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K. Edw. 3. Notes out of the Parliament Rolles agaynst the Pope.

MarginaliaThe Deanrie of Yorke taken frō the Cardinal. an 18 reg. Ed. 3. tit. 38. Propounded farthermore, that the Deanry of Yorke which is to be recouered by iudgement in the kyngs court, may be bestowed vpon some able man within the Realme, who will maintayne the same agaynst hym (meanyng the Cardinall, who holdeth the same by prouisiō from Rome, beyng the enemy to the kyng and to the realme) and that the profites may be employed to the defence of the Realme.

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MarginaliaThe kings aunswere & agreemēt to the foresayd petitions. The kynges aunswere. To all which petitions aunswere was made in forme folowyng: It is agreed by the Kyng, Ealres, Barons, Iustices, & other wise men of the Realme, that the petitions aforesayd be made in sufficient forme of law, accordyng to the petitions aforesayd.

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MarginaliaNote, that the byshops be not here named, and yet the parliament stādeth in force. ¶ Note in this aunswere of the kyng (good reader) that at the graunt hereof, the consent of the Byshops is neither named, nor expressed, with the other Lordes of the Parliament: and yet, the Parliament stādeth in his full force, notwithstandyng.

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¶ Notes of the Parliament holden in the xx. yeare of kyng Edward 3.

MarginaliaAlien mōkes to auoid an 20. Ed. 3. tit. 30. TO passe farther to the 20. yeares of the kyngs reigne in the Parliament holden the same yeare, it was propounded: that all Alien Monkes should auoyde the Realme by the day of S. Michael, and that their lyuynges should be disposed: to young English scholers. The liuyngs of these the kyng tooke to his handes.

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MarginaliaThe liuinges of straungers beneficed, taken into the kings hand[illegible text]. tit. [illegible text] Item, that the kyng may take the profites of all others straūgers lyuings, as Cardinals and others, duryng their lyues. The profites of whoū were also in the kyngs handes.

MarginaliaThe liuinges of Romish straungers disposed to English men. tit. 32. That such aliens enemyes, as be aduaunced to lyuings here in England (beyng in their owne countreys, shoemakers, taylers, or chamberlanes to Cardinals) should depart before Michaelmas, and their lyuynges disposed to poore English scholers. The lyuynges also of these remayned in the kynges handes.

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Marginaliatit. 33. The commons denied to pay any payment, to any Cardinals lyeng in Fraūce, to entreat of warre or peace: which also was graunted of the kynges part as reasonable.

MarginaliaCardinals depriued of their lyuinges in England. tit. 34. Item, propounded and fully agreed, that the yearely aduauncement of two thousand markes (graūted by the pope to two Cardinals, out of the prouincies of Canterbury and Yorke) should be restrayned, and such as shall pursue therfore to be out of the law.

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Lykewise enacted & agreed, that no English mā should take any thyng in ferme of any Alien religious, ne buy any of their goodes, nor be of their counsaile, on payne of perpetuall imprisonment.

Enacted further, that no person should bryng into the realme to any Byshop or other, any Bull, or any other letters frō Rome, or from any Alien: vnlesse he shew the same to the Chauncelour or Warden of the Cinque portes, vpon losse of all he hath.

Finally, in the end of the sayd Parliament, the byshops were commaunded before the next conuocation, to certifie into the chauncery the names of such Aliens, of their benefices, and the values of the same.

¶ Notes of the 25. yeare of kyng Edward the 3thyrd.

MarginaliaEx Arch. 25. an. reg. Ed. 3.
The popes first fruites & reseruations more hurtful to the realme thē all the kings wars. tit. 14.
THe Parliament of the 25. yeare, was begon the 6. day of February, the xxv. yeare of kyng Edward 3. 

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9 February 1351.

In the which Parliament beside other matters mo, was propoūded: that remedy might be had agaynst the Popes reseruations, by which brocage and meanes the Pope receaued the first fruites of all Ecclesiastical dignities: A more consūption to the Realme, then all the kynges warres 
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This piece of anti-papal hyperbole is in the statute and is not Foxe's invention (see Rotuli Parliamentorum, ed. J. Strakey et. al., 6 vols. [London, 1783],II, p. 228).


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MarginaliaTo breake of all appeales to Rome, tit. 14. Also the lyke remedy might be had agaynst such, as in the Court of Rome presume to vndoo any iudgement, geuen in the kynges court, as if they enforced to vndoe the lawes of the Realme.

Wherunto it was aunswered, that there was sufficient remedy prouided by law.

¶ Notes of 38. yeare of kyng Edward the thyrd.

MarginaliaThe request of the K. for causes not to be determined of Rome, tit. 7. IN the Parliament holden at Westminster, the 38. yeare of Edward iij. in the vtaues of Hillary 

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I.e., 20 January 1365.

