Place and Map Search 1674 to 1834

This page allows you to locate place names that appear in trials heard at the Old Bailey between 1674 and 1834 on contemporary maps of London. Three maps are available for this process:

  • The composite ward and parish maps from John Strype's edition of John Stow's Survey of London (1720).
  • John Rocque's Survey of London, Westminster and Southwark (1746).
  • Christopher and John Greenwood's Map of London (1827) [the default search option].

Each place name on these maps has been indexed; as have the place names given as Defendant Homes and Crime Locations in the Proceedings between 1674 and 1834. As far as possible, these two lists of place names have been linked, and this search page will allow you to identify trials associated with the place names indicated on these maps. There are some place names, however, that appear in the Proceedings that do not appear on contemporary maps, and many street names which are repeated in more than one part of London, making it difficult to determine the actual location referred to in a trial. As a result, this search facility cannot provide a comprehensive guide to the geography of crime.

To search for place names in the Proceedings not identified specifically as a Defendant Home or Crime Location, and for all place names after 1834, use keyword searching on the search home page.

This page allows you to search for a specific place name, and to limit your search to a particular map and time period and/or part of London.

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