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K. Edward. 3. Notes out of the Parliament Rolles against the pope.

MarginaliaThe printed statute of prouisiō not agreeing in all termes against the pope, wyth the record. tit. 9.the recorde, in maner: yet in the said recordes vnprinted, are moe bytyng woordes agaynst the Pope: a mystery not to be knowen of all men.

Notes of the 40. yeare of king Edward 3.

MarginaliaEx anno reg. Edouardi. 40. tit. 7. vide licet.Yt followeth moreouer in the sayde Actes of kyng Edward the 3. and in the 40. yere of hys reign, an other parlamēt was called at Westminster the 3. of May. an. 1366. the Byshop of Ely beyng Lord Chauncelour and speaker. Who on the second day of the sayd assemble in the presence of the Kyng, Lordes, and commons, declared: how the day before, generally they vnderstode the cause of this their assembly, and nowe more particularly should vnderstande the same: specially howe that the kyng vnderstode, MarginaliaThe pope mindeth to send for the king vp by proces.that the Pope (for the homage whiche kyng Ihon made to the see of Rome for the realmes of England and Ireland, and for the tribute by hym graūted) ment by processe to cite the kyng to Rome, to aunswere therto. Wherin, the kyng required their aduices, what were best for him to do, if any such thyng were attempted. The byshops by there selues required respite of aunswere, vntill the next day. So did the Lordes and cōmons euery of them by their selues.

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MarginaliaK. Iohn would not without consent of parliament become tributarie to the pope. tit. 8.The same next day, the whole estates reassembled together, and by common consent enacted in effect folowyng. vz. For asmuch as neyther kyng Ihon nor any other kyng, could bryng his realme and people in suche thraldome and subiection, but by common assent of parlament, the whiche was not done: and therfore done agaynst his othe at his coronation (besides many other causes) MarginaliaAgreed by parliament, that the K. by force shold resist the pope.If therefore the Pope should attempt any thyng agaynst the kyng, by processe or other matter in dede: That the kyng withall his subiectes, should withall their force and power resiste the same.

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MarginaliaBraule betwene the 4 orders of friers and the 2. vniuersities. Ex tit. 10.Here moreouer is not to be omitted, how in the sayd present parlament, the vniuersities of Oxford and Cambridge on the one side, and the Friers of the foure orders mendicantes in the sayd vniuersities on the other side: Made long complaints the one agaynst the other, to the kyng in parliament, and in the end submitted them selues to the kynges order.

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After which, the kyng vpon full digestyng of þe whole matter (by assent of parliament) toke order: that aswel þe chauncelor and schollers, as the Friers of those orders in the sayd vniuersities: should in all graces & other schole exercises, vse eche other in frendly wise, without any rumour as before. That none of those orders, should receiue any scholers into theyr sayd orders, beyng vnder the age of xviij. yeares.

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MarginaliaThe friers subiecte to the K. order only in all their cōtrouersies. parlam. tit. 12.That the sayd Friers shall take no aduauntage, ne procure Bulles or other processe from Rome, against the sayd vniuersities, or procede therin.

And that the kyng haue power to redresse all controuersies, betwene them from thence forthe. And the offenders to be pnnished at the pleasure of the kyng, and of the counsail.

¶ Notes of the 50. yeare of king Edward 3.

MarginaliaEx Archiuis Regiæ maiestates an. 50. Reg. Edouardi. 3. tit. 94.1 In processe of þe foresayd Actes and rolles, it foloweth more, that in the 50. yeare of the reigne of king Edward the 3. the yeare of our Lord. 1376. an other great parlament was assembled at Westminster the 24. of Aprill: 

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28 April 1376.

Where, Syr Ihon Knyuell beyng Lord Chancelour of England, a certaine long Bill was put vp agaynst the vsurpacions of the pope, as beyng the cause of all þe plagues, murriōs famine, and pouertie of the realme, so as therby was not left the third person, or other commoditie within the realme that lately was.

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MarginaliaAgainst the vsurpation of the pope2 That the taxes payed to the Pope of Rome for ecclesiasticall dignities, do amount to fiue folde as much, as the taxe of all profites as apperteine to the kyng by the yeare of his whole realme:

MarginaliaThe pope cause of all mischiefes in England.And that for some one bishopryke or other dignitie, the pope by way of translation and death, hath three, foure, or fiue, seuerall taxes.

