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¶ The kinges of Northumberland with the yeares of their raygne.

The kings of Northūberland.

Ida.12This Ida of hys wyfe had. 6. chil-
dren, Adda, Elricus, Osmerus, The-
odledus, of Concubins other. 6.
After Ida the kingdome of Northumberland was diuided into
2. prouinces, Deyra and Bernicia.
Alle or Elle, Deiro-
30This Alle was the sonne of Iffe, and
raygned in Deria. 30. yeares.
Adda, Bernicorū.7
Some chronicles do set vnder Adda: to raigne in Bernicia these
kings. Glappa, or Claspa, Theonulfus, or Hussa, or Theowal-
nus, Frihulsus. Theodoricus.
Alricus or Alfricus
5.This Alfricus was the sonne of Ida
and raygned. v. yeares.
Ethelfridus Bernico
This Ethelfridus was he that slewe
the Monkes of Bangor, to the num
ber of. 2200. which came to prai for the
good succes of the Britaynes, and by
his wyfe Accan, the daughter of Elle,
had. 7. sonnes: Eaufridus, Osualdus
Oswius, Islacus, Osmundus, Osa,
Offa. Flor. Histor.
Edvvinus. Northū
17This Edwinus was the first of the
Northumberland kings, which was
conuerted and christned by Paulinus
byshop of London.
Ofricus Deirorum,
Eaufridus Bernicia
These two are put out of the rase of
kings, because they reuolted from the
Christian fayth, and were both slayne
miserablye by Cedwalla a Britayne,
which then raygned in Northumber-
land, and in Mercia.
Osvvaldus, North.
9This Oswaldus, called S. Oswald,
foughte with Cedwalla, and Penda
wyth a small army, and by strength of
prayer vanquished them in the field.
He sent for Aedanus into Scotlande
to preach in his country, & as he prea-
ched in Scottish, the king expounded
in englishe. He was a great geuer of
almes to the poore. Of his other acts
more appeareth hereafter.
Osvvius, Northum
28This Oswius fighting agaynst Pē-
da, vowed to make hys daughter El-
fred a Nunne, geuyng wyth her. xii.
lordships, to build. xii. Monasters. vi.
in Bernicia. vi. in Deira.
Osvvin9 raigned to-
gether wt Oswius
in Deira. slayne.
7¶ The same Oswius in the begīning of his
raygne tooke one Oswinus the sonne of Ed
wyne to be his partener ouer the countrye of
Deyra. Afterward cuasing him to be kylled,
tooke to hym an other called Edelwald, the
sonne of Oswalde. Of thys Oswynus more
followeth hereafter to be declared.
Egfridus, Northū-
15This Egfrid maryed Etheldrida, who
beyng. xij. yeares maryed to hym, coulde af-
ter, by no meanes be allured to lie with him,
but obtaynyng of hym lysence, was made a
Nunne, and then Abbes of Elye. She made
but one meale a daye, and neuer ware lynen.
At last the same Egfred fighting against the
Scots, was slayne in the field by a trayne of
the Scots, fayning themselues to flee.
Alfridus, Northum
20Of this Alfride Bede in hys history testifi
eth that he was exactly and perfectly sene in
the holy scriptures, and recouered much that
hys predecessours had lost before. Bed. lib 4.
cap. 24
Sone say he raigned not. 18. yeres.
Osredus, Northum
11Osred began hys raygn beyng but. 8. yeres
old, and raygned the space of. xi. yeares.
Kenredus North.2
Oriscus, North.20Some affirme that Oriscus raygned
but. xi. yeares.
Celulfus, Northum
made a monke.
9.This Celulf after he had raygned. 8. yeres
was made a Moonke. To hym Bede wrote
hys story.
Egbertus, or Eadber
tus, Northumber-

Osulfus, Northum.
Mollo or Ethel-
vvold North.

In some chronicles
vi. yeares.
11Mollo by the subtil trayne of Altre-
dus was made away, which Altredus
also himselfe after hee had raygned. x.
yeares, was expulsed by his own peop-
Altredus, Northū.
10In some Chronicles thys Altredus
raygned but. viii. yeares.
Ethelbertus or Edel
redus, Northum.

Alfvvoldus, North.
Ethelbertus, or A-
delvvaldus, North.

¶ After this Ethelbert, the kingdome of Northumberland ceased the space of. xxv. yeares, tyl Egbertus king of the West saxons subdued also them, as he dyd the other Saxons to hys dominion. After the which Egbert kyng of the Westsaxons succeded in Northumberland hys sonne.
Kynges of Westsaxons, raygning
in Northumberland.
¶ In the tyme of this Ethelredus there were. ii. vnder kinges in Northumberland, Ella, & Osbright. whom the Danes ouercame and raygned in their place, whose names were these.
¶ After the raygne of these foresayde Danes, the kingdome of Northumberlande came into the handes of the West saxones, in the tyme of Athelstane and hys brother Edmundus. It beganne first, anno. 547. and so endured, 409. yeares. It contayned yorkeshiere, Notinghamshire, Darbyshiere, the bishoprick of Dyrham, Copelande and other.

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¶ The Kinges of Mercia, or Merce land with the yeares of their raigne.
The Kings of Mercia.

Crida, or Creodda35
Penda slayne.30Penda slewe in battail Edwyne and
Oswald kinges of Northumb. Also
Sigebert, Edrik, and Anna, kinges of
the Eastanglis. Also he droue out Ken
walkius king of the westsaxons.
Peda, or VVeda,
slaine by his wife
Vnder Peda and Wlferus Christes
faith was receued in those partes, they
beng conuerted by Finianus bishop.
The same Peda raygned in a part of Mer
cia, with his brother Wlferus, whych were
both the sonnes of Penda.
VVlferus.29This Wlferus by his wife Ermeburg had
3. daughters, Milburg, Mildrith, and Mild-
gith, holy virgins.
Adelredus, or Ethel-
made Monke.
30. or 19.This Adelredus or Ethelredus was monk
of Bardney, whose systers were Kynedrid, &
Kyneswith, holy virgins.
Kēredus made also
mōke at Rome.
Ceolredus or Kel-
8In the tyme of this Ceolred was Guthlak
otherwyse called saynt Guthlake, the popish
Eremite of Crouland.
Ethelbald9 slain.41Vnder Ethelbaldus dyed Beda. E-
thelbald gaue that all churches should
be free from all exactions and publique
Bernredus.1This Bernred for hys pride and stoutnesse
toward his people, was by them deposed, and
the same yeare by the iust iudgement of God
burned. Histor. Cariens.
Offa.39Offa causing or cōsenting to the death
of good Ethelbert king of the Eastan-
les, peaceably comming to marry his
daughter, for repentaunce caused thelb/>Peter pence first to be geuen to Rome,
and there did hys penance.
Kenulphus, slayne.20. or 16
Kenelmus murthe-
6. monethes.The Kenelme being of. vii. yeres of
age, was wyckedly slayne after he had
raygned. vi. monethes.
Ceolvvolfus expul-
1. or 3.

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