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810 [786]

Henricus. 4. Emperour surrendering his crowne to the Pope. Image of Antichrist.

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CUL copy: This illustration manifests many contradictions in its colouring in. In many ways it is more crudely coloured in than those preceding it. For example, the clothing of the cardinals is in red but in block colour, with no attempt to provide detail or shading. However there is attention to detail in other parts of the picture, such as in the faces and headwear. The depiction of shadows is unrealistic - somewhat medieval in its representation. WREN copy: a very pale version, the cardinals' vestments are in a pale orange wash, rather than a block colour.

Rome, all Synodes, and decrees of Councelles stand confirmed. Marginalia

47. Pope Vrbanus 25. q. 1. cap. Sunt.

Pope Pelagius. 25. q. 2. cap. posteaquam.

47. And hath alwayes ful authority in her handes to make new lawes & decrementes: And to alter statutes, priuiledges, rightes or documentes of Churches: To separate thinges ioyned, and to ioyne thinges separated vpon right cōsideratiō, either in whole or in part, either personally, or generaly. Marginalia48 ulla Donationis. Dist. 96. c. Constant.48. Of the which Church of Rome, I am head as a Kyng is ouer hys Iudges Marginalia49 Pope Paschalis. Dist. 63. cap. Ego.49. the Vicare of S. Peter. Marginalia50 Pope Clemens. 5. Clement. c. Romani Glosa.50. yea not the Vicare of Peter properlye, but the Vicare of Chryst properlye, and successour of Peter. Marginalia51 Pope Bonifacius. 8. Sext. Decretal. ca. vbi.51. Vicare of Iesus Christe. Marginalia52 Ibidem.52. Rector of the vniuersall Churche: Directour of the Lordes vniuersall flocke: Marginalia53 Pope Bonifac. prohem. Sext. Decretal . ib. Sacrosancta.53. Chiefe Magistrate of the whole worlde. Marginalia54 Anacletus. Dist. 22. cap. Sacrosancta.54. Cephas. i. caput, the head and chiefe of the Apostolicke Church. Marginalia

55 Pope Bonifacius. 4. Sext. Decret. de pænit. & remiss. cap. 5. Glosa.

Item Alexander. 4. Sext. Decret. c. 4. in Glosa

55. vniuersall Pope, and Diocesan in all places exempt, as well as euery Byshop is in places not exempt. Marginalia56 Pope Hillarius. 25. q. 1. Nulli.56. moste mighty Prieste. Marginalia57 Sixt Decret cap. Ab arbitris. Glosa.57. Lex animata in terris. I. Marginalia58 Pope Bonifac. Sext. Decret. De const. cap. licet.58. a lyuynge lawe in the earth iudged to haue all lawes in the cheast of my brest. Marginalia59 Pope Innocentius 3. De trans. c. Quanto.59. bearing the rowme of no pure man: Marginalia

60 Proliæm. Clement. Glosa Papa Stupor mundi. &c.

Ned Deus es nec homo, quasi neuter es inter vtrum

60. beyng neither God nor man, but the admiration of the world, and a middle thing betiwxt both: Marginalia

61 Pope Bonifacius. Extrauag. De Maiorit & obed. cap. Vnam.

Item. Dist. 22. cap. Omnes.

61. Hauyng both swordes in my power, both of the spirituall and temporall iurisdiction. Marginalia

62. Sext. Decret. De sentent. & re. c

Ad Apostolica. Item in Glosa Ibidem.

