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1202 [1202]

K. Henry. 8 The condemnation of Richard Bayfilde, Martyr.

ons that are in them, are condemned, reproued, and vtterly reiected, and inhibition made by the authoritye of the said Sea to all faithfull Christians, vnder the paine of excommunication and other punishementes in that behalfe to be incurred by the law, that no man by any meanes presume to read, teach, heare, imprint, or publishe, or by any meanes do defend, directly or vndirectly, secretly or opēly, in their houses or in any other publike or priuate places, any such maner of wrintynges, bookes, errours or Articles, as are contained more at large in the Apostolicke letters, drawne out in forme of a publicke instrument, whereunto and to the contentes thereof, we referre our selues as farre as is expedient, and no otherwise: And for somuch as we doe perceiue, that thou diddest vnderstande the premisses, and yet these thinges notwithstandyng, after thy abiuration made (as is afore sayd) thou haste brought in diuers and sondrye tymes, many bookes of the sayd Martin Luther and his adherentes and complices, and of other heretickes, the names, titles, and authors of which bookes here folow and are these, MarginaliaA cataloge of the bookes brought in by Rich. Bayfilde.Martin Luther of the abrogatyng of the priuate Masse. The declarations of M. Luther vpon the Epistles of Peter. Luther upon the Epistles of Paul and Iude. Luther vpon monasticall vowers. Luthers commentary vpon the Epistle of S. Paul to the Galathians. Iohannes Oecolampadius vpon the exposition of these wordes: Hoc est corpus meum. The Annotations of Oecolampadius vppon the Epistles of Paul to the Romaines. Oecolampadius his Commentary vppon the iij. last Prophets, Aggeus, Zacharie, and Malachie. The Sermons of Oecolampadius vppon the Catholicke Epistles of Iohn. A booke of Annotations vpon Genesis, gathered of Huldericus Zwinglius. The Commentaries of Pomeran vpon iiij. chapters of the i. Epistle to þe Corinth. Annotations of Pomeran vpon Deut. and Samuell. Pomeran vppon the Psalmes. The Commentaries of Fraunces Lambert of Auinion, vpō the Gospell of S. Luke. A Congest of all matters of Diuinitie by Frances Lambert. The Cōmentaries of Frances Lambert vpon the Prophet Ioel. The Commentaries of Frances Lambert vpon þe Prophets, Micheas, Naū, Abacuc, Sephonias, Aggeus, zacharias, Amos, Abdias, Ionas, & Osee. A new Glose of Philip Melancton vpō the Prouerbes of Salamon. The Commentaries of Philip Melancton, vppon the Epistle of S. Paul to the Colos. The Annotations of Philip Melancton, vpō the Epistle of s. Paul to the Romaines, and vpon i. Epistle to the Colos. Salomons sentences translated accordyng to the Hebrew by Philip Melancton. Most wholesome Annotations vpon the Gospell of S. Marke, by Christopher Hegēdorphinus. The Cōmentaries of Iohn Brentius vpō Iob. The Cōmentary of Iohn Brentius vpon Ecclesiastes of Salomon. Homilies of Brentius vppon the Gospell of S. Iohn. The Annotations of Andrew Althomarus, & Brentius vpon the Epistle of S. Iames. The Commētaries of Bucer vpon Sephonias. Bucer vpon the iiij. Euangelistes. The proces consistoriall of the Martyrdome of Iohn Husse. A brief commendatorye of M. Luther vnto Otho Brunfelsius, as touching the lyfe, doctrine and Martyrdome of Iohn Husse. Felinus vpon the Psalter, his exposition vppon Esay, his expositions vpon Ieremie. Capito vpon Oseas. Capito vpon Abacuc. Vnio dessidentium. The Pandect of Otho. The cataloge of famous men. An aunswere of Tyndall vnto Syr Thomas More. A disputation of Purgatory made by Iohn Frith in English. A prologe to the v. booke of Moyses called Deutronomy. The first booke of Moyses called Genesis. A prologe to the iij. booke of Moyses called Leuiticus. A prologe to the iiij. booke of Moyses called Num. A prologe to the ij. booke of Moyses called Exo. The practise of Prelates. The new Testament in Englishe, with an introductiō to the Romaines. The parable of þe wicked Mammon. The Obediēce of a Christen mā. A. B. C. of Thorpes. The Summe of Scripture. MarginaliaThe Primer and Psalter in Englyshe, forbidden.The primer in Englishe. The Psalter in English. A Dialoge betwixt the Gētleman and the Plowman: Of all which kynde of bookes both in Latin and English, translate, set forth