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811 [787]

King Iohn offering his Crowne to Pandulphus, Legate.

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CUL copy: Note all figures in this illustration are provided with additional detail by the painter. Pandulphus receives no extra attention but the figure, in red, on the right of the illustration, has been provided with additional detail. WREN copy: another pale image, with the cardinals in pale orange.

bleeding feete? Marginalia82. Chronica vernacula82. Did not I Innocentius the thyrd cause King Iohn to kneele downe at the feete of Pandulphus my Legate, and offer vp his crowne to his handes: also to kisse the feete of Stephen Langton Byshop of Caunterbury, and besides marsed him in a thousande Markes by yeare? Marginalia83. Pope vrbanus. Caus. 15. q. 6. ca. Iuratos.83. Did not I Vrbanus the seconde, put down Hugo Earle in Italy, discharging his subiectes from theyr oth and obedience to him? Marginalia84. Pope Paschalis. Cursulanus. Platina. Vincētius. Stella. Antonius Matheus Parisiensis. Pope Gelasius. 2. Pope Calixtus. 2. Platina de vitis pontificum.84. Did not I Paschalis excommunicate also his sonne Henry 5. and get out of his hands all his right and title of elections and donations of spirituall promotions? Did not I Gelasius 2. bring the Captayne Cintius vnder, vnto the kissinge of my feete. And after Gelasius, did not I Calixtus 2. quale the forsayd Emperour Henricus 5. and also bring in subiection Gregorye whom the sayd Emperor had set vp against me to be pope, bringing him into Rome vpon a Cammell, his face to the horse taile, making him to holde the horse tayle in his hand in stead of a bridle? Marginalia85. Pope Innocentius. 2.85. Further, did not I Innocentius 2. set vp and made Lotharius to be Emperour for driuynge out Pope Anacletus out of Rome? Marginalia86. Nauclerus.86. Did not I the sayd Innocentius take the Dukedome of Sicile from the Empyre, and made Roger to be king thereof, whereby afterward the kingdome became the patrimony of S. Peter? Marginalia87. Pope Alexander. 3. De sponsal. & matr. c. Non est.87. Did not I Alexander 3. suspend all the Realme & churches of England for the kinges mariage? an 1159. Marginalia88. Nauclerus. Acta. Rom. pontificum.88. But what do I speake of kinges? did not I the sayd Alexander bring the valiant Emperor Fridericke the first to Venice, by reason of his sonne Otho there takē prisoner, & there in S. Markes church made him fall down flat vpō the groūd while I set my foote vpon his necke, saying the verse of the Psalme. Super aspidē & basiliscum ambulabis. &c. Marginalia89. Pope Adrianus. Vitæ Rom. pontificum.89. Did not I Adrianus pope, an english mā borne, excōmnnicate W. K. of Sicile, & refuse his peace, which he offered? & had not he ouercome me in playne field, I would haue shaken him out of his kingdom of Scicil, & dukedom of Apulia. Marginalia90. Ex Auentino.90. Also did not I þe said Adrianus, cōtrol & correct the foresaid Fridericus Emperor, for holding the left styrrup of my horse whē he should haue holdē the right? Marginalia91. Bulla Adriani cōtra Cæsarem.91.& afterward did not I excōmunicate & curse him, for that he was so sawsy to set his owne name in writing afore mine? Marginalia92. Acta. Ro. pontif.92. And although a poore flye afterward ouercame & strāgled me, yet I made kings & Emperors to stoup. Marginalia

93. Pope Innocentius. 3. Ex vitis & Actis. Rom. pontificum.

Ex Abbate Vrspergens.

93. Did not Innocētius 3. deiect Philippus, brother to Fridericus from the Imperiall crown, being elected wtout my leaue, & after set him vp againe? & also set vp Otho of Brūswicke, & after did excōmunicate &also depose the same 4. yeares, setting vppe the frēch K. to war against him. Marginalia94. Ex eodem.94. Thē was Fridericus 2. by me set vp & reigned. 37. yeres, & yet 5. yeares before he dyed. Marginalia95. Pope Honorius. 3. Ex Mario.95. did not I Honorius interdict him, for not restoring certaine to theyr possessiōs at my request? Marginalia96. Pope Gregor. 9. Ex eodem.96. Whō also Gregor. 9. did excōmunicate twise together, & raised vp the Venetiās against him. Marginalia97 Pope Innocent 4. Hieronimus Marius. Petrus de Vineis.97. And at lēgth Innocētius spoiled him of his Empyre: after þt he caused him to be poisoned, at lēth to be strangled by one Manfredus, & dyd excommunicate his sonne Conradus after him, not onely depriuing him of his right inheritance, but also caused him with Friderick Duke of Austria to be beheaded. Marginalia98. Ex Chronic. Canonis.98. Thus then did not I excommunicate and depose all these Emperours in order? Henricus 4. Henricus 5. Fridericus 1. Philippus Otho 4. Fridericus 2. and Cōradus his sonne? Marginalia99 Historia Anglorum.99. Did not I interdict King Henry the 8. Marginalia100. Ibidem.100. and all his kingdome of England? Marginalia101. Ibidem.101. And had not his prudence and power preuented my practise, I had displaced hym from his kingdome also. Briefely, who is able to comprehende the greatnesse of my power and of my seate? Marginalia102. Pope Marcellus Dist. 17 ca. Synodum.102. For by me onely generall Councels take theyr force and confirmation Marginalia103. Dist. 20. Decretales.103. and the interpretation of the sayd Councels & of all other causes hard and doubtfull ought to be referred & stand to my determination. Marginalia104. Pope Nicolaus. Dist. 19 Si Romanorum.104. By me the workes of all writers, whatsoeuer they be, either be reproued or allowed Marginalia105. Ibidem.105. Then how much more ought my writinges & decrees to be preferred before all other? Marginalia106. dist. 20. Decretales.106. Insomuch that my letters and Epistles decretal be equiualent with generall Councels. Marginalia107 Symmachus Pope 9. q. 3. Aliorum.107. And where as God hath ordeined all causes of men, to be iudged by men, he hath onely reserued me, that is the Pope of Rome, without all question of mē vnto his owne iudgement Marginalia108 Pope Innocentius 6 q. 3. cap. Nemo.108. And therefore where all other creatures be vnder theyr iudge, only I which in earth am the iudge of all, can be iudged of none, neither of Emperour, or the whole clergy, nor of Kinges, nor of the people. Marginalia109 Ibidem109. For who hath power to iudge vpon his Iudge? Marginalia110 Pope Gelasius. 9. q. 3. ca. Cuncta.110. This iudge am I, and that alone, without any other assistaunce of any Councell ioyned to me. For I haue power vpon Councels, Councels haue no power vpon me. But if the Councell determine amisse, it is in my authority alone to infringe it, or to condemne whom I lust without any Councell Marginalia111 Ibidem111. And all for the preheminence of my predecessour blessed Saynt Peter, whiche by the voyce of the Lorde, he receyued, and euer shall reteyne. Marginalia112 Anastasius Patriarch, D. q. 3. cap. antiquis.112. Furthermore, and where as all other sentences and iudgementes

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