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1. The Martyrdom of Rogers 2. The Martyrdom of Saunders 3. Saunders' Letters 4. Hooper's Martyrdom 5. Hooper's Letters 6. Rowland Taylor's Martyrdom 7. Becket's Image and other events 8. Miles Coverdale and the Denmark Letters 9. Bonner and Reconciliation 10. Judge Hales 11. The Martyrdom of Thomas Tomkins 12. The Martyrdom of William Hunter 13. The Martyrdom of Higbed and Causton 14. The Martyrdom of Pigot, Knight and Laurence 15. Robert Farrar's Martyrdom 16. The Martyrdom of Rawlins/Rowland White17. The Restoration of Abbey Lands and other events in Spring 155518. The Providential Death of the Parson of Arundel 19. The Martyrdom of John Awcocke 20. The Martyrdom of George Marsh 21. The Letters of George Marsh 22. The Martyrdom of William Flower 23. The Martyrdom of Cardmaker and Warne 24. Letters of Warne and Cardmaker 25. The Martyrdom of Ardley and Simpson 26. John Tooly 27. The Examination of Robert Bromley [nb This is part of the Tooly affair]28. The Martyrdom of Thomas Haukes 29. Letters of Haukes 30. The Martyrdom of Thomas Watts 31. Censorship Proclamation 32. Our Lady' Psalter 33. Martyrdom of Osmund, Bamford, Osborne and Chamberlain34. The Martyrdom of John Bradford 35. Bradford's Letters 36. William Minge 37. James Trevisam 38. The Martyrdom of John Bland 39. The Martyrdom of Frankesh, Middleton and Sheterden 40. Sheterden's Letters 41. Examinations of Hall, Wade and Polley 42. Martyrdom of Christopher Wade 43. Nicholas Hall44. Margery Polley45. Martyrdom of Carver and Launder 46. Martyrdom of Thomas Iveson 47. John Aleworth 48. Martyrdom of James Abbes 49. Martyrdom of Denley, Newman and Pacingham 50. Richard Hooke 51. Martyrdom of William Coker, et al 52. Martyrdom of George Tankerfield, et al 53. Martyrdom and Letters of Robert Smith 54. Martyrdom of Harwood and Fust 55. Martyrdom of William Haile 56. George King, Thomas Leyes and John Wade 57. William Andrew 58. Martyrdom of Robert Samuel 59. Samuel's Letters 60. William Allen 61. Martyrdom of Roger Coo 62. Martyrdom of Thomas Cobb 63. Martyrdom of Catmer, Streater, Burwood, Brodbridge, Tutty 64. Martyrdom of Hayward and Goreway 65. Martyrdom and Letters of Robert Glover 66. Cornelius Bungey 67. John and William Glover 68. Martyrdom of Wolsey and Pigot 69. Life and Character of Nicholas Ridley 70. Ridley's Letters 71. Life of Hugh Latimer 72. Latimer's Letters 73. Ridley and Latimer Re-examined and Executed74. More Letters of Ridley 75. Life and Death of Stephen Gardiner 76. Martyrdom of Webb, Roper and Park 77. William Wiseman 78. James Gore 79. Examinations and Martyrdom of John Philpot 80. Philpot's Letters 81. Martyrdom of Thomas Whittle, Barlett Green, et al 82. Letters of Thomas Wittle 83. Life of Bartlett Green 84. Letters of Bartlett Green 85. Thomas Browne 86. John Tudson 87. John Went 88. Isobel Foster 89. Joan Lashford 90. Five Canterbury Martyrs 91. Life and Martyrdom of Cranmer 92. Letters of Cranmer 93. Martyrdom of Agnes Potten and Joan Trunchfield 94. Persecution in Salisbury Maundrell, Coberly and Spicer 95. William Tyms, et al 96. Letters of Tyms 97. The Norfolk Supplication 98. Martyrdom of John Harpole and Joan Beach 99. John Hullier 100. Hullier's Letters 101. Christopher Lister and five other martyrs 102. Hugh Lauerocke and John Apprice 103. Katherine Hut, Elizabeth Thacknell, et al 104. Thomas Drury and Thomas Croker 105. Thomas Spicer, John Deny and Edmund Poole 106. Persecution of Winson and Mendlesam 107. Gregory Crow 108. William Slech 109. Avington Read, et al 110. Wood and Miles 111. Adherall and Clement 112. A Merchant's Servant Executed at Leicester 113. Thirteen Burnt at Stratford-le-Bow114. Persecution in Lichfield 115. Hunt, Norrice, Parret 116. Martyrdom of Bernard, Lawson and Foster 117. Examinations of John Fortune118. John Careless 119. Letters of John Careless 120. Martyrdom of Julius Palmer 121. Agnes Wardall 122. Peter Moone and his wife 123. Guernsey Martyrdoms 124. Dungate, Foreman and Tree 125. Martyrdom of Thomas More126. Martyrdom of John Newman127. Examination of John Jackson128. Examination of John Newman 129. Martyrdom of Joan Waste 130. Martyrdom of Edward Sharpe 131. Four Burnt at Mayfield at Sussex 132. John Horne and a woman 133. William Dangerfield 134. Northampton Shoemaker 135. Prisoners Starved at Canterbury 136. More Persecution at Lichfield
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1573 [1547]

