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Northumberland. Merceland.

MarginaliaThe kinges of Northūberland.

Ethelfridus Bernico
of. 2200. whiche came to pray for the
good successe of the Britaines, and by
his wife Accan, the daughter of Elle,
had vij. sonnes: Eaufridus, Osualdus
Oswius, Oslacus, Osmundus, Osa, Of-
fa. Flor. Histor.
Edwinus. Northum
17 This Edwinus was the first of the
Northumberland kinges, which was
conuerted and Christened by Paulinus
Byshop of London.
Ofricus Deirorum,
Eaufridus Bernicia,
These two are put out of the rase
of kings, because they reuolted frō the
Christian fayth, and were both slayne
miserablye by Cedwalla a Britayne,
whiche then raigned in Northumber-
land, and in Mercia.
Oswaldus, Northū-

This Oswaldus, called S. Oswald,
fought with Cedwalla, & Penda with
a small army, and by strength of prayer
vanquished thē in the field. He sent for
Ædanus into Scotlād to preach in his
coūtrey, & as he preached in Scottish, þe
king expounded in English. He was a
great geuer of almes to þe poore. Of his
other acts more appeareth hereafter.
Oswius, Northum
28 This Oswius fighting against Pē-
vowed to make hys daughter El-
a Nonne, geuyng with her. xij.
Lordshyps, to build. xij. Monasteries.
vj. in Bernicia. vi. in Deira.
Oswinus raygned
together with
in Deira
7 The same Oswius in the beginning
of hys raigne tooke one Oswinus the
sonne of Edwyne to be his partener o-
uer the countrey of
Deyra. Afterward
causing him to be killed, tooke to hym
an other called Edelwald, the sonne of
Oswalde. Of this Oswynus more fol-
loweth hereafter to be declared.
Egfridus, Northum-
15 This Egfrid maried Etheldrida,
who beyng xij. yeares maried to hym,
could after, by no meanes be allured to
lye with him, but obtainyng of him li-
cence, was made a Nunne, & then Ab-
bes of Elye. She made but one meale
a day, & neuer weare lynen. At last the
same Egfrid fighting against þe Scots,
was slayne in the fielde by a trayne of
the Scots, fayning themselues to flee.
Alfridus, Northum-
20 Of this Alfride, Bede in his histo-
ry testifi eth that he was exactly & per-
fectly seene in the holy Scriptures,&
recouered much that
hys predecessours
had lost before. Bed. lib 4. cap. 24 Some
say he raigned not. 18. yeares.
Osredus, Northum-
11 Osred began his raigne beyng but
viij. yeares olde, and raigned the space
of. xi. yeares.
Kenredus North. 2
Oriscus, North. 20 Some affirme that Oriscus raig-
ned but. xi. yeares.
Celulfus, Northum.
made a Monke.
9 This Celulf after he had raigned. 8
yeares was made a Monke. To hym
Beda wrote
his story.
Egbertus, or Eadber-
tus, Northūberlād,

Osulfus, Northum.
Mollo, or Ethel-
wold North.

In some chronicles
vi. yeares.
11 Mollo by the subtil traine of Altred9
was made away, which Altredus also
himselfe after he had raigned. x. yeares,
was expulsed by his owne peopple.
Altredus, Northum.
10 In some Chronicles this Altredus
raigned but. viij. yeares.
Ethelbertus, or Edelredus, Northumberland, expulsed. 5
Alfwoldus, Northumberland
Ethelbertus, or Adelwaldus, North.

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¶ After this Ethelbert, the kingdome of Northumberland ceased the space of xxv. yeares, till Egbertus king of the Westsaxōs subdued also thē, as he did the other Saxons to his dominiō. After the which Egbert kyng of the Westsaxons succeded in Northumberland his sonne.

Ethelwolfus. Ethelbaldus.
Ethelbertus. Ethelredus.
Kynges of Westsaxons, raignyng in

In the tyme of this Ethelredus there were two vnder kynges in Northumberland, Ella, and Osbright. whom the Danes ouercame and raigned in their place, whose names were these.

Exbertus. Gurthed.
Richsi. Guthrid.

