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Hetherto ye haue hard the publike iniunctiōs and lawes Ecclesiasticall set oute by the godly prince King Edward, with the consent of hys vncle. Now here folow certen priuate iniunctions set out and sent to certaine priuate Byshoppes, as to the bishop of Westminster, and to Boner bishop of London, the copye wherof here insue in tenor and effect folowing.

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¶ Iniunctions geuen by the mooste excellent Prynce Edward the syxt. To the reuerend father in God, Thomas bishopp of Westminster in his highnesse visitation.

FIrst you shal to your vttermost wit and vnderstanding se and cause all, euery, and singuler, the kinges iniunctions heretofore geuen or here after to be geuen from time to time, in & throughe your dioces, duely faithfully and truelye, to be kept, obserued and accomplished. Item you shall personallye preach in your diocesse, euery quarter of a yeare once at the least, that is to say, once in your cathedral church, & thrise in the yere in other seueral places of your dioces, wheras to you shall seme most conuenient and necessary except you haue a reasonable excuse to the contrary. Item you shal not retein into your seruice or houshold any chaplain, or chaplains, but such as be learned or able to preache the word of God, and those you shal cause to exercise the same. Item you shall not geue orders to any person or persons, not being learned in holy scripture, nor deny them that be learned in the same, and of honest conuersation and liuing. Item you shall not at any time or place, preach or setforthe vnto the people any doctrine contrary or repugnant to the effect and intent contained and setforth in the kinges highnesse homelies, nether yet admit or geue licence to preache to any within your dioces, but to such as you shall know, or at the least assuredly trust wil doo the same, and if at any time by hearing or by report proued you shall perceiue the contrary, you shal incontinēt inhibite that person so offending, and punish him and reuoke your licēs. All whiche and singuler iniunctions, you shall inuiolably obserue and kepe vpon pain of the kinges maiesties displeasure and as you wil aunswer for the contrarye. Geuen the xxix. day of Auguste in the chapter house of the cathedral church of S. Peters of Westminster, the fyrst yere of the raigne of our said soueraign Lord king Edward the vi. Anthony Coke, Iohannes Godsalue, Ihon Gosnolde, Christopher Newinson, Ihō Madew.

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¶ Iniunctions geuen by the kinges Maiesties visita-tation by vs, Syr Antony Cooke knight, sir Ihon Godsalue Knight, Ihon Gosnold Esquier, Christopher Newinsone Doctor of Law, and Ihon Madew doctor of diuinity commissaries specially appoynted by the kinges maiestye to visit the churches of Westmynster, London, Norwich and Ely. To the ryght reuerent father in God, Thomas Byshop of Westminster.

IN primis, in cōsideration, that aboue and before all other thinges, such waies and meanes are to be sought for, wherby the people maye learne to knowe their dueties to God, theyr soueraygne Lord, and one to another, you shall cause euery sondaye deuine seruice to be doone and ended in euerye paryshe church within this city of Westminster before ix. of the clocke the same daies, to the entent that the priests and the laity of the city may resort to the sermon to be made in your cathedral church except they haue a sermō made and preached in your owne parishe churches. Item, wheras by the ignoraunce of the cleargy, not only gods glorye is greatlye obscured, but also the same cleargye much disdained and euil spoken of by some of the laity, you shall cause that euerye person, vicare, Chaunterye priest and other stipendary within this city of Westminster be presente at euerye lector of deuinitye to be made within the Colledge of S. Steuen, except they or any of them haue some reasonable let to be alowed and admitted by your Chauncelor, Commissarye or other offycer for that purpose, or the reader of the said lector. Also you, your Chauncelor, Commissary and other, exercising iurisdiction Ecclesiasticall, vnder you shal procede in al kindes of causes summarie, & de plano sine figura & strepitu iudicij, and shal geue sentence in euery cause with in iiii. assygnations after the terme ad audiendum sentenciam finalem. All whiche and singuler Iniunctions you shall inuiolablye obserue and keepe vppon payne of the kinges maiesties displeasure, and as you wil answer for the contrary. Geuen at Westminster the iii. day of september, in the fyrst yere of the raigne of our soueraigne Lord, Edwarde the sixte by the grace of God kynge of England, Fraunce and Ireland, defender of the faithe, and in earth of the church of England, and also of Ireland the supreme head. Antony Coke, Ihon Godsalue Ihon Gosnold, Christopher Newinsou, Ihō Madew.

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Literæ Episcopi London. vn acū tenore literarū Archiepiscopi. Cantuar. pro abolitione et extinctio-one Ceremoniarum Candelæ Cinerum et Palmarum.

Marginalia1548MI very good lord, after my most harty commendations, theese be to aduertise your good Lordship. That my Lorde of Canterburyes grace this present xxviii. day of Ianuary send vnto me his letters missyue, conteining this in effecte. MarginaliaMark here how Boner with his own leters geueth hys coment and admonition in abolishīg these thinges. Candles. ashes and Palmes abolyshed.That my Lorde Portectors grace with the aduyce of other the kinges Maiesties mooste honorable counsell, for certen considerations them mouing, hath fully resolued that no candels shalbe borne vpon Candlemas day nor also from hence forthe ashes or Palmes vsed anye longer, requiring me there vppon by his said letters to cause admonition and knowledge therof to be geuen to your Lordship and other bishops with celeritye accordingly. In consideration wherof I do send at this present these letters vnto your said Lordship, that ye ther vpon may geue knowledge and aduertisement there of within your dioces as apertaineth. Thus committing your good Lordship to almightye God, as wel to fare, as your good hart can best desyre. Wrytten in haste at my house in London the saide xxviii. daye of Ianuarye 1548. your good lordshippes to commaunde Edmonde London 

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Edmund Bonner.

. To the reuerend father in God, and my very good lord, the bishop of Westminster, and in his absence to his vicare generall.

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¶ Mandatum Episcopi London. vna cum tenore literarum Dominorum de priuatis consilijs Regijs pro extinctione omnium Imaginum 
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Cattley/Pratt, V, 843: 'This letter of the council is in the Bonner Register, folio 110, and the Westminster, folio 268'.

EDmundus permissione diuina London. Episcopus per illustrissimum in Christo principē & dominum nostrū, dominum Edwardum sextum Dei gracia Angliæ, Francie & Hibernie Regem fidei defensorē & in terra ecclesiæ Anglicana & Hibernicæ supremnm caput, sufficienter & legitime autorisatus Reuerendo in christo confratri nostro domino Thomæ eadem permissione VVestm. Episcopo, salutem & fraternam in domino charitatem. Literas reuerēdissimi in Christo patris & domini D. Thomæ, permissione dinina Cat. Archiepiscopi totius Angliæ primatis & Metropolitani, tenorem literarum missarum clarissimorum & prudentissimorum dominorū de priuatis consiliis dicti illustrissimi domini Regis in se continen. nuper cū ea qua decuit reuerentia humiliter recepimus exequend. in hæc verba. Thomas permissione diuina Cant. Archiepiscopus totius Anglie primas & Metropolitanus, per illustrissimum in Christo principem, et dominum nostrum, dominum Edwardum sextum dei gracia, Angliæ, Francie & Hibernie Regem, fidei defenso-

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