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915 [915]

To the vij. he sayeth that the sayde byshop was before the sayde visitation in the Fleete. For he sayeth he was committed to the Fleete at Hampton Courte, (where thys Deponent was,) and from thence wente home wyth the housholde to Wynchester.

But how the sayd byshop was restrained in the Fleete, he cannot tell: vntyll suche tiime that this deponēt, a fortnygth before Christmas, being lycēced, came vnto him: at whiche tyme he had but two seruauntes lycensed to wayte vpon hym, and his Cooke to dresse his meate.

To the ix. he sayeth that the article is notorious, manifest, and publique.

To the xiiij. he sayeth that that the contentes of the article, of his own certayn syght, & knowledge, are true.

To the xv. and xvi. he sayeth that the contentes of these articles are true, of his certaine knowledge: for he hath been the sayde byshops houshold Chapplain, these xx. yeares. And if any suche thyng had been done, or attempted, he this deponent should haue seene to knowen thereof: but sayeth that all thyng conteyned in these articles were true.

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To the xviij. article, he sayeth the contentes of this article are true: for he heard the sermon, & saith he spake nothing that should disgrace, or disproue the said maister Tonge, and maister Ayre and otherwyse he cannot depose.

To the xx. article, he sayeth that that article is true. For he was present at the sermō, & neither knoweth of, nor yet sawe any tumulte, that rose then, and there, vpō the same Sermon, nor yet at any tyme, or place synce: but that the sayde byshop was quietly heard, and so departed, sauyng the throng of the people.

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¶ To the Interrogatories as before.
¶ Iohn Potinger.

Iohn Potinger sworne and examined vpon the ij. iij. v. vi. xv. xvi. articles, of the matter against the exhibites.

MarginaliaPotinger.To the seconde, and thyrde, he deposeth as before to the matter iustificatorie: to the whyche hee referreth hym and otherwyse he cannot depose.

To the v. and vi. he deposeth as before in his depositions vpon the matter iustificatorie: and further saieth, that the sayde visitation began sone vpon Michaelmas, of the fyrst yeare of the kynges maiestie reigne: vppon what daye he cannot depose.

The xv. and xvi. he deposeth, and sayeth, that by the space of these x. yeares, the sayd byshop of Wynton for his parte, and his sayd seruauntes for their partes, al the tyme of theyre abode at Wynchester, haue been euer quyet, and peacyble, and so estemed, reputed, and taken of this deponentes hearyng, and knowledge: sand sayeth, that in all the sayde space, he neuer heard or knewe that the sayde byshoppe, or yet his seruauntes, made any tumulte or commotion, or prepared them selues therunto, by any manner of meane, signe, and token, that this deponent could knowe, or perceiue: but vsed them selues quietly, and abstayned from the doyng, and attemptyng thereof: and sayeth, by the space aforesayd, he neuer heard or knewe that the sayde byshoppe commaunded his seruauntes, or any of them, to weare harnes or weapōs for the sauegarde of his owne persone, or his famyly: nor yet knewe, or saw that any of his seruauntes were in harnes, for that purpose, or any other or yet to resiste, or make defence against any of the powers of this Realme, or the subieces of the same. And the premisses he sayth are notorious, and famous, within Wynton, and all other places, where the sayde byshop hath continued, as farre as this deponent hath knowē or heard: and that the same are true within wintō, he knoweth of his certain knowledge. For he hathe dwelled within Wynton these x. yeares, and doth repaire to the sayde byshops house at his beyng there and therfore knoweth the same to bee true: and he iudgeth in his conscience, that there was neuer any suche thyng ones thought vpon by the sayd byshop and his seruauntes: and he sayeth, that the sayd B. seruauntes hath been as quiet men, and peacible, as he hath seen: and otherwyse he cannot depose.

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¶ Vpon the Interrogatories he deposeth as before.

Iohn Potinger.

Iaques VVyngfield.

¶ Iaques Wyngfield, seruaunte to the Byshop of Wynton, examined vpon the matter against the exhibites, sayeth as followeth.

