Historical Background to the Proceedings of the Old Bailey

Crime, Justice and Punishment

Types of crime, verdict and punishment; policing; trial procedures; judges and juries.

London and its Hinterlands

London life from the late seventeenth to the early twentieth centuries; London's rural hinterlands; population history of London; currency, coinage, and the cost of living; material london; transport.

Community Histories

Black communities; Chinese communities; Gypsies and Travellers; homosexuality; Huguenot and French London; Irish London; Jewish communities.

Gender in the Proceedings

Gender roles; feminism and the suffragettes; gender and crime, justice and punishment; researching gender in the Proceedings.

The Old Bailey Courthouse

Architectural history of London's Central Criminal Court, 1673-1913.


Guide to unfamiliar judicial and historical terms.

OBPO Bibliography

A comprehensive bibliography of publications related to the Proceedings.