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Bernulphus slayn.3
Ludecanus slain2This Ludecane after the seconde yere
of hys raygne was slayne of Egbert,
kyng of the Westsaxons, by whom the
rest of the Saxons were also subdued.
¶ Some Chroni-
cles here inserte
VVilasius or vvyth

This Withlacus in the beginning of hys raigne was vanquished by Egrid kyng of Westsex, to whom hee became tributary with his successors here foflowing.

Berthulfus12.☞ Some wryters saye that theese
kynges were subdued by the Danes

¶ After this Elfride the kingdome of the Mercians was translated vnto the Westsaxōs, in the latter tyme of king Alfred, or in the beginning of Edwardus Senior, & so was adioyned to the Westsaxons, beginnyng an. 561. It endured the space of. 250. yeares, tyl about the latter end of Aluredus, by whom it was ioyned to the kingdome of Westsaxons. This kingdome stretched out to Hūtingtonshere, Hertfordshere, Glocestershere, Woceter, Warwicke, Lichfield. Couentrye, Chester, Darbyshiere, Staffordshiere, Shrosbury, Oxforde, Buckyngham, Dorcester, Lincolne, Lecester. &c.

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¶ The kings of the Eastsaxons, with the yeres of their raygne.

The king of the East saxons.

Sebertus or Sigeber
14This Sebertus nephewe to Ethel-
bert king of Kent, among these kings
was first christned bi Mellitus, which
made the church of Paules.
Sexredus, &
brethren, slayne.
7.Sexred, & Seward and
Sigebert: expelled Mel
litus the bishop, because
he would not minister to
them the sacramentall breade, they being not
Sigebertus paru9.23This Sigebertus paruus with hys bro-
ther Sebertus were slayne of Kynegilsus &
Swithelinus hys brother, by the iust iudge-
ment of God, for they reuolted agayne from
their faith, & expelled Mellitus, b. of Londō.
Segebertus bonus,
or Sibertus. slayn.
This Segebertus bonus or Sibertus,
much resorting to Oswy kyng of Northum-
berland, by hys persuasion was brought to
christian baptisme, baptised of Finianus by-
shop, to whom also was sent Cedde wyth o-
ther ministers to preach and to baptise in his
coūtry. At last he was slayn of his mē about
hym: vsyng to much to spare hys enemies, &
to forgeue their iniuries that repented. Flor.
Sigherius sonne of
Segebertus paruus
Sebbi sonne of Se-
was made a mōk
This Sigherius and Sebbi fyrst fell to i-
dolatry, then through the meanes of Wolfe-
rus kyng of Mercia, were reduced, & at last
Sebby became a Moonke.
Sigehardus Œ
Suefridus, Brethren.
Offa.5Offa after hee had raygned a whyle,
became a Moonke at Rome.
Selredis or Colre

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¶ This Swithred9 was subdued vnto Egbert kyng of Westsaxons. Albeit London remayned vnder the Mercians to the tyme that they also were subdued to the Westsaxons. Thys kyngdome began an. 561. and so continued tyll the tyme of Egbertus. Some stories say it continued to the tyme of Edward sonne of Aluredus, about the commyng of the Danes, and contayned vnder it the Lordship of Mydlesex & Londō. The Metropolitane sea of thys prouince of Essex was Londō, where the famous church of S. Paul was builded by Ethelbert kyng of Kent & Sigebert kyng of Essex, whom Ethelbert had lately before turned to Christes faith: whereof the fyrst bishop was Mellitus, the secōd bishop was Cedd9, the third came in by Symonie, whose name was Wine. Malmesb. de vitis pont. After him was Erkēwaldus, of whō writeth Bede, that he being diseased in hys legges that he could neyther go nor ryde, yet would be caried about in a litter to preach in hys Dioces. &c.¶ Although W. Malmesb. writing of the bishops of Londō in his boke De vitis ponti. saith that Mauritius first the kings Chauncelor, then byshop there, dyd fyrst begyn thys so large and famous building of S. Paule in London: Which work after him Richardus his successor did prosecute, bestowing al the rentes of hys bishopricke vpon the same, & yet was scarsely sene: yet herein may be answered peraduenture, that the church builded before by kyng Ethelbert, and kyng Sigebert, might be ouerthrown by the Danes, and afterward was reedified by these bishops aboue mencioned.

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¶ the Kings of the Eastanglis, with the yeares of their raigne.

The kings of the Eastanglis.

Vffa or Vlfa.30Of thys Vffa the people of North-
folke were then called Vskyns.
Titulus or Titila.13
Redvvaldus.12Redwaldus fyrste was conuerted in
Kent: afterward throughe the wycked
perswasion of hys wyfe and other, ioy
ned idolatry with Christianity.
Erpvvaldus or Corp
38Notwithstanding hys Sonne Erp-
waldus throughe the meanes of Ed-
wyn kyng of Northumberlande, was
brought to the perfect fayth of Christ,
and therin faythfully did continue.
Sigebertus, or Si-
first a monk
3This Sigebert made him selfe mōke
and afterward brought out to fyght a-
gaynst Penda, with a whyte stycke in
hys hand, was slayne in the field.
Egnicus, or Egricus,
Anna slayne.3The Daughters of Anna were Sex-
eburga, Ethelberga, and Saint Ethel
Adelhere, or Adel-
Adelvvoldus, or E-
Ethelredus slayne.52¶ This Etheldredus for hys holynes & god-
ly vertues is counted for a saynt, he innocent
ly comming to Offa kyng of Mercia to mary
with Althrid hys daughter, by the sinister sus
picion of Offa, and wicked counsayl of Kines-
wina hys wyfe, was cruellye put to death in
the house of Offa. For the whych cause Offa
afterward repenting went to Rome, where
he made hymselfe a monke.
Ethelbritus slayne.5
¶ After thys synful murder of Ethelbert, the kingdome of Eastanglis during the tyme of certayne yeares, was in great trouble and desolation, vnder diuers kinges and tyrantes, sometyme the kyng of Westsex, sometimes of Kent, or of Mercia, hauing dominiō ouer them, til the comming of Saynt Edmund, whych was the last king there ruling vnder the Westsaxons.
S. Edmunde, mar-

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¶ After the death of Saynt Edmund, being slaine of the Infidel Danes, the kyngdome remayned wyth the Danes. 50. yeares, tyl at length Edward kyng of the Westsaxons expulsed the Danes, and ioyned it to his kingdome. It began about the yeare of our Lord. 561. & continued neare about 377. yeares. Fabian numbreth but. xij. kynges, but in other I fynde mo.The Metroplitane sea of this prouince of Eastanglis, was fyrst at a towne called Dunmoke, where the first Bishop was Felix, a Burgundian. After this, vnto the time of Egbert kyng of Westsaxe, this prouince was euer ruled by two bishops, wherof the one had hys sea at Dunmoke, which towne after the name of Felix the bishop, was called Felixstow, or Felstow: The other at Hemaham, wher. xij. sat, one after an other. From thence it was translated to Thetford, wher sat. iij. bishops. At last by bishop Herbert it was remoued to Norwych, where he erected a monasterye of Moonkes.And thus standeth the order & rase of the Saxon kyngs, raigning together with the Britanes in this Realme. Now foleweth the description of the Britaine kynges, raygning wyth the Saxons in lyke maner.

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