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691 [635]

or shippe of christ Iesus, is it not they whyche go about to fill the same with filthynes chaffe and abhomination? Is it not they which haue forsaken Iesus Christ the fountaine of liuinge water and haue digged vnto them selfes broken pittes or Sestornes which will holde no water? Truly these are they which call them selfes the sault of the earth, and haue no sauour in them, which call them selfes pastoures and ar nothing lesse, for why they doo not minister the true pastoure and feding, nether cut or deuide amongst the people the worde of god: and if I durst speake it, men would indge it at this present, as great a miracle to se a bishop prech as to see an asse flye. Are not these they which are cursed of god? Which say and vaunt them selfes to haue the keies of the kingdome of heauen and will not enter in there at them selfes neither suffer other to enter which come ther vnto? By their frutes a man shal know them, for they haue forsaken faith iudgemente and mercy, and ther is no clene or vndefiled thing in thē, but only the habit, the rochet and their Surplis and such other like. But inwardlye they are full of all abhomination, theire is no cleane thinge in them but that whych is outwarde, for wythin they are replenished wyth rapine, and gluttony, these are the painted sepulchers the which outwardly apere bewtiful and fair, but with in are ful of stincke and filth a man shall know these rauening wolues by theire frutes, which deuoure the quicke and þe dead, vnder the shaddow and pretence of long prayer, and sins that I am inforced to speake the truth, and that you do call me a maister in Israel, I will proue by the holy scripturs that this your great pilate and patron the Pope, & these bishoppes which are the maisters mates and such other like warriers which haue forsaken the shippe of Christe Iesus to embarke thē selfes in pinises and brigandines, are Pirates and robbers of the Sea, false prophets, deseyuers, and not pastoures of the church of Iesus Christ. This Doctor Bassinet had scarsly ended his purpose or intent, when as al they that were there assembled murmered against him and set their teth at him. And the bishop of Aix wt a loud voyce aboue al the rest said vnto him get the hens þu wicked apostata, thou art not worthy to be in this company, we haue burned a greate many which haue not so well deserued it as thou hast, and all men may well perseue that ther is none more ferme and feruent in the faith then the doctors of the canon law, also that it were necessary to be ordeined or decreed in the first counsel that were holden that none should haue any knowledge or vnderstāding of matters of religion, but only deuines for these folyshe knaues, these Monkes, will marre al. then the other doctors of the order of the begginge friers, boldlye reproued andchecked the bishop of Aix, for the iniury that he did vnto them. Then their rose a great dissention amongst thē, in so much that theire was no final conclusion at that presēt determined. After diner all these reuerent Prelates assembled to gether againe to procede in theire counsell, but they did not cal therunto neither frier nor monke with out he weare an Abbotte. At the ende they made a generall composition wt an oth to endeuour them selfes with al diligēce to execute, the aide arest of Merendoll, euery on of them offering without any gainesaieng to fournishe out men of warre, euery man according to his power & ability. And the charge ther of to be geuen vnto the bishop of Aix and the prouost of the chanons to solycite the matter, and to perswade by al meanes possible the presidentes, and counsellors, of the saide court without feare or doubt to execute the saide arest with drōmes, Ensynges displaied artillery and all kinde of good fourniture. Thys cōspirasy beinge concluded and determyned, the byshope of Aix departed incontinently from Auiniō to go vnto Aix to perfourme the charg which was deliuered vnto him notwithstāding they desired him to be the nexte day after the counsell was holden at a bancket, which shuld be made at þe house of the byshop of Rien. To this bancket the fayrest and beste Ladies and gentellwomen of Auinion were inuited and bidden, for to refresh and solace these good prelates, after the greate payne & trauayle which they had takē for our holy mother the church. After they had dined, daūsed, & vsed their pastimes, these reuerent fathers wente to walke abroade to solace them selues, & passe the time till supper: Then as they passed thorow the streates ledainge euerye one a gentell woman vppon ther armes, they saw a man which solde dishonest Images, and pictures, wythe rimes and ballets of like effecte, to moue and sturre vp the people to hordom, and knauery, all these goodly pictures were bought vp by the bishopes which weare as many as a mule could cary. and if ther were any hard sentence difficile to vnderstand, in ther rimes or balets annexed to the said imagery, the same these lerned prelates did redely, expounde.

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In the same place as they walked along, there was a certaine boke binder 

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The narrative of the bookseller in Aix-en-Provence is related in Crespin [1560], 97A-B; and also in Pantaleon, fol 122. He was subsequently burnt at Avignon.

which had set out to sale, certain bibles in french and latin with diuers other bookes, which when the prelates beheld and saw, they were greatly abashed & said vnto him: Who hath made the so hardye to set out such merchandise to sell here in this toune, dost thou not knowe that such bookes are forbidden? the booke binder aunswered, is not the holy bible at the least as good as these goodly pictures whych you haue boughte for these gentelweomen? He had scarse spoken þe worde when as the bishoppe of Aix said, I re-

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