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856 [856]

Actes and Monumentes Of the Church

the eight vnto this present time. And also exhibited the same, as much as they shuld make for him in this cause, and not otherwise: videlicet, Fyrst fyue originall letters, wherof three from the Duke of Somerset, one from master Cicill, and the other from maister Brigge, and other the kinges visitors.

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Item, a booke of statutes, set forthe in Anno Secundo and tertio, of the kings maiestie that now is, wherin is conteined an act of vniformyte of the seruice, and the administracion of the Sacrament throughout the realme.

Item, the Byshop of Wynchesters proxie, exhibited in the visitacion.

Item, the copy of a letter, printed and directed vnto the prechers from the Duke of Somerset, and other of the counsayll.

Item, mynutes of ii. letters from the Byshop of Winton, to the Duke of Somerset, then Protector, from Winchester before the sayd Byshops cōmitting to the Flete, with coppies of them.

Item, minutes of letters from the Byshop of Winchester to the Byshop of Caunterbury, in number iii. with their coppyes.

Item, mynutes of letters from the Bishop of Winchester to the Lordes of the kinges maiestyes counsayle, before hys committing to the Flete, in number ii. with their coppies.

Item minutes of letters from the byshop of Winchester to the Lord Protector, out of the Flete, in number iiii. with their coppies.

Item, minutes of letters from the byshop of Winchester to the lord Protector whan he was committe to warde to his house, in nomber. i.

Item minutes of letters from the byshop vnto the Lorde Protector from Winchester, in number one.

In the meane time before the Byshops sending for to London, at which time he was sent to the Tower: All which sayd originalles the sayd maister Somerset required to haue, when they were collationed, and conferred.

But as concerning the sight of them, as many as came into our handes, ye shal see them a aboue, in folio. 732.

An other action vpon the cause of Gardiner, in the house of the byshop of Ely, before the byshop of Ely and Lincolne, Maister Lyeson, & Maister Olyuer, Thomas Argall Actuarye being present on thursday the xxix. day of Ianuary.

MarginaliaThe xvi. action vpon the cause of Wīchester.THe same day and place, Iames Basset one of the byshop of Winchesters proctours, vnder the byshops former protestacions exhibiting his proxie. &c. producted the reuerend Father Thomas byshop of Norwich vpon the. 1. 2. 3. 4. of the fyrst matter, and the iiii. and vi. of thaddycionalls: Syr Edward Carue vpon the. 1. 2. and 3. articles of the fyrst matter: Thomas Babingtō vpon the one. 7. 10. 11, articles of the last matter: Morryce Griffith clerke vpon the. 3. 4. 3, 5. and 3. 7, of the fyrst matter, &1. articles of thadicyonalls: and the 20. of the last matter: Christopher Maulton vpon the. 3. 4. 3. 5, 3. 7. of the matter, & the 20 of the matter contra exhibita: Williā Glynne clarke vpō the v. of the addicionals: Thomas Neue vpon the. 15. 16. 20. vpon the last matter: Oliuer Vachell vpon the 13. 15. 16. 18. of the last matter: Thomas Cotford the. 7. of the last matter: Hērie Burton. 9. 15. 15. and. 16. of the laste matter: Thomas Skerne. 15. and. 16, of the laste matter.Osmond Coware. 9. 15. and 16. of the laste matter: Iohn Cliffe. 15. 16. of the last matter: Iohn Warner. 15. and 16. of the last matter: Iohn Seton clerke. 4. 7. 14. 15, 16. 17. 18. 20. of the last matter: Wylliam Meddowe clerke. Vppon the first of thadditionals, and. 4. 5. 6. 7. 9. 14. 15. 16. 18. 20. of the last matter: Thomas Watson clerke vppō the first of thadditionalls. 4. 7. 9. 13. 14. 15. 16 17. and. 20. of the last matter: Iohn Potinger. 2. 3. 5. 6. 15. and. 16. of the last matter: Iohn Temple. 13. of the last matter: Alexander Deryng. 15. and. 16. of the last matter: William Browne. 2. 3 5. and 6. of the last matter: which witnesses the sayd Iudges dyd onerate with an oathe to depose of, and vppon all and singular suche artycles, as they were producted vpon, and the hole cause, and such Interrogatories as shoulde bee ministred in the presēce of Clapham and Lewis, approuing the persons of the sayde B. of Norwich, and sir Edward Carue, and protesting to say agaynst theyr sayinges and the persons and sayinges of all thother witnesses, and repetyng the Interrogatories before ministred, and requiryng them to be examined vppon the same, & other to be ministred by them: which done, the same Iames Basset, vuder the sayde B. former protestations, alleged that the B. of Duresme, Worcester, Chichester, were necessarie witnesses to proue. &c. and to haue a commission for thexamination of Doctor Steward, being prysoner in the Marshalsey: whereuppon the sayd Iudges, by one assent committed their power to the B. of Elie, and Doctor Oliuer for thexamination of the B. of Duresme: M. Leyson for the examination of Doctor Steward: & the B. of Lincolne for the examination of the B. of Worcester and Chichester, in the flete. And forasmuche as mention is made in this acte of certayne Interrogatories, as well of suche as wer to be ministred, as of thother beyng repeated before: the coppy of them, which wer afterward ministred, here foloweth in these wordes.

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¶ Interrogatories vppon the first articles addicionall.

WHether the B. of Lōdō in his said sermō, speaking of the presēce of Christ in the sacrament, did vse any of these wordes: the reall, corporall, or substantiall presence, or thesame aduerbially, or any suche lyke, and of the same effecte, and what they were.

Item, whether he dyd not bid his auditorye to be content to delay the discussion of the secrete of that matter, tyll it should be afterward iudged by learnynge and authoritie.

Item, whether he dyd not say that he would and dyd shew them the sentence of an olde author, whiche was bothe a greate learned man and martyr, and onelye dyd cyte thesame for the man nor of Christes presence in the sacrament, and who was the author, and what was the place.

¶ An other Action vppon the cause of Winchester, ae Colharborow, before the Byshoppes of Ely and Lincolne, and. M. Oliuer Doctor, with the presence of. Tho. Argall Actuary, on Friday, the xxx. day of Ianuary.

MarginaliaThe xvii. Action vpon the cause of Winchester.IAmes Basset, vnder the B. of Winchesters former protestatiōs, producted Cutbert. B. of Duresme, vpon the. 4. and. 6. positions addicionalls: Iohn Bourne clerke on the. 1. article of thesame additi-