(Symon Bishop of Ely beyng Lord Chauncelour) it was required by the kynges owne mouth, & declared to the whole estates: How dayly citations & false suggestions were made to the Pope, for matters determinable in his Courtes within the Realme, and for procuryng prouisions to Ecclesiasticall dignities, to the great defacing of the aūcient lawes, to the spoylyng of his crowne, MarginaliaWhat mischiefes come by transporting causes to Rome, tit. eod. to the dayly conueyng away of the treasure, to the wastyng of ecclesiasticall lyuynges, to the withdrawyng of diuine seruice, almose, hospitalitie, and other acceptable workes, and to the dayly increase of all mischiefes: Wherfore, in person and by his own mouth, the kyng required the whole estate to prouide hereof due remedy.

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To be noted finally in this Parliamēt of the 38. yeare, that the Acte of prouisors, brought in in this Parliament, although in the printed copy. cap. 1. 2. 3. 4. both agree with MarginaliaThe printed statute of prouisiō not agreeing in all termes against the pope, wyth the record. tit. 9. the recorde, in maner: yet in the sayd recordes vnprinted, are mo bytyng wordes agaynst the pope: a mistery not to be knowē of all men.

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¶ Notes of the 40. yeare of kyng Edward the thyrd.

MarginaliaEx an. reg. Ed. 40. tit. 7. vide licet. IT followeth moreouer in the sayde Actes of kyng Edward the 3. and in the 40. yeare of his raigne, an other parliament was called at Westminster the 3. of May. an. 1366 the Byshop of Ely beyng Lord Chauncelour and speaker. Who on the second day of the sayd assembly in the presence of the Kyng, Lordes, and commons, declared: how the day before, generally they vnderstode the cause of this their assēbly, and now more particularly should vnderstand the same: specially how that the kyng vnderstode, MarginaliaThe pope mindeth to send for the king vp by proces. that the Pope (for the homage which kyng Iohn made to the sea of Rome for the Realmes of England and Ireland, and for the tribute by him graūted) ment by processe to cite the kyng to Rome, to aunswere thereto. Wherein, the kyng required their aduises, what were best for him to do, if any such thyng were attempted. The Bishops by their selues required respite of aunswere, vntill the next day. So did the Lordes and commons euery of them by their selues.

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MarginaliaK. Iohn would not without cōsent of parliament become tributarie to the pope. tit. 8. The same next day, the whole estates reassembled together, and by common consent enacted in effect folowyng. vz. For asmuch as neither K. Iohn nor any other kyng, could bryng his Realme and people in such thraldome and subiection, but by common assent of Parliament, the which was not done: and therfore done agaynst his othe at his coronatiō (besides many other causes) MarginaliaAgreed by parliament, that the K. by force shold resist the pope. If therfore the pope should attempt any thyng agaynst the kyng, by processe or other matter in deede: That the king with all his subiects, should with all their force and power resist the same.

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MarginaliaBraule betwene the 4. orders of friers & the two vniuersities. Ex. tit. 10. Here moreouer is not to be omitted, how in the sayd present Parliament, the Vniuersities of Oxford and Cambridge on the one side, and the Friers of the foure orders mēdicantes in the sayd vniuersities on the other side: Made long complayntes the one agaynst the other, to the Kyng in Parliament, and in the end submitted themselues to the kynges order.

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After which, the kyng vpon full digestyng of the whole matter (by assent of Parliamēt) tooke order: that aswell the Chauncelor and scholers, as the Friers of those orders in the sayd Vniuersities: should in all graces and other schole exercises, vse ech other in frēdly wise, without any rumour as before. That none of those orders, should receiue any Scholers into theyr sayd orders, beyng vnder the age of xviij. yeares.

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MarginaliaThe friers subiect to the K. order only in all their cōtrouersies. parliam. tit. 12. That the sayd Friers shall take no aduauntage, ne procure Bulles or other processe from Rome, agaynst the sayd vniuersities, or procede therin.

And that the kyng haue power to redresse all controuersies, betwene them from thence forthe. And the offenders to be punished at the pleasure of the kyng, and of the counsayle.

¶ Notes of the 50. yeare of kyng Edward the thyrd.

MarginaliaEx Archiuis Regiæ maiestates. an. 50. Reg. Ed. 3. tit. 94. 1. IN processe of the foresayd Actes and rolles, it foloweth more, that in the 50. yeare of the reigne of kyng Edward the 3. the yeare of our Lord. 1376. an other great parliament was assembled at Westminster the 24. of Aprill 

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28 April 1376.

: Where, Syr Iohn Knyuell beyng Lord Chauncelour of England, a certaine long Bill was put vp agaynst the vsurpacions of the Pope, as beyng the cause of all the plagues, murrions, famine, and pouertie of the Realme, so as thereby was not left the thyrd person, or other commoditie within the Realme that lately was.

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MarginaliaAgainst the vsurpation of the pope. 2. That the taxes payed to the Pope of Rome for Ecclesiasticall dignities, do amount to fiue fold as much, as the taxe of all profites as apperteine to the kyng by the yeare of his whole Realme: MarginaliaThe pope cause of all mischiefes in England. And that for some one Bishoprike or other dignitie, the Pope by way of translation and death, hath three, foure, or fiue, seuerall taxes.

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3. That the Brokers of that sinnefull Citie, for money promote many Caytifes (beyng altogether vnlearned and vn-

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