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Actes and Monuments of the Church.
¶ Ihon Florence a Turner.

IHon Florence a Turner dwelling in Shelton in the diocesse of Norwich was attached for þt he helde and taught those heresies here vnder wryttē (as they called them) contrary to the determination of the church of Rome.

In primis that the Pope & Cardinals haue no power to make or constitute any lawes.

Item that there is no day to be kept holye, but only the sōday which god hath halowed.

Item that men ought not to faste no other time but of the Quatuor temporum.

Item that Images are not to be worshypped, neither that the people ought to set vp anye lightes before them in the churches, neyther to go on pilgrimage, neither to offer for the dead, or with wemen that are purified.

MarginaliaHe meneth they should not claime such tithes by any exaction.Item that curates should not take þe tithes of their parishners, but that such tithes shuld be deuided amonges the pore parishoners.

Item that all suche as sweare by their lyfe or power, shalbe dampned except they repent.

Marginalia1424.Vpon Wensday, beinge the second daye of August in the yere of our Lord 1424. the sayd Ihon Florence personallye appeared before master William Bernam chaūcelor to William bishop of Norwich, wheras he proceding against him obiected the first article, touching the power of the Pope & cardinals, to whyche Article the said Ihon Florence answeared in this manner. If the Pope liue vprightlye as Peter liued, he hathe power to make lawes. Otherwise, I beleue he hath no power, but being afterwarde threatned by the iudge, he acknowledged that he had erred and submitted him self to the correction of the church, & was abiured, takinge an othe that from that time forward he should not hold, teach, preache, or willingly defend any error or heresye, contrary to the determinacion of þe church of Rome. neither maintain, helpe or aid anye that shall teach or hold any such errors or heresyes either priuely or apertly, and for his offence in this behalfe doone, he was enioyned thys penaunce followinge. Three Sondaies in a solempne processyon in the cathedrall church of Norwiche, he should be whipped before al the people, the like also should be doon about hys parish churche of Shelton, thre other seuerall sondaies being bare headed, bare footed, and bare necked after the manner of a publick penitentiarie, his body being couered with a canues shirt & cāuas breches, carying in his hād a taper of a pound waight, & that don he was dismissed.

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¶ Richard Beliward of Erisam in the dioces of Norwich.

RIchard Belward of Erisam, in the diocesse of Norwiche, was accused for holdyng and teaching these errors and heresies here vnder wrytten, contrary to the determination of the church of Rome.

MarginaliaHe meneth the wicked bishops of that tyme. whose curses god did blesse.In primis that Ecclesiasticall ministers & ordinaries, haue no power to excommunicate neither can excōmunicate. And all beit that a bishop do excommunicate any man: God doth absolue him.

Item that he held the erroneous opinyons and conclusyons, that syr Ihō Oldcastel held, when he was in prison, and affyrmed that syr Ihon Oldcastel was a true catholicke man, & falsly condempned and put to death withoute any reasonable cause.

Item that such as goo on pilgrimage, offering to Images made of wood and stone, are excommunicate because they oughte to offer to the quicke and not to the dead, and that the Ecclesiastical ministers, that is to say the curates doo sel God vpon Easter day, when as they receiue offeringes of such as should communicate before they doo minister the Sacrament vnto them.

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Item that he councelled diuers wemē, that they shuld not offer in the Church for þe dead, neither with wemen that were purified.

Item that he blamed diuers of his neyghbours that refused his doctryne: sayinge vnto them: truely ye are fooles that deny to learne the doctrine of my secte, for your neighboures which are of my sect are able to confounde & vanquish al other that are of your sect.

Item that no saintes which are in heauen, ought in no case to be prayed vnto, but onlye God.

Item that the said Richarde keepeth skoles of lollardy in the English tongue, in þe town of Dychingham, and a certen parchment maker bringeth him al the bokes cōteining that doctrine from London.

The v. day of Iuly 1424. the saide Richarde Belward was brought before Ihon, Bishop of Norwich syttinge in place of iudgemente, wheras the forsaide articles were obiected against the said Richard, which he there denied whervpon the bishop appoynted him a nother daye to pourge him self. The mondaye next after the feast of S. Marget, vpon which daye being the xxiiii. of Iuly in the yere aforsaide, he apeared again before the bishop, & brought with him ix. of his neighboures to purge him vpon those articles. And there did solempnly purge him self. And afteward, forsomuch as the said bishop suspected the said Richard Belward greatly of lollardy, he commaūded hym there presently to sweare vpon the Euangelistes, that from that day forward he shoulde

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