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fore, MarginaliaA souldiour geueth thē warnyng. and from the toppe of an hyghe Rocke, where he iudged that the Merindolanes satte vnderneath, he casteth downe two stones, and afterward calleth vnto them, though he could not see them, that they should immediatly flie from thence. And at the selfesame tyme, came two of those that went to Mussie, to shew thē that their enemies approched, and so cause the minister and the resydew that were lefte with the women, to runne their wayes, shewynge them a narrowe waye through the woode, whereby they myght escape al daunger. These were not so soone gone, but the Souldiours came strayghtwayes in a great rage, and drawyng out their swordes, with a great outcrie, bad kyll these Heretikes. Neuerthelesse they seyng no men amongest them, abstayned from slaughter at that tyme. But whan they hadde done great outrage, and spoyled them of theyr money and vittayle, they leade them awaye. MarginaliaA captayne defēded the wemen. Their purpose was to haue handled thē more shamefully, but beyng letted by a Capitayne of horsemen, whiche commyng in the meane tyme, threatened them with punishment, and commaunded them to go streightwaye to Myners, they forsoke that fylthy enterpryse, and leauyng the women, dryue away their botye & cattell. The wemen were in nomber aboute fyue hundreth. MarginaliaA cruell fact of Miners. In the meane season Myners came to Merindolum, and fyndyng it without dwellers, spoyleth and setteth it on fyre, shewyng before that, one very cruel example. For fynding there one yong man, he commaunded that he should be tyed to an Oliue tree & shott in with dagges. MarginaliaCabrier yelded. After he goeth to the towne of Cabrier, and battereth it with his ordenaunce and vsyng the seruice of Captaine Polyne, that brought in the Turkes nauie, he perswadeth the townes men to open their gates, promising that they should haue no harme. But a whyle after whan the souldiours were let in, they were al slayne, without respect had, either of age or of womankynde. Many fled into the churche, and some to other places, dyuers in to the wyne sellar of þe castel. But being brought forth into a meddowe and stripped naked, they were slayne eche one, not mē only but also wemen great with chylde. MarginaliaA terrible example of crueltie. Myners also shutteth a fourty wemen into a barne full of strawe & hey, after setteth it a fyre and burneth it: And where the sely wemen put of their clothes ther with to haue quēched the fyre, and when they coulde not, ranne to the great wyndowe, wherat the hey is wont to be cast into the Barne to haue lopen out: but there being kept back with pyekes and Iauelynes, they were burnt altogether: this was the xx. daye of Apryll. This done, Miners sent part of his armie to wynne the towne of Coste: whā they were marching on theyr waye, they were founde out, who I tolde you a lytle before, were fledde into thewyne sellar of the Castell. Whereupon was reysed an outcrye, and as though there hadde been treason, the souldiours are called backe, and destroye them all. The nomber of them þt were slayne within the towne and withoute, were about eight hondreth. The infantes that escaped their furye, were baptysed agayne of theyr enemies. Whan all thynges were dispatched at Cabrier, there was sent a power to Costa: The Lorde of that towne had deuised with the citezens before, that they should carie all theyr armure into the Castell, and caste downe their walles in foure sondrye places: If they would do this, he promyseth them to obteyne of Miners and that easelye, that there shalbe no displeasure wrought there. They beyng perswaded, folowe his aduise, after he departeth, as it were to intreate for thē, and goyng not farre, he meteth with the soldiours: They marche on notwithstandynge, and the fyrst day they were yet repulsed: The next day they assaulte it with a great violence, and hauyng burned all the suburbes about it, take it easely, for that the nyght laste before manye escaped ouer the walles by cordes. After the slaughter committed, they ranne into an orchard by the Castell, and there the wemen and maydes that were fled thether for feare, they rauishe euery one, and when they had kept thē there inclosed a daye and a night, they handled them so beastly, that those that hadde great belyes, and the yonger maydens, died shortly after. In the meane season the Merindolanes, & dyuerse others, that wandered in the woddes and mountaynes, beyng intercepted, were eyther sent to the Galeis or slayne, many also dyed for hunger. Moreouer, not farre from the towne of Mussie before named, certen went & hyd them selues in a caue vnder a rocke, to the nomber of xxv. but being bewrayed, thei were smothered with smoke and burnt all: so that no kynde of crueltie was omitted. Neuerthelesse diuerse, whiche had escaped this buchery, came vnto Geneua, and other places nere. Therfore whan reporte hereof was bruted in Germany, it offended the myndes of many: MarginaliaThe Swisses intreate for the Valdois. And in dede the Swyses, whiche were not of the Popyshe religion, intreated the kyng, that he woulde shewe mercie to suche as were fled: MarginaliaA sharpe annswer of the kyng. but the kyng sayeth, howe there was iust cause for hym to doo as he dyd, neither ought they to be more carefull what he doeth within his dominions, or howe he punysheth offendours, than he is about their affaires. In the yeare before these men had sent to the kyng a confessiō of their doctrine comprised in wrytyng. MarginaliaThe confession of the Valdois doctrine. Wherof the articles were of God the father, creator of all thynges, of the sonne mediatour and aduocate of mankynde, of the holy spirite, the cōforter & instructour of all truthe, of the church, whiche they saye is the fellowshyp of al Gods

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