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914 [914]

Actes and Monumentes Of the Church

where the sayd bishop hath had to do, and hath ben resydent & abiding and sayth that the saide bishop or yet hys seruantes neuer prepared for to stirre tumulte agaynste the powers: & this deponent sayth that he coulde neuer perceiue any tokē, or likelyhode of any such temerarious act, to be doneo by the said B: & if any such thyng should haue ben done (as it was not, nor thought vpō) this deponent, beyng yeoman of the horse, should haue knowen therof.

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Vpon the Interrogatories 792.

To the first, he sayth that he is the said B. seruaunt, hauing. liii. s. iiii. d. wages a yere, meat, drinke, and liuery: and otherwyse negatiuely.

To the. ii. &. iii. he desireth that he may haue iustyce: & if he haue offēded the kings maiesty & his lawes, he wold he should haue according as he hath done: and otherwyse negatiuely.

To the last, he answereth as before: and otherwyse he cannot depose.

Iohn Warner.

Osmond Coward.

¶ Osmond Coward, seruaunt to the bishop of winton, with whom he hath continued these. 6. yeres. of thage of. xxix or therabout, sworne & examined vpon the. 9. 15. &, 16. articles of the matter against the exhibites.

MarginaliaOsmonde Coward.To the. 9. article, he saith that the contents of this article is true. For this deponent saieth, that he beyng in Scotland seruing of the king, so appointed by the sayde B. & comming home after the battell done, & lying in Anwicke, within the Bishoprick of Duresme, heard reported there, that the said B. was in the Flete: & sayth that the same night that this deponent lay in Anwick, the D. of Somerset lay in the same town of Anwick, and was come out of Scotland from the said battel, to this deponents certain sight and knowlege: and that this deponēt sithens toke his iorney frō Anwick, homeward to London, leauing the Dukes grace at Anwick: and at this deponents cōming home knew certainly that the sayd B. was in the Flete: wheras before this deponents goyng to Scotland, the sayd B. was at his house in walton in Hampshire, to this deponents certayn knowlege. And the premisses wer done about Michaelmas last was. 3. yeres as he sayth: and otherwyse he cannot depose.

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To the. xv. and. xvi. he saith that the contentes of these artycles are true, manifest, notorious, & famous, in winton, and al other places where the said B. hath ben abidyng, to this deponents certain knowlege. For he hath bene the said B. seruant these. 6. yeares, as he hath before declared: and saieth that in al the sayde space, he hath bene continually in his houshold: and saith vpō his othe, that the sayd bishop & his seruantes alwayes hath bene quiet, & peaceable, not making any tumulte agaynst any of the powers, or the kinges subiectes: or amonges themselues haue styrred or made any tumulte. And he sayeth that the said bishop neuer commaunded any of hys seruants to weare harnesse, or beare weapon, for anye suche purpose, or for the sauegard of his owne person, or hys housholde: but the sayd bishop hath liued alway quietly, as a man without feare of any trouble towards hym: & saith, that he could neuer perceiue by any tokē or lykelyhode, that euer the said B. minded or intended anye tumulte or commocion. For if he had, he saieth that beyng one of his seruauntes, & continually in houshold, he must nedes haue knowē of it: and otherwise he cannot depose.

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Vpon the Interrogatories. 792.

To the first, he saith that he is the sayd bishops seruāt & yeman of the buttery, hauing. liii s. iiii d. wages, and liuery, & such aduantages as fal & otherwise negatiuely.

To the. ii. & iii. he hath none affection, but that the seruaunte oughte to his maister: but if he hath offended, he would he should haue as he deserueth.

To the last, he answereth as before: and otherwyse he cannot depose.

Osmond Coward.

Iohn Temple.

¶ Iohn Tēple gentlemā, sworne & examined vpō the. 14. article, of the matter against the exhibites deposeth as foloweth.