and imprinted, containing not onely Lutherian heresies, but also the dampnable heresies of other heretickes condempned, for as muche as thou haste brought ouer from the parties beyonde the Sea a greate nomber into this realme of England, and specially to our Citie and dioces of London, and hast procured them to bee brought and conueyed ouer, also haste kept by thee and studied those bookes, and hast published and read them vnto diuers men, and many of those bookes also haste dispersed and geuen vnto diuers persons dwellyng within our Citie and dioces of London, and hast confessed and affirmed before our Officiall, that those bookes of M. Luther and other heretickes his cōplices and adherentes, and all the contents in them are good and agreable to the true faith, saying thus, that they are good and of the true faith, and by this meanes and pretence, hast commended and praised Martin Luther, his adherentes and complices, and hast fauored and beleued their errours, heresies and opinions: Therfore we Iohn the Byshop aforesayd, first calling vpon the name of Christ, MarginaliaIf Christ were before your eyes, ye would not cōdemne thys good man, for these good bookes.and settyng God onely before our eies, by the counsell and consent of the Diuines and lawyers, with whō in this behalfe we haue conferred, doe declare and decree thee the foresayd Richard Bayfild, otherwise called Somersam, for the contempt of thy abiuratiō, as a fauorer of the foresaid M. Luther, his adherentes, complices, fauorers, and other condemned heretickes, and for commendyng and studying, readyng, hauyng, retainyng, publishing, selling, giuyng, and dispersing the bookes and writynges, as well of the sayd M. Luther, his adherentes and disciples, as of other heretickes before named, and also for credityng, and maintayning the errours and heresies, and dampnable opinions contayned in the sayd bookes and writynges, worthelye to bee and haue bene an hereticke, and that thou by the pretence of þe premisses arte fallen agayne most dampnablye into heresie, & we pronounce that thou art and hast bene a relapsed hereticke, and haste incurred and oughtest to incurre the paine and punishment of a relaps, & we so decree & declare, and also condemne thee therunto, and that by the pretence of the premisses, thou hast euen by þe lawe, incurred the sentence of greater excommunication, and thereby we pronounce and declare thee to haue bene and to be excommunicate, and clearely discharge, exonerate and disgrade thee from all priuiledge and prerogatiue of the Ecclesiasticall orders, and also depriue thee of all Ecclesiasticall office & benefice: also we pronounce and declare thee by this our sentence or decree, the whiche we here promulgate and declare in these writynges, that thou art actually to be disgraded, deposed, and depriued, as foloweth.

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MarginaliaThe sentence of degradatiō agaynst blessed Bayfilde. 

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As a former monk, Bayfield was in clerical orders and had to be formally degraded from them before he could be executed.

JN the name of God. Amen. We Ihon by the permission of God, Bishop of London, rightly and lawfully proceding in this behalfe, doe dimisse thee Rich. Baifeld, aliâs Somersam, being pronunced by vs a relapsed heretyke, and disgraded by vs from all Ecclesiastical priuiledge, out of the Ecclesiasticall Court, pronoūcing that þe secular Power here presēt should receiue thee vnder their iurisdiction, MarginaliaAnd they shall cast you out of theyr Synagoges for my names sake.earnestly requiring and desyring in the bowels of Iesu Christ, that the execution of this worthy punishment, to be done vpon thee, and against thee in this behalf, may be so moderated, þt there be neither ouermuch cruelty, neyther to much fauorable gentlenes, but that it may be to the health and saluation of thy soule, and to the extirpation, feare, terrour, and conuersion of all other heretickes vnto the vnitye of the catholike faith. This oure finall decree by this our sentence defynitiue, we haue caused to be published in forme aforesayd.

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Monday the xx. of Nouemb. 1531. In the Queere of

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