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mornīg, that the light go not out. Though we be sinners, yet is the cause right. If when we be buffeted for well doing, we suffer paciently & endure, that is thankfull with God 

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1 Peter 2: 20.

: Si quidem in hoc ipsum vociti estis: quoniā Christus passus est pro nobis, nobis reliquens exemplum, vt sequamur vestigia eius, qui peccatum nō fecit. In hoc cognouimus charitatem, quoniam ipse animam suam pro nobis posuit & nos debemus animis is pro fratrib9 ponere 
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1 John 3: 16.

. Gaudete & exultate merces vestra copiosa est in celo 
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Matt. 5: 11-12.

. Simul enim patimur vt similiter glorificemur cum illo qui transfigura bit corpus nostrum humile vt sit simile corpori suo glorioso, per efficatiam qua potest subucere sibi omnia 
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Romans 8: 13, Phil. 3: 21.


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Derely beloued, be of good courage, and comfort your soule with the hope of this hie reward and beare the image of Christe in your mortall body, that it may at his cōmminge be made like to his immortall, and followe the ensample of all your other deare brethren, whiche chose to suffer in hope of a better resurrectiō. Kepe your conscience pure and vndefiled, and saye against that, nothing. Sticke at necessarie thinges, and remember the blasphemies of the enemies of Christ, they finde none but that will abiure rather then suffer the extremitie. Moreouer the death of them that come againe after they haue once denied, though it be accepted with God & all that beleue, yet is it not glorious, for the hipocrites say, he must nedes die, deniyng helpeth not. But might it haue holpē, they would haue denied fiue hundreth times, but seing it would not helpe them, therefore of pure pride & mere malice together, they speke with their mouths, þt their cōscience knoweth false. If ye geue your selfe, cast your selfe, yelde your selfe, cōmit your selfe wholy and only to your louing father: thē shall his power be in you and make you strōg, and that so strong, that ye shall fele no payne, and that shalbe to another present death. And his spirite shall speake in you, and teache you what to answer according to his promisse. He shall set out his truthe by you wonderfully, and worke for you aboue all that your hart can imagen: Yea, and ye are not yet dead, though the hipocrites al, with al they can make, haue sworne your death. Vna salus vt To loke for no mans helpe, bringeth the helpe of God to them that seme to be ouercome in the eyes of the hypocrites: Yea it shall make God to cary you through thycke and thynne for his truthes sake, in spite of all the enemies of hys truthe. There falleth not an heare till his houre be come. And when his hour is come, necessitie carieth vs hēce though we be not willing. But if we be willing, thē haue we a reward & thāke. Feare not threatning therfore, neither be ouercome of swete words, wyth which twain the hypocrites shal assaile you. Nether let the perswasions of worldly wisdome beare rule in youre harte, no though they be your frendes that coūsell. Let Bylney be a warning to you. Let not their visure beguile your eies. Let not your body faint. Qui perseuerauerit vsque ad finē, saluus crit. 

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Matt. 10: 22.

If the paine be aboue your strength, remēber. Quicquid petieritis in nomine meo, dabo vobis, & pray to your father in that name, & he will ease youre paine, or shorten it. The Lord of peace, of hope, and of faith, be with you. Amen.

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W. Tindal.

TWo haue suffred in Andwerpe, In die sancte crucis vnto the great glorie of the gospel: fower at Ryselles in Flaunders, & at Luke hath their one at the lest suffered, al that same daie. At Roane in Fraunce they persecute. And at Paris arefiue doctours taken for the gospel. Se ye ar not alone: Be chearful & remember that among the hard harted in England, there is a nōber reserued by grace. For whose sakes if nede bee, ye must be redy to suffer. Sie if ye may wryte, how short it be forget it not, that we may know how it goeth with you for our hartes ease. The lord be yet again with you, with al his plēteousnes, and fil you that you flowe ouer. Amen.

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If when ye haue read this (ye may) send it to Adrian, do I pray you, that he may know how that your harte is with you.

George Ioye at Candelmas being at Barrowe printed two leaues of Genesis in a great forme, & sent one copie to the king, & another to the newe Quene, with a letter to N. for to deliuer them, & to purchase licence, that he might so go through al the Bible. Out of that is sprōg the noyse of the new Bible 

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This would be the New Testament of 1534.

. And out of that is the great seking for English bookes, at al printers and booke bynders in Andwarpe, and for an English priest that should printe.

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This chaunced the ix. day of May. 

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9 May 1533.

Sir your wyfe is well content with the will of God, and would not for her sake, haue the glory of God hyndred 

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In other words, Frith's wife approves of his imminent martyrdom.


William Tyndal.

¶ A notable and worthy letter of M. W. T. sent to some frend of his.
¶ The grace of our sauiour Iesus, his paciēce mekenes, humblenes, circumspection and wysdome be with your harte. Amen.

DEarely beloued Iacob brother, myne 

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Tyndale, in this letter, is urging Frith not to write on or debate issues on the theology of the Eucharist, for fear of opening divisions anong Protestants.

harts desyre in our sauiour Iesus is, that ye arme your self with pacience, & be cold, sober, wyse & circumspect, & that ye kepe you alowe by the ground, auoyding hie questiōs, that passe the cōmon capacitie. But expoūd the law truly, & opē the vaile of Moses to condēpne al flesh, & proue al men sinners. And al dedes vnder the law, before mercie haue taken away the condēpnation therof, to be sin & dāpnable. And thē as a faithfull minister set abroche the mercy of our lorde Iesus, & let the wounded consciences drinke of the water of him. And thē shal your preachīg be wt power, & not as þe doctrine of the hipocrites and the spirite of God shal worke with you, & all cōsciences shal beare record vnto you, & fele that it is so. And al doctrine that casteth a miste on those two, to shadow & hide them, I meane the lawe of God & mercy of Christ, that resist ye with al your power. Sacramentes without significatiō refuse. If they put significatiōs to thē, receiue thē if ye se it may help, though it be not necessary. Of the presence of Christes body in the Sacrament, medle as litle as ye can, þt there apeare no diuision among vs. Barnes will be whote against you. The Saxōs 
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I.e., the Lutherans.

be sore on the affirmatiue, whether constant or obstinate I omit it to God. Philip Melancton is saide to be with the French king. There be in Andwarpe that say, they sawe him come into Paris with an c. l. horses, & that they spake with him. If the Frenchmē receiue the word of God, he wil plant the affirmatiue in thē 
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In other words, if the French converted to Protestantism, the Lutherans would see that they still accepted the Real Presence of Chrst in the Sacrament.

. George Ioie wold haue put forthe a treatice of the matter, but I haue stopt him as yet, what he wil doo if he get money, I wote not 
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In other words, if George Joye received enough money to print a treatise on the Eucharist, he would do so.

. I beleue he woulde make many reasons lyttle seruing to the purpose.

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My mynde is, that nothynge bee putt forth tyll we heare howe ye shall haue spedde.

I would
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