Q. Mary. Ghostly letters of M. Iohn Bradford, holy Martyr.

MarginaliaAnno. 1555. Iuly.tuall, and by the spirit mortifie carnall affections, be sober, holy, true, louyng, gentle, mercifull, and then shall the lordes wrath cease, not for this our doynges sake, but for his mercies sake. Go to therefore (good coūtrey men) MarginaliaGood counsell giuen.take this coūsaill of the lorde, by me now sent vnto you, as the lordes coūsaill, & not as myne, that in the daie of iudgement I maie reioyce with you, & for you: the which thing I hartly desire, and not to be a witnes against you. My bloud will crye for vengeaunce, as against the Papistes gods enemies (whō I besech God if it be his will, hartly to forgiue, yea euen them which putte me to death, and are the causers thereof, for thei knowe not what thei do) MarginaliaBradfords bloud will cry agaynst the refusers of hys will my bloud crye for vengeaunce against you (my dearely beloued in the lorde) if ye repent not, amende not, and turne vnto the lorde.

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Turne vnto the Lorde yet once more, I hartely beseche thee thou Manchester, thou Ashton vnderline, thou Bolton, Burie, Wigine, Lierpoole, Mottrine, Stepport, Winsley, Eccles, Prestwiche, Middleton, Radcliefe, & thou Citee of Westchester, where I haue truely taught and preached the worde of God. 

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These are all places in southern Lancashire, concentrated in the region around Manchester. They provide an idea of the territorial range of Bradford's preaching in Lancashire.

Turne, I saie vnto you all, and to all the inhabitours there aboutes, vnto the Lorde our God and he will turne vnto you, he will saie vnto his Aungell: It is enough, put vp thy sworde. The whiche thyng that he wil do, I hūbly beseche his goodnes, for the precious bloudes sake of his deare sonne our sauiour Iesus Christ. Ah good brethren take in good parte these my last wordes vnto euery one of you. Pardon me myne offenses and negligences in behauiour amongest you. The lorde of mercie pardon vs all our offenses, for our Sauiour Iesus Christes sake, Amen. Out of prison readie to come to you the. xi. of February. Anno. 1555.

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¶ To the towne of Walden. 
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This letter was first printed in the 1563 edition and then printed in Letters of the Martyrs, pp. 269-74. It was reprinted in all subsequent editions of the Acts and Monuments. ECL 260, fos. 30r-31v is the orginal letter; copies of it are ECL 260, fos. 190r-192r and ECL 262, fos. 224-226v.

