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161 [1533]

¶ The publike defence of certain Articles of Iohn Wickeliffe, in the first Acte before the whole Vniuersitie of Prage, in Charles College.
¶ The determination of Iohn Hus vpon the xiiii. Article of Wickleffe as touching the preaching and hearing of the worde of God, made in the yeare of oure Lore. M.CCCCxii 
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In the Rerum, Foxe printed Jan Hus's public defence of some of the articles charged against of Wiclif. These were taken from Johannis Hus et Hieronymi Pragensis confessorum Christi Historia et Monumenta, 2 vols. (Nuremburg, 1558), I, fos, 111r-121r and 124r-128r with Rerum, pp. 28-52. This material was translated with reasonable accuracy in 1563, but dropped from the next two editions. It was reprinted, however, in the 1583 edition.

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MarginaliaThe hole Vniuersitie is against the iudgement of the docters which condemned the 45. articlesFOr so muche as to condemne the truthe wittyngly or without resonable examinatiō doth tende to greate daunger of saluation, as the Lorde saythe. Luke the sixte, doo ye not condemne, and ye shall not be condemned: Therfore to auoyde thys greate daunger, the Vniuersitie of Prage, & the hole communalltye there of the Rector Masters, Doctors, Bachelers and Studentes, in theyr generall assemblye, not agreyng to the condemnation pronounced by the Doctors in theyr councell house, requyreth of the saide Doctors a resonable profe of theyr condemnation, and that they shoulde by scripture, auctorytie of infallible reason proue the falsehed of euery of those fiue and fortie articles. The whyche beyng once donne, the sayde Vniuersytie wyll agree to the sayd condemnation as iust: For the Vniuersitie dooth well knowe, that as Augustine sayth, in the ende of hys seconde boke of christian doctryne: MarginaliaAugust lib. de doct. chri lib. i.That what soeuer a man dooth learne besydes the holy Scriptures, if it be hurtefull, there it is condemned: If it be profitable, there it is founde. And when a man hath founde all thynges therin whyche he hathe profytably learned els where, he shall muche more aboundantely fynde those thynges whyche are founde in no place elles, but are learned in the maruellus depthe, and maruellous profoundnes of those moste sacred Scriptures only. Thus wryteth Augustine: And Gregory in hys thre and twenty boke of Moralles, sayeth thus, MarginaliaGrego. moral, lib. 23.God in the holy scripture hathe comprehended what soeuer thyng may hapen vnto any man, and in the same hathe, by the exampels of those whyche are gone afore, taught them whyche are to come, how to reforme theyr lyues. Wherby it apeareth that if euery of the fyue and forty Articles conteyneth in it wholy the thinge that is false and vntruth, the same is eyther playnely or darkely condemned in the holy Scriptures. Secondly it followeth by the sentence and mind of thys holy man that yf the condemnation of the fyue and fourtye Artycles be profytable, the same is found in the holy scriptures. And where as agayne Saynte Augustyne wryteth vnto Saynte Hierome in hys eyght Epistell and the ninthe Distinction. I, sayeth he, haue learned toattrybute thys honor and reuerence vnto those wryters only whych are called Canonical, that I dare affirme none of them to haue erred in theyr workes or wrytinges. As for all other writers I doo so reade them that althoughe they abounde with neuer somuche holines, or excell in doctryne, I doo not by and by thinke it trew because they them selues doo so iudge: but if they can by other Canonical Autors or probable reasons perswade or proue that they doo not degresse from the truthe.

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Also the sayde Augustine in his boke De vnico Baptismo. Lib. second, sayth thus: Who dooth not know or vnderstande that the holy Canonicall scripture to be conteyned in his owne bonds and limites, and the same to be preferred before all other letters and decrees of Bishops. &c. And a lytle after he hath the lyke saying: as for the letters of other Bishops, whyche haue ben wrytten or be wrytten (after the Cannon, beyng confirmed) they may lawfully be reprehended and reproued bothe by the worde of them that bee more skilful in that matter, and also by the auncyente auctorytie of other Bishops, or by the prudence and wysdome of suche as be better learned, or more experte, or ells by generall councels if it so chaunce that they in any point haue erred and gone a stray from the sincere truthe. By these sayinges of S. Austen & other lyke. &c. The Vniuersitie of Prage hathe concluded and determined that they will not receyue the condemnation of the fyue and forty Articles made by the Doctors in theyr councell house as iuste and trewe, except they whych condemned them, will proue theyr condemnation by the holy scriptures and probable reasons vpon euery of the fyue and forty Articles.

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Wherfore for the dew examination of the forsaide condemnation, whether it be effectuall or no, we will at this present take in hande the fortenthe Article of the number of the fyue and fortye, whyche Article is thys.

MarginaliaThe 14. article of I. Wickcliffe.They whiche leue of preaching and hearing of the worde of God for feare of excommunication of menne, are all ready excommunicate, and in the daye of iudgemente shall be counted the betrayers of Christe.

MarginaliaThe defēce of this xiiii. Article.This Article contayneth first that all priestes omitting the preachyng of the worde of God for feare of the excommunication of menne they are all ready excommunicate.

Secondly, it conteineth that all suche as doo omit the hearing of the worde of God, for feare of excommunicatiō, ar al ready excōmunicated.

Thirdly that bothe these sortes of men in the day of iudgmēt shalbe counted traitors of christ.

MarginaliaThe preaching of the Gospel cōmaunded of God.As concerning the firste poynte, it is presupposed that the preachyng of the worde of God, is commaunded vnto the Apostels and theyre followers, as it apeareth in Mathew the tenth, where it is sayde. Iesus sente his xii. Disciples,

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