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Chawley [Chaldwey]


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Colnbrook [Colobroke]


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Horton [Monks Horton]
NGR: TR 127 399

A parish in the hundred of Stouting, Lathe of Shepway, county of Kent. 5 miles north-north-west from Hythe. The living is a discharged rectory, consolidated with the vicarage of Brabourne, in the Archdeaconry and Diocese of Canterbury.

English information from Samuel Lewis, A Topographical Dictionary of England (S. Lewis & Co: London, 1831)

Welsh information taken from Samuel Lewis, A Topographical Dictionary of Wales(Lewis & Co: London, 1840)

The reason for the use of these works of reference is that they present the jurisdictional and ecclesiastical position as it was before the major Victorian changes. The descriptions therefore approximate to those applying in the sixteenth century, after the major changes of 1535-42. Except for the physical locations, which have not changed, the reader should not therefore take these references as being accurate in the twenty-first century.

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Penn [Penne]


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854 [830]

K. Henry. 8. Persecution in the Dioces of Lincolne.
Accusers.Parties accused.Crimes obiected.
of the alter be very God
& man, flesh & bloud, in
forme of bred, as priests
say that it is: then haue
we many Gods, and in
heauen there is but one
God. And if there were
an hūdreth houseled in
Thomasone parish, and as ma-
Clerke.nye in another, then
there must needes bee
more then one God. I
will not denie, but it is
a holy thing: MarginaliaAgainst the Sacrament of the Altar.but it is
not the body of the Lord
that suffered Passion for vs: for hee
was once in mans hands heere, and
ill entreated, and therefore he will
neuer come in sinfull mens handes
Also for speaking these wordes:
the Pope hath no authority to geue
pardon, and to release any mans
soule from sinne, and so from payne:
it is nothyng but blinding of the
people, to haue their money.

Also for these wordes, or suche like: If a man do sowe twentie quarters of corne, as wheate or barley, or other corne, he ought to deduct his seede, and of the residue to tithe, or else he hath wrong, &c.

For speaking against
the reall presence of
ThomasChriste in the Sacra-
Clerke.mente vnto Fraunces
Funge, as before, &c.
For sayeng these
wordes: That the Sa-
crament of the aulter is
not the body whiche
Robertwas borne of the blessed
FrauncesRaue ofvirgine Mary.
Funge andDorney.Item, for speakyng
Alyce hissuch wordes foureteene
wife wereyeares paste: That
put to theirfolkes were ill occu-
othe to de-pyed that woorship-
tect.ped any thynges gra-
uen with mands hande:
for that is grauen wyth
mans hand, is neither God, nor our
Lady, but made for a remembrance of
Saincts. Nor we ought to worship
any thing, but God and our Lady,
and not Images of Saincts, whiche
are but stockes and stones.
Edmund Hill of Penne.
HenryRobertFor hauing and rea-
Deyn for-Freeman,ding vpon a suspected
ced by hisparishebooke: whyche booke
othe to de-priest ofwhen hee perceaued to
tect.Orton bybe seene in his hand, he
Colobrokeclosed it, and caried it to
his chamber.
Thomas Groue and his wife, of Amer-
Matild Philby, wife of Edward Philby of
Iohn HillBecause she instruc-
forced byIoanneted and taught the sayd
his othe,Gunne ofHill before his abiura-
did detect.Chessham.tion, in the Epistle of
Saint Iames, and o-
ther opinions.
William Atkyns of great Missenden.
Richard Murden, of Chesham.
Emme Murden, his wife.
For being in the same
Williamopinion of the Sacra-
GudgameIoannement that hee was of:
forced byGudgamewho notwithstanding
his othe tohis ownedid swear the same Ma-
tect.wife.tild not to bee true, that
her husband sayd.
MarginaliaAnno 1521. Ex Regist. Longland Lincolne.Accusers.Parties accused.Crimes obiected.
Alyce Nashe, or Chapman, of Missen-
Symoni-For speaking in
des, andtheyr house, an. 1520.
Iohn Sy-these wordes: MarginaliaA prophesi.That
monidesthere shoulde be a bat-
her hus-One Hag-tayle of Priests, and all
band, putgar 
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John Hacker was an extraordinarily influential Lollard with a long career; see J. A. F. Thomson, The Later Lollards, 1414-1520 for details. Hacker will be arrested in London in 1527 and in 1528, he would abjure and give the names of over 40 other Lollards to the authorities (1563, p. 418 and BL, Harley 421, fos. 11r-14r).

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the Priests shoulde be
to theirLondon.slayne, and that the
othe dete-Priests shoulde a while
cted.rule: but they shoulde
all be destroyed, because
they holde agaynste the
law of holy Church, and for making
of false Gods, and after that they
should be ouerthrowne.
Item, another time he sayd, that
men of the Churche shoulde be put
downe, and the false Gods that they
make: and after that he sayde they
should know more, and then should
be a mery world.
The cause of thys
Tinkers trouble was,
for that he comming to
this mans house, and
Christo-complaining to him of
Thomaspher Tinþe pouerty of the world,
Clerke for-ker of Wi-hadde these wordes:
ced by hiscombe.That there was neuer
othe, didso misgouerned people,
detect.and that they bare thē-
selues so bolde vppon
pardons and pilgrima-
ges, that they cared not whatsoeuer
they did, and so he departed.
And after that seauen dayes, thys
Tinker comming againe, asked hym
how his communication with hym
last did please him, and he said well.
Then the Tinker sayd he knewe
more, and that hee coulde tell hym
more, and bad him that he should be-
leeue in God in heauen: for heere be
many Gods in earth, and there is
but one God: and that he was once
heere, and was ill dealt with, and
woulde no more come heere till the
daye of doome: and that the Sacra-
ment of the aulter was a holy thing,
but not the flesh and bloud of Christ
that was borne of the virgine, and
charged hym not to tell this to hys
wife, and especially to his wiues bro-
ther a Priest.
Afterward as the Priest was dry-
eng singing bread 
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I.e., communion wafers.

being wet, which
his sister had bought, the foresayde
Thomas Clerke sayde, that if euery
one of these were a God, then were
there many Gods. To whome the
Priest aunswered, that till the holy
wordes were spoken ouer it, it was
of no power, and then it was very
God, flesh and bloud, sayeng moreo-
uer, that it was not meete for anye
lay man to speake of such thyngs.
These wordes of the Priest bee-
yng after recited to the Tinker, by
the sayd Clerke: then sayd he, let eue-
ry man say what they will: but you
shall finde it as I shew you: and if
you will take labour to come to my
House, I will shewe you a farther
proofe of it, if you will take heede, &c.
Thomas A-To these were obiec-
frikee, aliâsted for that they hadde
RobertLitle page,communicatiō and cō-
Pope firstand hysference with thys Ro-
of Amer-wife.berte Pope in the Gos-
sham,pell of S. Mathew, before the great
abiuratiō, in þe towne of Amersham.
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