MarginaliaAn other letter of M. Bradford to þe towne of Walden.TO the faithfull and suche as professe the true doctrine of our Sauiour Iesus Christ, dwellyng at Walden and thereaboutes, Ihon Bradford a most vnworthy seruaunt of the Lorde, now in bandes and condemned for the same true doctrine, wisheth grace, mercie, and peace, with the encrease of all godlines in knowledge & liuyng, frō God the father of al cōfort, through the deserts of our alone and ful redeemer Iesus Christ, by the mightie working of the moste holy spirit, the cōforter for euer, Amen.

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When I remember how that by the prouidēce & grace of God, I haue been a man, by whom it hath pleased him through my ministerie to cal you to repentaunce, and amendement of life, somthyng effectually, as it semed, and to sowe amongest you his true doctrine and religion, lest that by my affliction and stormes now arisen to trie the faithfull, and to conforme them like to the Image of the sonne of GOD, into whose companie we are called, you might be fainte harted: I could not but out of prison secretly (for my kepers maie not knowe that I haue penne and ynke) write vnto you a signification of the desire I haue, that you should not onely be more cōfirmed in the doctrine I haue taught amongst you, MarginaliaMaister Bradford answereth with his bloud for his doctrine.which I take on my death, as I shal aunswere at the daie of dome, I am perswaded to be Gods assured, infallible, and plaine truthe: but also should after your vocation auowe the same by confession, profession, and liuyng. I haue not taught you (my dearely beloued in the Lorde) fables, tales, or vntruthe, but I haue taught you the veritie, as now by my bloude gladly (praysed bee God therefore) I do seale the same.

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In deede to confesse the truthe vnto you, and to all the Church of Christ, I do not thynke of my self, but that I haue most iustly deserued, not onely this kinde but also all kindes of death, & that eternally, for MarginaliaM. Bradford accuseth againe his owne life.myne hypocrisy, vainglorie, vnclennes, self loue, couetousnes, idlenes vnthankfulnes, and carnal professyng of Gods holy Gospell, liuyng therein not so purely, louyngly, and painfully as I should haue doen. The lorde of mercie for the bloud sake of Christ pardon me, as I hope, yea I cerrainly beleue he hath dooen for his holie names sake through Christ,. But my dearely beloued, you & al the whole world maie see, and easely perceiue, that the Prelates persecute in me an other thyng then myne iniquities, MarginaliaChrist himselfe persecuted in his Martyrs.euen Christe hym self, Christes veritie and truthe, because I can not, dare not, nor will not confesse Transubstantiation, and howe that wicked menne, yea Mise and Dogges eatyng the Sacrament, which thei terme of the altar, thereby ouerthrowyng Christes holie supper vtterly, doe eate Christes naturall and reall bodie borne of the virgine Mary.

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To beleue, and confesse as Gods worde teacheth, the primatiue Churche beleued, and all the Catholike and good holie Fathers taught fiue. C. yeres at the least after

Christ, that in the Supper of the Lorde (which the Masse ouerthroweth, as it doeth Christes Priesthoode, sacrifice, death and passion, the ministerie of his worde, true faithe, repentaunce, and all godlines whole Christ God & man is present by grace, to the faithe of the receiuers, but not of the standers by, and lokers on, as bread and wine is to their senses, will not serue: and therefore I am cōdemned, and shalbe burned out of hande as an hereticke. Wherefore I hartely thanke my Lorde GOD that wil and doeth vouche me worthie to bee an instrumente, in whom he hym self doeth suffer. For you see my affliction & death is not simply, because I haue deserued no lesse, but muche more at his handes and iustice: but rather MarginaliaM. Bradford persecuted for confessing the truth.because I confesse his veritie and truthe, and am not affraied throughe his gift that to doe, that you also might be confirmed in his truth. Therefore my dearly beloued, I hartely do pray you, and so many as vnfainedly loue me in God, to geue with me and for me, moste hartie thankes to our heauenly Father, through our swete Sauiour Iesus Christ, for this his exceadyng greate mercie towardes me and you also, that your faith wauer not frō the doctrine I haue taught, and ye haue receiued. For what cā you desire more to assure your consciences of the veritie taught by your preachers, then their owne liues?

