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priest curat of all Halos in hony lane. 
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Thomas Garrett or Garrard was associated with Robert Foreman at Honey Lane and was a crucial figure in the dissemination of heretical books between London and the universities. He was briefly chancellor of the diocese of Worcester when Hugh Latimer was bishop there. In 1540 he was burnt with Robert Barnes and William Jerome.

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FYrst for being diuerse and many bookes treateses and workes of Martin Luther and of his sect. as also for dispersinge a broade of the said bookes to diuerse and many persones with in this realme as well studiēts in the vniuersitie of Oxforde & Cambridg, as other spirituall temporall and relgyous men to thentent to haue aduaunced the said sects and opinions.

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Item for hauing the said bokes in his custody, for reading them secretly in priuy places & suspect company, declaringe and teaching heresyes and errours conteyned in them.

Item for that in hys owne person, he folowed aduanced, & set forth the said sect and opynyons, and also moued stirred and counselled other to follow and aduance the same, not onely within the city and dyoses of London and Lincoln but also in the vnyuersytyes of Oxford and Cambridge wyth dyuers other places.

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Item for affyrmynge and beleuynge. Quod opera nostra quautum vis bona in specie nihil cōducunt ad iustificationem nec ad meritum sed sola fides.

Item for affirmyng and belenyng, that pardons do not profyt neyther them that be deade not yet them a lyue.

Item that the lawes and constytutyons of holy church be not to be obserued not ought to bynde any man.

Item for reputynge catholyke Byshoppes of the church to the pharasyes, and so namynge them in wryghtyng.

Item that fastyng dayes ordeyned by the church be not to be obserued.

Item that we should pray only to God and to no sayntes.

Item that Images in churches ought not to be vsed and had.

Item that voues of pylgremages are not to be kept.

Item that euery man may preach the worde of God and that no law to the contrary can be made.

Item that he knew certayne relygyous persones which prynted Englysh bookes or some that entended to prynt such bookes.

Item that he fled away in a lay mans apparell from Oxforde to Bedminster, when he shoulde haue bene atached for heresy.

For theyse articles and such lyke he was abiured before Cuthbert byshop of London, Ihō Byshop of Lincolne, Iohn Byshop of Bathe and Wels. No mention made of the yeare and tyme nor yet of any penance adioyned hym

Bilney notwithstanding his recantation & giuing back yet was nothinge at all with drawen, but was rather the more moued thervnto, neither did it abate any part of his ernest desire and studye to preache. In so much that afterwarde he burste out more vehemently against the Bishops corrupt life, But as it happeneth alwayes in all good mens estates, that in euery worthy or notable enterprise, some Sathan or wicked person will allwayes put in his foote enuieng vertue and goodnes, euen so whiles this worthy preacher of God was occupied in that godly enterprise to allure all men vnto saluation he happened into suchmens hands which sought his death and distructiō MarginaliaNix blinde bishop of Norige.emōges whome was Thomas More and Richard Nicks the blinde bishop of Norwitch, being blind of both eies, & no les blinde in soule then in body. These laid hands vpon him and straightwayes accused him of heresye And imediatly geuing sentence of death vpon him iudge hym to the fire emongs all other articles, especially for these two. First that after his abiuratiō he had enterprised to preach againe, second for that he had taught þt saincts should not be worshipped or called vpon as mediators or aduocats.

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Now after that we haue sufficiently declared his examinations and articles here followeth to touch some thing of the whole storye of his life and conuersation to discribe what maner of mā he was & where he was brought vp and his laborious paynes with such other thinges as do pertaine and are worthy to be knowen in this man. 

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Latimer's First Sermon on the Lord's Prayer in 27 sermons preached by the ryght Reuerende father in God and constant matir [sic] of Iesus Christe, Maister Hugh Latimer, as well such as in tymes past haue bene printed, as certayne other commyng to our handes of late, whych were yet neuer set forth in print, (London: John Day, 1562, STC 15276) in the section known as Certayn Godly Sermons, made vppon the Lordes Prayer, at fol. 13B (reprinted in Latimer's Sermons, ed. pp. 334-5).

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First this godly man beinge a batcheler of law was but of a little stature and very slender of body and of a strate and temperate diet, and geuen to good letters and very feruent and studious in the scriptures, as apered by his sermons his cōuerting of sinners. His preaching at the lazar cots wrappinge them in shetes helping them of that they wāted if they wuld conuert to Christ: laborious and painful to þe desperats, a precher to the prisoners and comfortles, a great doer in Cambridg, and a great preacher in Suffolcke, & Norfolke, and at the laste in London preached many notable sermons MarginaliaBarnes cōuerted by Bilney.and before his laste preaching at London he with maister Arthur, maister stafforde and maister Thistel of Penbroke Haul cōuerted Doctoure Barnes to the gospell of Iesus Christ our sauiour, with the assistāce of master Fooke of Benet Colledge and maister Soud maister of the same Colledg, to whō also wer then associate, Maister Parcker and Maister Powry. MarginaliaLambert cōuertid by Bilney.Which Bilney with maister Arthur conuerted one maister Lambert being a masse priest in Norfolke and afterward a marter in London. Which Lambert prospered mightly in the tounges and specially in the greke & latten, and trāslated many bookes after great persecutions in Anwarpe, in the time of warē Archbishop of Canterbury, and in the time of Stoksley Bishop of Londō was condemned to death & burned in smithfield, And Doctour Barnes his other disciple assisted by him and maister Stafford & the residue and therby both coraged by the scriptures and cōtiual prayers was moued to preach a sermond for his declaration in trinity church in Cambridge whose theme was. Marginaliathe iii. chapiter to the Philippiās.Gaudete in domini semper & itte rum dico gaudete much moued as wel by maister Stafford as by maister Bilney. Bycause Doctor Barnes was doctor to þe said maister

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