoeuer it shall fortune vs, within our sayd prouince of Caunterbury then to be: To heare and see how we meane to proceed against them, and euery of them concerning the foresayd hereticall and erroneous conclusions, according to the forme of retroactions and quallitie of the busines in this behalfe had and vsed. And that both of the day of the receipt of this present citation, of the maner and forme thereof, of if that you shall apprehend by personall citation the sayd Nicholas and Phillip or either of them, or whither they shall be absent and hide themselves, as of euery thing els which in this behalfe you shall thinke meete to be done: that betweene this and the feast of S Laurence, you clerely certifie vs by your letters patentes contayning the effect of these thinges.

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Fare ye well. At our Manour of Lambeth the 13. day of Iuly, the yeare of our Lord. 1382. and first yeare of our translation.

The names of the Doctours and Fryers assistentes at this sitting.

Seculars, M. William Blankpayne. M. Wil. Barton.

Friers Carmelits, Robert Euery prior, Iohn Reningham, prior, and Iohn Lunne.

Friors Minors, William Barnwel, Iohn Ryddin, and William Brunscombe.

Friers Augustines, Iohn Court, Patrington, Tomson and Reepes.

MarginaliaThe excommunication of Herforde & Repington, denounced at Pauls crosse. Against this blind excommunication of the said archb. the parties excommunicate, commēced and exhibited their appeale vnto the bishop of Rome. Which appeale of theirs as insufficient, or rather to him vnpleasaunt, the said archbishop vtterly reiected (as might oftētimes ouercommeth right) proceeding in his preconceaued excommunication against thē, and writing moreouer his letters to hym that should preach next at Paules crosse, as is aforesaid, to denounce and to publishe openly the said Nichoals Herford, and Phillip Repington to be excommunicate, for that not appearing and theyr terme assigned. Which was in the 13. day of the month of Iuly. MarginaliaXiij. day of Iuly. anno. 1382.

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MarginaliaOther letters of the Archb. sent to the Chācellour of Oxford. Which archbishop moreouer the said yeare, month and day aforesaid, sent also an othe rletter to M. Rigge Commissary of Oxford, straightly enioyning and charging him not onely to denounce the sayd sentence of excommunication, and to geue out publique citation against them, but also to make dilligent search and inquisition through all Oxford for them, to haue them apprehended and sent vp to him, personally before him to appeare, at a certain day prescribed for the same. Wherby mayappeare howe busie this Bish. was in disquieting & persecuting these pore mē, whō rather he should haue nourished and cherished vs his brethren. But as his labour is past, so his reward will follow at what day the great Archbishop of our soules, shall iudicially appeare in his tribunall seat, to iudge both the quick and the dead.

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MarginaliaHitherto no lawe to burne any man for religion. The archb. yet not contented with this, doth moreouer by all meanes possible, sollicite the king to ioyne withall, the power of his temporall sword, for that 

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The following section, on a statute authorizing the arrest of unlicensed preachers, as well as Foxe's claim that the statute was invalid and the petition to repeal the stature, were all added only in the 1583. The statute and the petition came from the Tower Records (see Rotuli Paliamentorum, 6 vols. {London, 1783], III, p. 141).

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he well perceaued, that hitherto as yet the popishe Clergy had no authoritie sufficient by any publique law or Statute of thys land to proceede vnto death against anye person whatsoeuer, in case of Religion, but onely by the vsurped tyranny and example of the court of Rome. Where note (gentle reader) for thy better vnderstanding the practise of the romish prelates in seeking the kinges help to further their bloudy purpose against the good saintes of God. MarginaliaThe K. circumuented by the archbyshop.Which king being but young and vnder yeares of ripe iudgement partly enduced or rather seduced by importune suite of the foresayd

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