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742 [684]

Actes and Monumentes of the church

MarginaliaThe tenor of king Hēris letter to Boner for the abolishing of Images.RIght reuerend father in god, right trustye and wellbeloued we grete you well, leting you wete that where as heretofore vpon the zeale and remembrance, of our bounden deuty toward almighty God, perceiuinge sondry supersticions and abuses to be vsed and imbrased by our people wherby they greuously offended him and his word. We did not only cause the images and bones of such as were resorted and offered vnto, with the ornaments of the same, and all such writinges and monumentes of fained miracles, wherwith they wer illuded to be taken away in all places of our realme, but also by our iniunctions commaunded, that no offeringe or setting vp of lightes or candels, should be suffered in any church but onely to the blessed sacramament of the alter. It is lately come to our knoledge that this oure good intent and purpose notwithstanding, the shrines, coueringe of shrines and monumēts of those things do yet remaine in sondry places of our realme much to theslaunder of our doinges and the great displeasure of almighty God, the same being meanes to allure our subiectes to their former hipocrisy and supersticion, and also that our iniunctions be not kept as it apperteyneth. For the due and spedy reformation wherof, we haue thought mete by these our letters expresly to will and commaunde you, that incontinently vpon the receipte hereof. ye shall not onely cause search to be made in your cathedrall churches for those thinges And if anye shrines, couering of shrine, table, monument of miracles or other pilgrimage do their continew, to cause it so to be takē away as ther remain no memory of it. But also that you shall take order with al the curates and other hauing charge within your dioces to do the semblable, and to see that our iniunctions be duely kept as apperteineth with out faylyng as we trust you, and as you wil answer for the contrary. Geuen vnder our signet at our towen of Hull the. iiii. day of October the. xxxiii. yere of our reigne.

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MarginaliaThe letter of Boner to Rich Clonie for the abolishing of Images.EDmundus permissione diuina Londin. Episcopus suprema autoritate regia in hac parte logitime fulcit9 dilecto nobis in christo Richardo Clonie litterato apparitori nostro generali salutem gratiam et benedictionem. Cum nos decimo tercio die mensis instantis Octobris citra noctem, literas serenissimi et potentissimi in Christo principis et domini nostri Henrici octaui dei gracia Angliæ et Frāciæ Regis, fidei defensoris, domini Hibernie, et in terris suprimi capitis ecclesiæ Anglicanæ nobis directas, eiusdem regis maiestatis mandatum in se continentes sub eo qui sequitur verborum tenore receperimus exequendas. Volentes sicuti ex officii nostri debito tenemur et astringimur in omnibus et per omnia tenorem et effectum earundem literarum fideliter adimplere et exequi diligenter: Tibi de cuius fidelitate et obedientia certam habemus et indubitatam experientiam, ex parte dicti domini nostri Regis præcipimus, et tenore presentiū firmiter iniungendo mandamus, quod statim et incontinenter post receptionem præsentinm omnes et singulos rectores, vicarios ciuitatis London, nostræque iurisdictionis, effectualiter et essicaciter moneas quod statim immediate post intimationem & exhibitionem præsentium eis in hac parte factam de & super articulis siue interrogatoriis sequentibus, vera eorundem copia ineffectum tradita & per te eis deliberata diligentem & effectualem faciant inquisionem, videlicet.

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Whether there be vsed or contined, any superstition, hipocrisy or abuse, within any there parish or cure contrary to any ordinance, iniunction, or commaundement giuen or set forth by the kinges maiesty or by his aucthority.

Item whether they haue in there church or within theire parish any shrines, couering of Shrines tables of fained miracles pilgrimages, Images and bones resorted and offered vnto, and other monumentes and thinges, wherwith the people haue bene illuded or any offering or seting vp of lights, or candels other then be permitted by the kinges maiesties iniunctions be duely obserued and kepte in their parish or cures or els trasgressed and brokē and in what part.

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Et vlterius quod inquisitione sicut præmittitur per eos et eorum quemlibet respectiue facta, nos seu vicarium nostrum in spiritualibus generalem de omni eo quod per inquisionem huiusmodi cōpererint & inuenerint, in vigilia Apostolorum Simonis & Iudæ proxime futura, vel citra debite certificent sub periculo incumbente. Dato apud ecclesiam nostram cath. diui Pauli London. decimo quarto die instantis mensis Octobris. Anno domini. 1541. Et nostræ translationis Anno Secundo.

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Certeine ecclesiasticall lawes, or generall iniunctions geuen by king Edward to the church of England &c.


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Foxe advises the reader to consult page 684 of the first edition of the Book of Martyrs in order to consult a more expansive paraphrase of Injunctions 13, 16-19, 22, 30-31, and 33-34.

THe kīges most royal maiesty by thaduise of his most dear vncle The duke of So, Lord protector of al his realmes dominions and subiectes, and gouernor of his most royall persone and the residue of his most honorable counsell entending the aduancement of the true honor of almighty God the suppression of Idolatrye and supersticion through out all his realmes & dominions, and to plant true religion, to the extirpation of al hipocrisy, enormities & abuses, as to his duety apperteineth, doth minister vnto his louinge subiectes these godly iniunctiōs hereafter following: wherof part were giuē vnto them heretofore by the autority of his moste derely beloued father king Henry the eight of most famous memory: and part are now ministred and geuen by his maiesty. All which iniuntions, his highnes willeth and commaundeth his said louing subiectes by his supreame autoryty, obediently to receaue and truly to obserue and kepe, euery man in there offices, degrees & states as they will auoyde his displeasure and the paynes in the same iniunctions hereafter expressed. The first that al deanes, Archdeacons, persones, vicars and ecclesiastical persones shal faithfully kepe and obserue, and as farre as inthem may lye shall cause to be obserued & kept of other all and singuler lawes & statuts, made aswell for the abolishing and exterpation of the bishop of Rome his pretenced and vsurped power and iurisdiction, as for the establyshmente and comfyrmatyon of the kynges autorytye 
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The Act for Submission of the Clergy (1534), Act of Supremacy (1534), and related legislation.

, Iurysdictyon and supremacy of the church of england and Ireland. MarginaliaEcclesiasticall persons hauing cure to preach quarterly against the popes vsurped power.And further more all ecclesiasticall persones hauing cure of soule shall to the vttermost of their wit knowledg and lerning purely sincerely and without any cullor or dissimulation, declare, manifeste and open iiii. times euery yeare at the leaste, in their sermōs & other collatiōs, that the B. of Rome hys vsurped power & iurisdiction, hauinge no establishmēt or groūd by þe law of god, was of most iust causes taken away & abolished, & that therfore no maner of obediēce or subiectiō withī his realmes & dominiōs is due vnto him. And that the kings power within his realmes & dominions is the highest power vnder god, to whō al mē within þe same realms & dominiōs by gods lawes, owe most loyalty & obedience, afore and aboue al other powers & potentates in earthe. Besydes thys, to the intent that all superstition

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