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nexte beinge the xx. day of this present month of Nouember, to geue a sentence definitue against the said Richard Baifeld alias Somersam, and to leaue and deliuer him ouer vnto the seculer power. We require you the Lorde Mayor and shriues aforsaid, the kinges maiesties vice gerents, euen in the bowels of Iesu Christ, that accordinge to the forme and effect of the statute of our mooste noble and famous prince in Christ our Lord, the Lord Henry þe iiii. by the grace of God, late king of England that you will be personallye presente in the quire of the cathedral church of s. Paul, with your fauorable aid and assistaunce in thys behalf, the day that the sentence shall be geuen, and to receiue the saide Richard Baifeld alias Somersam, after his sentence so geuen to discharge vs and our offycers, and to do further according to the tenor and effecte of the sayde statute, as farre as shallbe required of you accordinge to the canonicall sanctions, and the laudable customes of the famous kingdom of England, in this behalf accustomed.

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In witnes wherof we haue set our seale vnto this present, Dated the 19. day of Nouembre Anno. 1531. and in the firste yeare of our consecration.

Mondaye the xx. daye of Nouember, in the yeare aforesaid in the quire of the Cathedrall church of S. Paule, the bishop of London callinge vnto him, Ihon Abbot of Westminster, and Robert Abbot of Waltame, Nycholas prior of Christes church of the city of London master Ihon Coxe, auditor and vicar generall to the Archbishop of Caunterbury, Peter Ligham officiall of the court of Canterbury, Thomas Baghe chauncelour of the churche of S. Paules. William Clief, Archdeacon of London, Ihon Incent Chanon residentary of the same William Brytton, Robert Birche, and Hugh Aprice, doctoures of bothe lawes, in the presence of vs Mathew Grafton register, Antony Hussy. Richarde Martin, and Thomas Shadwall, publike notaries and Scribes appoynted in this behalfe, brieflye rehearsed the aunswers of the same Bayfeld in effecte, and his abiuration, and other his demerits by him doone besyde his abiuration, the which religious persones and other Ecclesiasticall men aboue said, thought it good and agreed that the said bishop should procede against him in this case of relaps, and should pronounce and geue fourth the sentence againste him in case aforesayde. And so was deliuered to the Shriues to cary to Newgate, being commaūded to bring hym againe vpon mondaye followynge into Paules vpper quier, there to geue attendance vpon the bishoppe of London with the residue tell they had doone wyth him, and by and by the Shryues were commaunded to haue hym into the vesterye, and there to bring hym forthagaine in Antichristes apparell to be dysgraded afore them. And when he hadde dysgraded hym, he knelinge vpon the highest steppe of the aultare, he tooke his Crosier staffe, and smote him on the breast, that he threwe hym downe backwardes, and brake hys heade þt he sounded 

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This was part of the ceremony of degradation and not simply gratuitous violence.

, and when he came to hym selfe againe. He thancked God that he was delyuered from the malignaunte Churche of Antichrist, and that he was come into the true sincere churche of Iesus Christ melitant here in earth, and I trust anone to be in heauen with Iesus Christ, and the church triumphante for euer and euer, and euen so was he ledde forthe thorowe the quier to Newgate, and there reasted aboute an houre in prayer, and so wente to the fyre in hys apparell, manfully and ioyfullye. And there for lacke of a speady fire was iii. quarters of an houre a liue. And when the left arme was on fyre and burned, he rubbed it with his right hand, and it fel from his bodye, and he continued in prayer to the ende wythout mouyng.

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