Thematic Divisions in Book 11
1. The Martyrdom of Rogers 2. The Martyrdom of Saunders 3. Saunders' Letters 4. Hooper's Martyrdom 5. Hooper's Letters 6. Rowland Taylor's Martyrdom 7. Becket's Image and other events 8. Miles Coverdale and the Denmark Letters 9. Bonner and Reconciliation 10. Judge Hales 11. The Martyrdom of Thomas Tomkins 12. The Martyrdom of William Hunter 13. The Martyrdom of Higbed and Causton 14. The Martyrdom of Pigot, Knight and Laurence 15. Robert Farrar's Martyrdom 16. The Martyrdom of Rawlins/Rowland White17. The Restoration of Abbey Lands and other events in Spring 155518. The Providential Death of the Parson of Arundel 19. The Martyrdom of John Awcocke 20. The Martyrdom of George Marsh 21. The Letters of George Marsh 22. The Martyrdom of William Flower 23. The Martyrdom of Cardmaker and Warne 24. Letters of Warne and Cardmaker 25. The Martyrdom of Ardley and Simpson 26. John Tooly 27. The Examination of Robert Bromley [nb This is part of the Tooly affair]28. The Martyrdom of Thomas Haukes 29. Letters of Haukes 30. The Martyrdom of Thomas Watts 31. Mary's False Pregnancy32. Censorship Proclamation 33. Our Lady' Psalter 34. Martyrdom of Osmund, Bamford, Osborne and Chamberlain35. The Martyrdom of John Bradford 36. Bradford's Letters 37. William Minge 38. James Trevisam 39. The Martyrdom of John Bland 40. The Martyrdom of Frankesh, Middleton and Sheterden 41. Sheterden's Letters 42. Examinations of Hall, Wade and Polley 43. Martyrdom of Christopher Wade 44. Martyrdom of Carver and Launder 45. Martyrdom of Thomas Iveson 46. John Aleworth 47. Martyrdom of James Abbes 48. Martyrdom of Denley, Newman and Pacingham 49. Richard Hooke 50. Martyrdom of William Coker, et al 51. Martyrdom of George Tankerfield, et al 52. Martyrdom and Letters of Robert Smith 53. Martyrdom of Harwood and Fust 54. Martyrdom of William Haile 55. George King, Thomas Leyes and John Wade 56. William Andrew 57. Martyrdom of Robert Samuel 58. Samuel's Letters 59. William Allen 60. Martyrdom of Roger Coo 61. Martyrdom of Thomas Cobb 62. Martyrdom of Catmer, Streater, Burwood, Brodbridge, Tutty 63. Martyrdom of Hayward and Goreway 64. Martyrdom and Letters of Robert Glover 65. Cornelius Bungey 66. John and William Glover 67. Martyrdom of Wolsey and Pigot 68. Life and Character of Nicholas Ridley 69. Ridley's Letters 70. Life of Hugh Latimer 71. Latimer's Letters 72. Ridley and Latimer Re-examined and Executed73. More Letters of Ridley 74. Life and Death of Stephen Gardiner 75. Martyrdom of Webb, Roper and Park 76. William Wiseman 77. James Gore 78. Examinations and Martyrdom of John Philpot 79. Philpot's Letters 80. Martyrdom of Thomas Whittle, Barlett Green, et al 81. Letters of Thomas Wittle 82. Life of Bartlett Green 83. Letters of Bartlett Green 84. Thomas Browne 85. John Tudson 86. John Went 87. Isobel Foster 88. Joan Lashford 89. Five Canterbury Martyrs 90. Life and Martyrdom of Cranmer 91. Letters of Cranmer 92. Martyrdom of Agnes Potten and Joan Trunchfield 93. Persecution in Salisbury Maundrell, Coberly and Spicer 94. William Tyms, et al 95. Letters of Tyms 96. The Norfolk Supplication 97. Martyrdom of John Harpole and Joan Beach 98. John Hullier 99. Hullier's Letters 100. Christopher Lister and five other martyrs 101. Hugh Lauerocke and John Apprice 102. Katherine Hut, Elizabeth Thacknell, et al 103. Thomas Drury and Thomas Croker 104. Thomas Spicer, John Deny and Edmund Poole 105. Persecution of Winson and Mendlesam 106. Gregory Crow 107. William Slech 108. Avington Read, et al 109. Wood and Miles 110. Adherall and Clement 111. A Merchant's Servant Executed at Leicester 112. Thirteen Burnt at Stratford-le-Bow113. Persecution in Lichfield 114. Hunt, Norrice, Parret 115. Martyrdom of Bernard, Lawson and Foster 116. Examinations of John Fortune117. John Careless 118. Letters of John Careless 119. Martyrdom of Julius Palmer 120. Agnes Wardall 121. Peter Moone and his wife 122. Guernsey Martyrdoms 123. Dungate, Foreman and Tree 124. Martyrdom of Thomas More125. Examination of John Jackson126. Examination of John Newman 127. Martyrdom of Joan Waste 128. Martyrdom of Edward Sharpe 129. Four Burnt at Mayfield at Sussex 130. John Horne and a woman 131. William Dangerfield 132. Northampton Shoemaker 133. Prisoners Starved at Canterbury 134. More Persecution at Lichfield
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1895 [1856]