To the seuenth article, he sayth, the article conteineth truth. For this Examinate wayted vpō the bishop from Hampton court to the fleete, and same day he was committed thether: and taried there till mydnyghte nexte following: and then Dauy, and Growte, the said bishops seruantes came thether, whom the Warden of the Flete brought to the bishop, saying that they, with his Cooke were appoynted by the Counsell to bee with him, and no more: wherupon this Examinate went to a lodging, which he had there by: and although he made diuers meanes afterwarde to come to the sayde byshop his maister, yet hee coulde not bee suffred, vntyll suche tyme as he was licensed by the counsell, whiche were there but a little while before the said bishops departure frō thēce, and saith that none of the said other bishops seruants, or other, could be suffred, during his imprisonment, to come to him, so farre fourth as he vnderstode, or could learne.

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To the xiij. he saith that the article is true, as he heard both by the saide Bishops reporte, as all his house: and saith, that from that till lent next following, the sayde bishoppe kepte his house very secrete, as a close prysoner. without hauing resorte of strangers, of the certein knowlege of this deponent.

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To the 14. he sayth the article is true. For this deponent wayted on the saide bishop to Winchester, & there continued with him, till he was sent for vp to the counsayle, and came in an horselitter, as afore he hathe deposed: during which meane time, the said bishop liued ther quietly, and duly executed, and obayed all such commandements, and proclamations, and iniunctions, as were then ordered to be setfourth without breache of any, as far as euer this deponēt euer knew, heard, or perceiued.

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To the 15 article he sayth the cōtēts of the said article are true. For this Examinate sayth, he hath by long experience for these xx. yeres space, knowen, sene, and perceiued the sayd bishops behauiour to be, as in the article is conteigned: and likewise hath seene, and knowen his household for such a number as they were, being seuenscore and odde, as quiet, and well ordered companye, as he hath euer knowē in his time: & so hath heard them cōmonly noted, and named in the countreis, where they haue dwelled: and sayth, that he neuer hearde, or knew, that any of his seruantes, or other in his house, or his tenātes, prepared harnes, and were armed, to any intēt, or purpose, at any tyme, but when the byshop prepared for the defence of Portchmouth, against the Frēchmen: And that ones, about a yeare after, the sayd bishop was committed to the tower, a dronkē Flemminge beinge in the house, and hauing receaued a broken head of this deponents seruant, put on a coate of fence, and wēt into the towne of Winchester, to seeke this deponents seruaunt, to fight with him: and there was found with the cote of fence vpon him, & quietly broughte home agayn & sayth, that this he knoweth precisely. For if there had been any other preparation, at any time, this examinate should haue knowen therof, for that he lay next to the sayd B. Armary, and hath at all times that the bishop hath sent forth his mē or tenaūts, had the charge & cōducte of thē.

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To the xvi. article, he sayth that the article is true, for clauses afore said, and as he verily beleueth: and he neuer hearde, nor knew of the contrary.

To the 17 article he sayth, that the thursday night articulate, the said maister Tonge, & maister Ayre, came to the sayd bishops house at Wulsey, and there supped, and were gently enterteigned of him, in the sight and certein knowlege of this Examinate, who the same time supped at the sayd borde with them, and after supper heard the bishop tell them, that, seing they were of his churche, he would make them no strangers: and therefore required thē, with out further bidding, to come to him as of householde, and they shoulde be welcome, with other gentle woordes tending to that effect.

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To the article he sayth it is true, as farre as euer he heard or knew, and beleueth. For this deponent the sayd day, wayted on the sayde bishop his maister, to the sayd sermon, & there cōtinued all the time of his sermon, which was quietly hearde without any signe, or token of disquietnes, or tumult shewed, or attēpted, to this deponents knowlege: and after the sermō ended, he waited on the sayde bishop to his house, no word or token of displeasure of any person shewed to him, as he sayth.

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¶ Vpon the interrogatories

as before.

Iaques Wingfield