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Urbanus, Rhegius, A Declaration of the Twelve Articles of the Christen Faythe with Annotations of the Holy Scripture, where they be grounded in (1548).

Urbanus, Rhegius, An Instruccyon of Christen Fayth Howe to be Bold up on the Promyse of God and Not to Doubte of Our Salvacyon (Translated and prefaced by John Foxe) [c1548].

Urbanus, Regius, A Sermon on the Way to Emmaus (1578).

Urbanus, Rhegius, A Necessary instruction of Christian Faith and Hope, translated into English and newly recognised by John F[oxe] (1579).

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Usher, Brett, 'Backing Protestantism: The London Godly, the Exchequer and the Foxe Circle', in David Loades (ed.), John Foxe: An Historical Perspective (Aldershot, 1999), 105-134.

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