Quene Mary. Persecution in Kent. Bland, Frankesh, Sheterden, Middleton, Martyrs.

MarginaliaAn. 1555. Iuly.Winchest. He sayd I should not cōfer, but be obediēt. I said let me go & I will not desyre to confer neyther: & when I offended, let them punish me, and so departed.

By your brother, Nicolas Shetterden pri-
soner for the truth in Westgate. 

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A room above the western gate to the city of Canterbury was used as a prison.

¶ The last examinations with the condemnation of M. Bland, Iohn Frankesh, Nicholas Sheterden, Vmfrey Middleton. 
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Foxe's marginal gloss indicates that his account of this examination was derived from Canterbury records. The record is now lost but since Foxe added it to the 1570 edition he presumably consulted the record, or a copy of it, between 1563 and 1570.

MarginaliaThe final condemnation of these 4. godly Martyrs.ANd thus much touchyng the particular, and seuerall examinations of Nicol. Sheterden, and of M. Bland. Now to touch somethyng also of the other Martyrs, which the same tyme were examined, and suffered with them together, to wytte, Vmfrey Middleton of Ashford, and Iohn Frankesh Vicare of Roluynden in the Dioces of Kent aboue mentioned, here first would be declared the Articles, which publickely in theyr last examinations were ioyntly and seuerally ministred vnto them by the foresayd Thornton Byshop of Douer. MarginaliaRead the Articles before, pag. 1852.But for asmuch as these Articles beyng ordinary and of course, are already expressed in the story of M. Bland, as may appeare before, pag. 1852. It shall not therfore be nedefull, to make any new rehearsall therof.

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MarginaliaEx Regist. Cant.To these seuen Articles then beyng propounded to the v. persons aboue named, to wytte, Iohn Frankesh, Iohn Bland, Nico. Sheterden, Vmfrey Middleton, and one Thacker, first aunswered Iohn Frankesh somewhat doubtfully, desiryng further respite to be giuen hym of xiiij. dayes to deliberate with hym selfe. Which was graūted. M. Bland aunswered flattely and roundly, as before ye heard. Nic. Sheterden, and Vmfrey Middleton aunswered to the first, and second Articles affirmatiuely. To the third cōcernyng the Catholicke Church after a sort they graunted. To the 4. & the fift and sixt touchyng the reall presence, and the Sacramēt to be ministred in the Latin toung, & in one kind, they refused vtterly and to sweare. Sheterden sayd he would not aunswere thereto before the cause were determined why he was imprisoned, and so still remained prisoners, before the lawes of Parlamēt receaued. &c. Middleton added moreouer & cōfessed, that he beleued in hys owne God, saying, my liuyng God, and no dead God &c. MarginaliaThacker recanted.Thacker onely relented and was content to take penaunce. Thus the foresaid foure vpon these aūsweres were condemned by the Byshop of Douer, the 25. day of Iune. an. 1555. 

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Why did Foxe print only some of the answers of the accused? Without the original document we cannot be sure, but there is a good chance that some of their answers were, from Foxe's point of view, unsatisfactorily unorthodox.

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MarginaliaThe Martyrdome of Iohn Bland, Ioh. Frākesh, Ministers. Also of Nicholas Sheterden, and Vmfrey Middleton, burned at two seuerall stakes in Cāterbury. An. 1555. Iuly. 12.¶ The burnyng of foure Martyrs.

woodcut [View a larger version]

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The small woodcut of two men in flames (Type 2) was drafted in here to illustrate the burning of four men, for which the producers had no block. This woodcut saw repeated service and in 1583 appeared again on pages 1716, 1940 (representing three martyrs) and page 2052. Unusually the two men in the pyre are shown wearing loin cloths.