¶ After the raigne of these foresayd Danes, the kyngdome of Northumberland came into the handes of the Westsaxons, in the tyme of Athelstane and his brother Edmundus. It began first. an. 547. and so endured. 409. yeares. It contained Yorkeshyre, Notinghamshyre, Darbyshyre, the Byshopricke of Dyrham, Copeland and other.

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¶ The kynges of Mercia, or Merceland with the yeares of their raigne.

The kinges of Mercia.

Crida, or Creodda. 35
Wibba. 20
Ceorlus. 10.
Penda slayne. 30 Penda slewe in battaille Edwyne and
Oswald kynges of Northūb. Also Si-
gebert, Edrik,
and Anna, kynges of the
Eastanglis. Also he droue out Ken
kyng of the Westsaxons.
Peda, or Weda,
slayne by his wife
Vnder Peda and Wlferus Christes
faith was receiued in those parts, they
being conuerted by Finianus Byshop.
The same Peda raigned in a part of
Mercia, with hys brotherWlferus,
which wereboth the sonnes of Penda.
Wlferus. 29 This Wlfer9 by his wife Ermeburg
had iij. daughters, Milburg, Mildrith,
and Mildgith, holy virgines.
Adelredus, or Ethel-
made Mōke.
30. or 19 This Adelredus, or Ethelredus
was Monke of Bardney, whose si-
sters were Kinedrid, and Kineswith,
holy virgines.
Kenredus made also
mōke at Rome.
Ceolredus, or Kel-
8 In the time of this Ceolred was Guthlake otherwise called S. Guthlake,
the Popish Eremite of Crouland.
Ethelbald9 slaine. 41 Vnder Ethelbaldus dyed Beda. E-
gaue that all churches should
be free from all exactions and publicke
Bernredus. 1 This Bernred for his pride & stoutnes
toward his people, was by them depo-
sed, & the same yeare by the iust iudge-
ment of God burned. Histor. Cariens.
Offa. 39 Offa causing or cōsenting to the death
of good Ethelbert king of the Eastan-
les, peaceably commyng to marry his
daughter, for repentaunce caused the
Peter pence first to be geuē to Rome,
and there did his penaunce.
Egfredus. 1
Kenulphus, slayne. 20. or 16
Kenelm9 murthered. Thie Kenelme beyng of vij. yeares
of age, was wickedly slayne after he
had raigned. vj. monethes.
Ceolwolfus expul-
1. or 3.
Bernulphus slayne, 3
Ludecanus slayne. 2 This Ludecane after the 2. yeare of
his raigne was slayne of Egbert, kyng
of the Westsaxones, by whom the rest
of the Saxons were also subdued.
Some Chronicles
here insert Milefredus.
Wilasius, or Withla-

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¶ This Withlacus in the begynning of his raigne was vanquished by Egrid kyng of Westsaxe, to whom hee became tributary with his successors here foflowyng.

Berthulfus 12. ¶ Some writers saye that these kynges
were subdued by the Danes
Burhredus. 20.
Celulfus. 1
Elfredus. 1

¶ After this Elfride the kyngdome of the Mercias was translated vnto the Westsaxons, in the latter tyme of kyng Alfred, or in the begynnyng of Edwardus Senior, and so was adioyned to the Westsaxones, beginnyng an. 561. It endured the space of. 250. yeares, till about the latter ende of Aluredus, by whom it was ioyned to the kyngdome of Westsaxōs. This kyngdome stretched out to Huntyngtonshyre, Hertfordshyre, Glocestershyre, Worceter, Warwicke, Lichfield, Couentry, Chester, Darbyshyre, Staffordshyre, Shrosbury, Oxford, Buckyngham, Dorceter, Lincolne, Lecester. &c.

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¶ The kynges of the Eastsaxons, with the yeares of their raigne.


Erchwinus. 35
Sledda. 17
Sebertus, or Sigeber-
14 This Sebertus nephew to Ethel-
king of Kent, among these kyngs
was first christned by Mellit9, which
made the Church of Paules.
Sexredus, and Se-
7. Sexred, and Seward and Sigebert:
expelled Mellitus the Byshop, because
he would not minister to thē þe Sacra-
mentall bred, they being not Baptised.

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