62. so farre surmounting the authority of the Emperour, that I of myne owne power alone without a Councell haue authoritye to depose him, to transfer his kingdome and to geue a new election, as I did to Fridericke and diuers other. Marginalia63 Pope Nicolaus. Dist. 22. cap. Omnes.63. What power then or potestate in all the worlde is comparable to me: who haue authority to binde and lose both in heauen and earth? Marginalia64 Glos. Ibidem.64. That is, who haue power both of heauenly thinges, and also of temporall thinges. Marginalia65 Pope Gelasius. Dist. 96. c. Duo.65. To whom Emperors and kinges be more inferior, then lead is inferior to Gold. Marginalia66. Pope Gelasius. Ibidem.66. For do you not see the neckes of great kinges and Princes bend vnder our knees, yea and thinke thēselues happy and well defenced, if they may kisse our handes? Marginalia67. Dist. 96. Illud.67. Wherefore the sawcines of Honorius the Emperor is to be reprehended, and his constitution abolished who with hys laity would take vpon him to intermeddle, not onely wyth the temporall order, but also with matters ecclesiastical andelection of the Pope. Marginalia68. Ex citatioone Hiero. Marij.68. But here percase some wil obiect the examples & words of Christ, saying, that his kingdome is not of this worlde, & where he being required to deuide betwixt 2. brethrē theyr heritage, did refuse it. But þt ought to be no preiudice to my power. Marginalia69. Pope Hildebrandus, aliâs Gregorius 7 Ex platina, in Vita Gregorii.69. For if Peter & I in Peter, if we I say, haue power to binde & loose in heauē, howe muche more thē is it to be thought, that we haue power in earth to loose & take away empyrs, kingdoms, dukedoms, & what els so euer mortal mē may haue, & to geue thē wher we will? Marginalia70. Hildebrandus. Ibidem.70. And if we haue authority ouer Angels, which be þe gouernors of princes, what then may we do vpō theyr inferiors & seruants? Marginalia71. Antoninus. in tertia parte Sūma maioris.71. And for þt you shall not maruell þt I say: Aungels be subiect to vs, you shall heare what my blessed clerke Antoninus, writeth of þe matter, saying þt our power, of Peter & me, is greater then þe Angels in 4. things: In iurisdiction 2. in administratiō of sacramēts 3. in knowledge, 4. & in reward. &c. Marginalia72. Bulla Clementis.72. And againe in Bulla Clementis, do I not there cōmaund in my Bull, þe Angels of Paradise to absolue þe soule of mā out of purgatory, & to bring it into the glory of Paradise? Marginalia73. Pope Iunocent de electione. c. Venerabilem.73. And now besides my heauenly power, to speake of mine earthly iurisdiction, who did first translate the Empyre from the Greekes to the Almaynes, but I? Marginalia74. Extrau. de præbend & dig. c. Execrabilis.74. And not onely in the Empyre am I Emperor, the place being empty, but in all Ecclesiasticall benefices haue full right and power to geue, to translate, & to dispose after my abitremeet. Marginalia75. pope Zacharias. Caus. 15. q 6. c. Alius.75. Did not I Zacharyas put down Childerick the old king of Fraunce, & set vp Pipinus? Marginalia76. pope Hildebrand. alias Gregor. 7. Clement. c. pastoralis.76. Dyd not I Gregorius 7. set vp Robert Wysard and made him king of Sicilia & Duke of Capua? &c. Marginalia77. Ex Gestis Hildebrandi.77. Did not I þe same Gregorius also set vp Rodulphus agaynst Henry 4. Emperour? Marginalia78. Baptista Egnatius.78. And though this Hēricus was an Emperor of most stout courage, who stood, 62. times in opē fielde against his enemies. Marginalia79. platina. Benao. Nauclerus.79. yet did not I Gregori. bring hym corā nobis, & made him stand at my gate 3. daies & 3. nights barefoot & barelegge with his wife & childe, in the deepe of winter, both in frost and snow, intreating for his absolutiō & after did excōmunicate him agayne, so þt he was twise excommunicated in my dayes? Marginalia80. Platina. Egnatius. Benno.80. Againe did not I Paschalis after Gregory, set vp þe sonne of þe said Hēricus against his father in war, to possesse þe Empyre, & to put down his father, & so he did? Marginalia81. polidor. Virgil. Historia Iornalensis de rebus Anglorum81. Item, did not I pope Alexander bring vnder Hēry the secōd king of Englād, for þe death of Thomas Becket, & cause him to go barefoot to his tombe at Canterbury with

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