MarginaliaIohn Tēple.To the. xiii. artycle, he sayth that the contēts of this artycle are true: for this Deponent was in the Duke of Somersettes house, at the same tyme that the sayde byshop was commannded to kepe his house at saint MaryOueries: and this Deponent dyd wayte vpon the said byshop home from the sayd Dukes house, and folowed the sayd byshop to hys studye, as he was customed to do, at hys reparyng to the sayd byshop: and the sayde byshop seing thys Deponent there, sayde vnto hym. Temple, you must go hence. For I must not speke with you: which the sayde byshops committing to hys house was for that he dyd not subscrybe to certayne articles concerning Iustifycation, as he thys Deponent heard say: and otherwyse he cannot depose.

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I. Temple.

¶ Vpon the interrogatories as before.
Alexander Deryng.

¶ Alexander Deryng, sworne and examined vpon the 2. 3. 5. 6. 15. and xvi. articles of the matter agaynst the exhibites.

MarginaliaDeryng.To the second and 3. he sayth and deposeth as he hath before vpon the matter Iustyficatorye: and that he knoweth, that the sayd byshop made a proxye to certayne, to appeare for hym in the sayde visitacion: The whych proxye, thys Deponent dyd see and cary from Wynton to Southhampton, at the tyme of visitacion: and sayth, that maister Cooke, one of the Byshopes proctores, dyd attende vpon the sayde visitors, before their entering into the dyoces: and receyued them reuerently: whych sayd proxye the sayd Maister Cooke dyd exhibet for the sayd byshop, aswell at Lambeth, as at the cathedrall churche, to this Deponentes sighte: and dyd all thynges, on the sayd Byshoppes behalfe, as the sayd byshoppe shoulde haue doone, yf the sayd byshoppe hadde ben present.

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To the v. and vi. he sayth the articles are true, of his certayne knowledge, for causes aboue rehersed in hys former depositions. For he sayeth he made out the monytion for the sayd visitation, for the Deanes, perticularlye, and the certificates of the same: and sayth that the same byshops Chaunceloure, Proctor, Chapleynes and mynysters, with other of hys dioces dyd reuerentelye receaue the same visitors, and dyd duely obey theire cōmaundementes, and Iniunctions, as becommeth, to hys knowledge.

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To the xv. and xvi. he sayth that at all tymes that the sayd byshop, and hys Seruantes hath ben abyding, and resident at Wynton in the space of these xv. yeares the sayd byshop, & hys seruauntes, hath bene peaceable and quiet, and neuer made any tumulte, or commotiō, or prepared them selfes therunto: and sayth, that he neuer hearde or knewe, that the sayde byshop commaunded hys seruauntes to weare harnes, or take weapon for to make any tumulte, or commotion, or yet for the sauegarde of hys owne person, or hys Seruauntes: or to withstande, and resiste the powers, or any of the kings subiectes: but hath alwayes vsed them selues quietlye and peaceablye, as true, faythful, and obedient subiectes to thys Deponentes knowledge. For he sayth, that by the sayd space of xv. yeares, he hath dwelled in the strete where the sayd byshopes house standeth: and at the said byshops being there, he resorted vnto the house: and by reason therof, he doth knowe the premisses to be trewe: and otherwyse he cannot depose.

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By me Alex. De.

Vppon the interrogatoryes as before.
VVilliam Medowe.

¶ William Medowe, sworne and examined vppon 4. 5. 6. 7.. 9 14. 15. 16. 18. 20. articles of the matter, agaynste the exhibites.

MarginaliaMedowe.To the iiii. article of the same matter, he sayth that the contentes of thys article are trew. For he was present at Alton and Kingston, as the sayd byshop toke his iorney: and heard hym so commaunde aswell a Preist, that came to hym to Alton, as the Curate of kingston quietlye to obey all suche Iniunctions, and ordynaunces, as the sayd visitors shoulde geue, and sette furth in there visitacion: and so the sayd byshoppe hath commaunded hys Chapelyns: in somuch that thys Deponent for hys parte, was before them at Wynton, and dyd obediently receyue them, and obey such thynges as were commaunded: and otherwyse he cannot depose.

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To the v. he sayeth that article is trewe of hys owne knowledge.

To the vi. he sayth the that the sayd visitation bygan in October, in the fyrst yeare of the reigne of the king: but at what day, he cannot remember.