Image, top: Detail from folio 1r of Besançon Manuscript 865 Froissart’s Chronicles. Images © Bibliothèque Municipale de Besançon and Scriptura Ltd
Connected Histories
Connected Histories brings together a range of digital resources related to early modern and nineteenth century Britain with a single federated search that allows sophisticated searching of names, places and dates, as well as the ability to save, connect and share resources within a personal workspace.
Partners University of Hertfordshire, University of London, University of Sheffield
Published Sheffield, 2011
Renaissance Cultural Crossroads
The Renaissance Cultural Crossroads Catalogue is a searchable, analytical and annotated list of all translations out of and into all languages printed in England, Scotland, and Ireland before 1641. It also includes all translations out of all languages into English printed abroad before 1641.
Edited by Brenda Hosington, Univ. of Warwick et al.
Published Sheffield, 2010
ISBN 978-0-9557876-5-2
The Cause Papers
Cause Papers in the Diocesan Courts of the Archbishopric of York, 1300-1858 is a searchable catalogue of more than 14,000 cause papers relating to cases heard between 1300 and 1858 in the Church Courts of the diocese of York. The original records are held in the Borthwick Institute for Archives at the University of York, and are the most extensive records of their type in the United Kingdom.
Edited by Philippa Hoskin, Univ. of Lincoln
Published Sheffield, 2010
ISBN 978-0-9557876-4-5
London Lives 1690 - 1800
London Lives makes available a wide range of primary sources about eighteenth-century London, with a particular focus on plebeian Londoners. This resource includes over 240,000 manuscript and printed pages from eight London archives and is supplemented by fifteen datasets created by other projects, providing over 3.35 million name instances.
Edited by Bob Shoemaker, Univ. of Sheffield; Tim Hitchcock, Univ. of Hertfordshire
Published Sheffield, 2010
ISBN 978-0-9557876-3-8
The Online Froissart
The Online Froissart offers scholars more than 100 transcriptions from manuscript witnesses covering Books I, II and III of the Chronicles, a powerful collation tool, a search engine, translations of the first three books, facsimile images and essays and notes on the history, politics and personalities of the period.
General Editors: Peter Ainsworth, Univ. of Sheffield; Godfried Croenen, Univ. of Liverpool; with an international team of collaborators
Published Sheffield, 2010
ISBN 978-0-9557876-2-1
Richard Brome Online
Richard Brome Online is an online edition of the Collected Works of the Caroline dramatist, Richard Brome. The edition not only makes the texts accessible to scholars and theatre practitioners, but also begins to explore their theatricality visually, serving as inspiration to encourage more frequent staging of Brome's works.
Edited by Richard Cave, Royal Holloway et al.
Published Sheffield, 2010
ISBN 978-0-9557876-1-4
The Old Bailey Proceedings Online
The proceedings of the Old Bailey in London describe approximately 200,000 trials between 1674 and 1913, and are the largest single source of information about ordinary people ever published. Whether you are an academic historian or a family historian, you can search and read them all here. This new release includes trials from 1835 to 1913.
Edited by Bob Shoemaker, Univ. of Sheffield; Tim Hitchcock, Univ. of Hertfordshire
Published Sheffield, 2008
ISBN 978-0-9557876-0-7
John Strype's Survey of London
John Stow's Elizabethan classic, A Survey of London, was first published in 1598. However, London was dramatically transformed following the Great Fire of 1666 and so an updated, expanded version was published by John Strype. This online edition presents the text, street plans and illustrations of Strype's classic work.
Edited by Julia Merritt, Univ. of Nottingham
Published Sheffield, 2007
ISBN 0-9542608-9-9
The Novels of Benito Pérez Galdós: Torquemada en la Hoguera
Benito Pérez Galdós (1843—1920) is one of Spain's greatest novelists. This unique, 'open critical text' of his novel Torquemada en la hoguera (1889) includes the text of all surviving versions of the novel, including manuscripts, word-by-word collations, indices and a wealth of background material.
Edited by Rhian Davies, Univ. of Sheffield
Published Sheffield, 2005
ISBN 0-9542608-3-X
Russian Visual Arts: Art Criticism in Context, 1814-1909
This archive documents the growth of diverse forms of commentary on the visual arts (particularly paintings) in Russia from the early nineteenth to twentieth centuries. It includes over 100 primary texts, English translations, 300 journal and newspaper reproductions of works of art and comprehensive critical annotations.
Edited by Carol Adlam, Univ. of Exeter; Robert Russell, Univ. of Sheffield
Published Sheffield, 2005
ISBN 0-9542608-4-8
Partonopeus de Blois: An Electronic Edition
This work was composed in France around 1170 and became one of the most popular romances of the Middle Ages. Only seven complete manuscripts and three fragments survive. This online edition enables study and analysis of the text in its full manuscript context.
Edited by Penny Eley et al.
Published Sheffield, 2005
ISBN 0-9542608-5-6
Science in the Nineteenth Century Periodical: an Electronic Index
A comprehensive, scholarly synopsis of the material relating to science, technology, and medicine which appeared in 16 general periodicals published in Britain between 1800 and 1900. More than 15,000 articles are described, with references to over 5,500 individuals, 2,000 publications, and 1,000 institutions.
Edited by Geoffrey Cantor, Univ. of Leeds; Sally Shuttleworth, Univ. of Oxford
Published Sheffield, 2005
ISBN 0-9542608-7-2
John Foxe's Book of Martyrs Online
John Foxe's (1517—1587) The Acts and Monuments of the English Martyrs retells the history of the English Protestant martyrs from the fourteenth century to his own time. This British Academy publication presents a new, definitive edition based on a textual reconstruction of the four editions published in his lifetime.
Edited by Mark Greengrass, Univ. of Sheffield; David Loades
Published Sheffield, 2004
ISBN 0-9542608-6-4
The James Madison Carpenter Online Catalogue
The Carpenter Collection (collected 1929—1955), documents British and American folklore and folklife, principally traditional song and drama. This Online Catalogue describes Series I of the collection, incl. 14,000 pages, 179 dictaphone cylinders, 220 12-inch acetate discs and approx. 560 photographs.
Edited by Julia Bishop, Univ. of Sheffield; Ian Russell, Univ. of Aberdeen
Published Sheffield, 2003
ISBN 0-9542608-2-1
The Hartlib Papers Second Edition
Samuel Hartlib (c.1600—1662), a great seventeenth-century 'intelligencer' and man of science, set out to record all human knowledge and make it universally available for the education of all mankind. This full-text electronic edition of over 25,000 folios of correspondence realises Hartlib's vision some 300 years later.
Edited by Mark Greengrass and Michael Hannon, Univ. of Sheffield
Published Sheffield, 2002
ISBN 0-9542608-0-5
CD-ROM No longer available