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Actes and Monuments Of the Churche.

whiles he was prisoner in the towre of London.
Item a boke made by the said Frith, prisonner in the towre of London, aunswearinge vnto master Moores letter.
Item the new Testamente of William Tracye esquire, expounded both by William Tindal and Ihon Frith.
Item a booke against the Sacrament made by Ihon Frithe.
Item a mirror or glasse for them that be sycke, and in paine, translated oute of Douche into Englishe.
MarginaliaMels Couerdalle.Item an exposition vpon Magnificat translated out of Laten into English.
Item the original and springe of all sectes and ordery translated out of Duch into Euglish.
Item the old God and the new.

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MarginaliaWilliam Turner.¶ First a comparison betwene the old learning and the newe, translated oute of Laten into Englishe.
MarginaliaTranslated by Fysh.Item the abridgement of vnio dissidentium, translated out of Laten into English.
Item the hunting of the Foxe.
Item the summe of holy scripture.
Item the booke of marchaunts right necessary to all folkes, newly made by the Lord Pantapole.
Item the spirituall Nosegay

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MarginaliaRoberte Barnes.¶ First a suplication made by the saide Barnes vnto the kinges maiestye.
Item a boke in articles touchinge christian religion.

MarginaliaRichard Tracy.¶ Fyrste a booke called the preparation to the crosse and death.

MarginaliaIohn Bale alias Haryson.¶ First a briefe chronicle concerninge the examination of the death of fyr Ihon Oldcastel the Lord Cobham.
Item a preface against the genealogy of Ihon Huntington.
Item a mistery of iniquity disclosed and confuted by the said Ihon Bale.
Item the Image of both churches.
Item the second and third parte of the Image of both churches.
Item the disclosyng the man of synne, made by Bale naming him self Harrison.
MarginaliaJohn Goughe.
Item the doore of holy scripture made by Ihō Goughe.
Item the Lordes flaile made by T. Solme.
MarginaliaRederick Mors.Item the lamentation against the city of London, made by Redericke Mors.
MarginaliaHenry Stalbridg. otherwyse Bale.Item an Epistle exhortarye, made by Henrye Stalbridge.
Item a worke concerning bothe partes of the sacrament made by Melancthon.
MarginaliaGeorge Ioy.Item the exposition of Daniell the Prophette, made by Melancthon.
Item the Image of a counterfaite bishop made by Luther.
Item the obedience of a christian man, compyled by William Tindall.
MarginaliaVrb. Regius.Item the medicine of life of Vrbanus Regius.
Item common places of scripture.
MarginaliaApologia Melancthonis.Item the confession of the Germains with the defence of the same.
MarginaliaPomeram.Item a Compendious letter which Ihon Pomerane curate of the congregation of Wittēberge sente to the faithfull congregatyon in England.
MarginaliaSawtry.Item the defence of mariage of Priestes made by Iames Sawtrye.
Item ten places of scripture by whom it is proued, that doctrines and traditions of menne ought to be auoyded.
Item, a consolation for Christen people to repaire againe to the Lordes temple with certain places of Scripture, truelye applyed to satisfye theyr myndes for the expellyng of Idolatry.
Item the Epistle exhortatorye of an Englyshe christen vnto his dearly beloued countrye of Englande.
Item the Image of a very christian bishop, and of a counterfait bishop.
MarginaliaLuther trāslated by TindallItem an exposition vpon the vi. and vii. chapters of Mathew.
Item the lanterne of light.
Item a path way vnto holy scripture.
Item a treatise called the new additions.
Item the liberty of a christen man.
Item the practise of prelates.

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¶ The storye of Launcelot, one of the kynges gard, Ihon a Painter, and Giles Germaine.

MarginaliaLauncelot.ABoute the yeare of oure Lorde 1539. one Ihon a Painter, and Giles Germaine were accused of heresy, and whylest they wer in examination at London before the byshoppe and other iudges, by chāce there came in one of the kynges Seruauntes named Launcelot a verye tall manne, and of no lesse godlye minde, and disposition then stronge and tall of body. This man standinge by, semed by his countenaunce and gesture to fauor both the cause and the poore menne hys frends, whervpon he being apprehended, was examined and condempned together wyth thē and the next day at v. of the clocke in the morninge, was caried with them into S. Giles in the fielde, and there burned, being but a small concourse or cōpany of people at theyr death.

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¶ The act 
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This account of the articles against Sir John Borthwick (on whom see ODNB), and his replies to them, first appeared in the 1559 Rerum in ecclesia gestarum, then in 1563, was dropped in 1570 and 1576 and reinstated in 1583. This odd history in part speaks to Foxe's enthusiasm for Scottish material. Borthwick was scarcely an obvious candidate for inclusion in the Acts and Monument - he was not only not a martyr, but had not even been interrogated or imprisoned, merely tried in absentia - but with a dearth of Scottish evidence, he provided one of the few substantive accounts available to Foxe. The articles themselves he may have taken from one of his main sources - Edward Hall and Richard Grafton, The vnion of the two noble and illustrate famelies of Lancastre & Yorke (STC 12721: London, 1548), part II, fos. 245v-247r - but Borthwick's reply is otherwise unattested. The interleaving of the reply with the articles is slightly misleading, for Borthwick was tried in absentia and his comments on the articles were written at leisure, from a safe distance and - as his answer to the fourth article makes plain - some years after the event. All Foxe tells us is that this material was provided for him 'by the help of a certayne frend of mine'. Borthwick himself was in exile in Geneva from 1554-58, and it is perfectly possible that he provided this material to Foxe directly: if not, they certainly shared many acquaintances in the Anglo-Scottish exile community.

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or processe or certain articles againste syr Ihon Borthuike knight in Scotland with thanswer and confutation of the said Borthuicke, whose preface to the reader here followeth.
MarginaliaCaptaine Borthwik.

BY the helpe of a certen frend of mine, there came certen articles vnto my hande for the which the Skottish Cardinall and suche other like of his sect and affinitie, did condemne me as heretike. And forsomuch as this condempnation should not lacke his cloke or defence, they gathered together a great nombre of wytnesses, wher as besides the bare names of the witnesses they aledged none other profe at al. Wherfore I thought good to bestosw some laboure in refellinge these articles whyche they coulde not proue, partlye that I myght take a waye from all true Christians, the occasyon of all euyll suspition, as thoughe that I beinge vanquished or ouerthrowne by theyr threatninges wold deny Christ: and partly þt their errors being therby made manifest they

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