MarginaliaBrokers of the sinnefull citie of Rome. tit. 963 That the Brokers of that sinnefull Citie, for money promote many Caytifes (beyng altogether vnlearned & vnworthy) to a thousand markes liuing by yeare, where the learned and worthy can hardly obteyne xx. markes, wherby learning decayeth.

MarginaliaThe treasure of the Realme conueied away by the popes meanes. tit. 97.4 That Alyens (enemyes to this lande) who neuer saw ne care not to see their parishioners, haue those liuinges wherby they despise Gods seruice, and conuey away the treasure, and are worse then Iewes or Sarasens.

5 Also it was put vp in the sayd Bill to be considered, that the lawe of the churche, would such lyuinges to be bestowed for charity, onely without prayeng or payeng

6 That reason would that liuings geuen of deuotion, should be bestowed in hospitalitie.

7 That God had committed his sheepe to the Pope, to be pastured and not shoren or shauen.

MarginaliaThe pope geueth example to sell benefices. tit. 99.8 That lay patrones perceauyng the couetousnes and Symony of the Pope, do therby learne to sell their benefices to beastes, none otherwyse then Christ was sold to the Iewes.

MarginaliaInestimable that the pope hath here out of England.9 That there is none so riche a prince in Christendom, that hath the fourth part of so much treasure, as þe Pope hath out of this realme, for churches most sinnefully.

MarginaliaThis realme iustly plagued for so sufferyng the B. of Rome tit. 100.10 Ouer and besides in the sayd Bill, repetyng agayne the tenderyng zeale, for the honor of the churche: was declared and particularly named, all the plagues whiche haue iustly fallē vpon this realme, for suffryng the same church to be so defaced, with declaration that it wil dayly encrease without redresse.

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MarginaliaReseruation of the church of England desired in the Parliament. 111.11 Wherupon, with much persuasion this was desired, to help to reedifie þe same: and þe rather for that, this was the yeare of Iubiley, the fifty yeare of the kyngs reigne the yeare of ioye & gladnes, then the whiche there could be no greater.

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12 The meanes how to begyn this, was to write two letters to the Pope: the one in Latine vnder the kynges seale, the other in French vnder the seales of the nobles, importyng their particularities, and requiring redresse, of the whiche letter of the Lordes, mention was made, and the copy thereof drawne out of Frenche, pag. 479.

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MarginaliaActes made for no mony to be transported. tit. 103.13 And for a further accomplishement hereof to enact, that no money were caryed forth of the realme by letter of Lumbardy or otherwise, on paine of forfaicture & imprisonment, and to enacte the articles hereafter ensuing.

14 The kyng hath heretofore by statute prouided sufficient remedy, and otherwise pursueth the same with the holy father the Pope, and so myndeth to do from tyme to tyme, vntill he hath obteyned aswell for the matters before, as for þe articles ensuing beyng in maner all one.

MarginaliaAgainst the popes lyger spies, and collector, tit. 104.15 That the Popes collector and other straungers the kyngs enemyes, and onely lyger Spies for English dignities, and disclosing of the secretes of the realme, maye be touched.

MarginaliaThe popes collection what it commeth to. tit. 105.16 That the same collector beyng also receauour of the popes pence, kepeth a house in London with clerkes and officers therto, as it were one of the kynges solempne courtes, transporting yearely to the pope xx. M. Markes and most commonly more.

MarginaliaThe best dignities in Englād, in the cardinals, tit. 10617 That Cardinals and other Aliens remaynyng at Rome, whereof one Cardinall is Deane of Yorke, an other of Salisbury, an other of Lyncolne, an other archdeacon of Canterb. an other Archdeacon of Duresme, an other archdeacon of Suffolke, an other archdeacon of Yorke, an other prebendary of Thame and Nassington, an other prebendarye of Buckes in the churche of Yorke: Haue diuers of the best dignities in Englande, & haue sent ouer to thē yearely. xx. thousand marks ouer & aboue that which English brokers lying there, haue.

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MarginaliaThe pope maintayneth the kings enemies, with the kyngs money. tit. 10718 That the Pope (to raunsome þe Frenchmē the kings enemies, who defēd Lumbardy from him) doth alwaies at his pleasure leuy a subsidye of the whole Clergye of England.

19 That
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