And so beyng giuen to the secular power, they were

burned at Canterbury the 12. day of Iuly at ij. seuerall stackes, but all in one fire together, where they in the sight of God and of his Aungels, and before men, lyke true souldiours of IESVS CHRIST, gaue a constant testimony to the truth of his holy Gospell.

¶ The Prayer of Nicolas Sheterden before hys death.

MarginaliaA christian prayer of Nicolas Sheterden before hys death.O Lord my God & Sauiour, which art Lord in heauē & earth, maker of all thyngs visible and inuisible, I am the creature & worke of thy hādes: Lord God looke vpō me, & other thy people, which at this time are oppressed of the worldly minded for thy lawes sake: yea Lord thy law it self is now troden vnder foote, and mēs inuentiōs exalted aboue it: and for that cause do I, and many thy creatures refuse the glory, praise, and cōmoditie of this lyfe, & do chuse to suffer aduersitie, & to be banished, yea to be burnt with the bokes of thy word, for the hopes sake that is laid vp in store. For lord thou knowest if we would but seeme to please men in things cōtrary to thy worde, we might by thy permission enioy these commodities that other do, as wife children, goods, and frendes: which all I knowledge to bee thy giftes, geuen to the ende I should serue thee. And now Lord that the world will not suffer me to enioy them, except I offende thy lawes, MarginaliaSacrifice of obedience to God.behold I geue vnto thee my whole spirite, soule and body, and loe I leaue here all the pleasures of this lyfe, and do now leaue the vse of them for the hope sake of eternall lyfe purchased in CHRISTES bloud, and promised to all them that fight on his side, and are content to suffer with him for his truth, whensoeuer the world & the deuill shall persecute the same.

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O father I do not presume vnto thee: in mine own righteousnes: no, but onely in the merites of thy deare sonne my Sauiour. For the which excellēt gift of saluatiō I cānot worthely prayse thee, MarginaliaSacrifice of thankes for redēption.neither is any sacrifice worthy, or to be accepted with thee, in comparison of our bodies mortified, and obedient vnto thy will: and now Lord, what soeuer rebellion hath bene, or is found in my members, agaynst thy will, yet do I here geue vnto thee my body to the death, MarginaliaSacrifice of the body. rather then I will vse any straunge worshippyng, which I besech thee accept at my hand for a pure sacrifice: let this torment be to me the last enemy destroyed, euen death, the end of misery, and the beginnyng of all ioy, peace, solace: and when the tyme of resurrection commeth, thē let me enioy agayne these members then glorified, which now bee spoyled and consumed by the fire. O Lord IESV receiue my spirite into thy handes, Amen.

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¶ Letters of Nicholas Shetterden, and fyrst a letter to hys Mother. 
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The Letters of Nicholas Sheterden

All of Sheterden's letters were first printed in the 1563 edition. Only one of these letters, Sheterden's final letter to his mother, was reprinted in the Letters of the Martyrs.

MarginaliaA letter of Nicolas Sheterden to his mother.AFter my humble and bounden dutye remembred, welbeloued Mother, this shallbe to wishe you increase of grace and godly wisedome, that ye may see and perceiue the crafty bewitching of Sathan our mortall enemy, which as I haue diuers times declared vnto you, doth not openly shew him selfe in his own likenes, MarginaliaSathan transformeth hym selfe into an Angell of light.but vnder colour of deuotion deceaueth them that keepe not a diligent eye vpon him, but haueing confidence in mans traditions and customes of the world, leauing the commaundementes of God, and Testament of hys Sonne CHRIST IESVS our Lord, do grow more into superstition and hipocrisy, then into wisedome and true holynes. For this is most true, that Sathan the enemye of soules, doth by his Ministers make many beleue, that those thinges which they compell vs vnto for theyr bellies sake, haue many godly significations, although they be most contrary to Gods will, as doubtles they be, euē as did the Serpent in Paradise to our first mother Eue. What (sayd he) hath God commaunded ye shall not eate of all the trees in the Garden? The woman said of the fruites of the trees in the Garden we may eate: but of the tree in the myddest of the Garden, sayd God, see ye eate not, least ye dye. MarginaliaAs the Serpent seduced Eue by an Aple: so priestes seduce the people by Images.Euen so our Ministers now adaies say: hath God commaunded ye shall not make you any Image or likenes of any thyng? Yea forsooth. Tushe say they, what harme can they do? May we not remember God the better when we see his Image or Picture? For they are good bookes for the lay men: but in dede they be better for the Priestes, because they receiue the offeringes.

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