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Goe to therefore my deare hartes in the Lorde, wauer not in Christes religion truely taught you, and set forthe in kyng Edwardes daies. MarginaliaGods truth can neuer be kept vnder by the aduersaries.Neuer shall the enemies be able to burne it, to prison it, and keepe it in bondes. Vs thei maie prison, they may binde and burne, as thei doe, and will doe, so long as shall please the Lorde: but our cause, religion, and doctrine whiche we confesse, thei shall neuer be able to vanquishe and put awaye. Their Idolatrie and Popish religiō, shal neuer be built in the consciences of men that loue Gods truthe. As for those that loue not Gods truthe, that haue no pleasure to walke in the waies of the Lorde, in those I saie the deuill shall preuaile: For God will geue them strong illusion to beleue lyes. Therfore deare brethren & sisters in the Lorde, MarginaliaHe exhorteth them to loue Gods truth and to liue thereafter.I humbly beseche you, and praie you in the bowels and bloud of our Lorde and Sauiour Iesus Christ, now goyng to the death for the testimonie of Iesus, as oftentimes I haue doen before this presente out of your pulpit, that you would liue the Lordes truthe: loue (I saie) to liue it and frame your liues thereafter. Alas, you knowe the cause of all these plages fallen vpon vs, and of the successe whiche Gods aduersaries haue daiely, is for our not liuyng Gods worde.

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You know how that we wer but Gospellers in lippes, and not in life. MarginaliaGods Gospell abused.We were carnall, concupiscentious, idle, vnthankfull, vncleane, couetous, arrogant, dissemblers, craftie, subtill, malicious, false, backbiters. &c. and euen glutted with Gods worde, yea MarginaliaGods Gospell lothed.we lothed it, as did the Israelites the Manna in the wildernes: and therefore as to them the Lordes wrath waxed hot, so doeth it vnto vs. So that there is no remedy, but that (for it is better late to turne, then neuer to turne) we confesse our faultes, euen frō the bottome of our hartes, & with hartie repētaunce (whiche God worke in vs all for his mercies sake) we run vnto the lorde our God, whiche is exorable mercifull, & sory for the euill poured out vpon vs, and crye out vnto him with Daniel, saying: MarginaliaHe exhorteth to repentaunce and prayer, and to bewayle our sinnes before the Lord our God.we haue sinned, we haue sinned greuously oh lord God, agaynst thy maiesty, we haue heaped iniquitie vpō iniquitie: the measure of our transgressions floweth ouer, so that iuste is thy vengeaunce and wrath fallen vpō vs. For we are very miserable, we haue contemned thy long sufferyng, we haue not harkened to thy voice. Whē thou hast called vs by Preachers, we hardened our hartes, and therefore now deserue that thou sende thy curse herevpon to harden our hartes also, that we should henceforthe haue eyes and see not, eares and heare not, hartes and vnderstande not, least wee should conuert and be saued. Oh bee mercifull vnto vs: spare vs good Lorde and all thy people, whom thou hast dearely bought. Let not thyne enemies triumphe altogether, and alwaies against thee, for then will thei be puft vp. Looke doune and behold the pitifull complaintes of the poore: let the sorowfull sighyng of the simple come in thy sight, and bee not angrie with vs for euer. Turne vs oh Lorde GOD of hostes vnto thee, and tourne thee vnto vs, that thou maiest be iustified in thy swete sentences, and ouercome when thou art iudged, as now thou art of our aduersaries. For thei saie, where is their God? Can God deliuer them now? Can their Gospell serue thē? Oh Lord howe long? for the glorie of thy name, and for thy honors sake, in the bowels and bloud of Iesus Christe, we humbly beseche thee, come and helpe vs, for we are very miserable.

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On this sort I saie, dearely beloued, let vs publickly &