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951 [Pag. 232]

Henricus. 4. Emperour waiting iij. daies vpon Pope Gregory. 7.

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CUL copy: In this image, gold detail is added to the garments of all three central figures, as well as to those of the pope in the window. WREN copy: There is no use of gold in this image, which, on the whole, is very pale.

tyme, vntill the reigne of kyng Henry 8. who although they were prudent Princes, and did what they could in prouidyng agaynst the proud domination of these Byshops: were not forced at length sore agaynst theyr willes, for feare to subiecte them selues together with their subiectes vnder their vsurped authoritie, MarginaliaK. Henry. 3. kissing þe knee of the Popes so much as some of thē (as Mat. Paris. writeth by K. Hēry 3.) were fayne to stoupe and kisse their Legates knee.

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¶ The Image of Antichrist, 
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What follows is an exact reprinting of an anonymous work, veryprobably compiled by Foxe himself, entitled A solemne contestation of diverse Popes for the advancing of their supremacy. This work is entirely an oration, put in the mouth of the papacy/Antichrist itself, bragging of its power andits success in corrupting the church and subverting princes. The oration is composedentirely of extracts from canon law codes, papal bulls and letters as well as historiesand chronicles. These are generally accurate, but often taken out of context, as will be seen below.

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exaltyng him selfe in the temple of God, aboue all that is named God, 
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This title is quoting 2 Thess. 2:4.

out of his owne Decrees, Decretals, Extrauagantes, Pontificals &c. word for word, as it is out of the said bookes here alleged and quoted.

MarginaliaEx D. Paulo 2. Theß. 2. Marginalia1.
Pope Bonifacius 8. Extrauag. de Maioris. & obed. c. Vnam.
FOr as much as it standeth vpon necessitie of saluation, for euery humane creature to be subiect vnto me the Pope of Rome, it shalbe therfore requisite and necessary for all mē that will be saued, to learne and know the dignitie of my sea, and excellencie of my domination, as here is set forth accordyng to the truth & very wordes of myne owne lawes, in stile as foloweth. Marginalia2.
Distinct. 21. ca. Decretis.
2 First my institution began in the old Testament, & was consūmate & finished in þe new: in that my Priesthode was prefigured by Aaron: And other Byshops vnder me were prefigured by þe sonnes of Aaron that were vnder him. Marginalia3.
Pope Pelagius Distinct. 21. c. Quāuis.
3 Neither is it to be thought that my church of Rome hath ben preferred by any generall Councel, but obtained the primacie onely by the voyce of the Gospell, & the mouth of the sauiour. Marginalia4.
Pelagius ibidem.
4 And hath in it neither spotte nor wrincle, nor any such like thing. Marginalia5.
Pope Nicolaus Dict. 21. cap. Inferior.
5 Wherfore as other seates be all inferiour to me, and as they can not absolue me: so haue they no power to binde me, or to stand agaynst me, no more then the axe hath power to stand or presume aboue hym that heaweth with it, or the saw to presume agaynst hym that ruleth it. Marginalia6.
Pope Lucius 24. q. 1. cap. a. Recta.
6 This is the holy & Apostolicke mother church of all other Churches of Christ. Marginalia7.
Pope Calixtus Dist. 12. cap. Non decet.
7 Frō whose rules it is not mete that any person or persons should decline, but lyke as the sonne of God came to do the will of his father, so must you do the will of your mother the Church of Rome, the head wherof am I. Marginalia8.
Pope Innocentius. Dist. 11. cap. Quis.
8 And if any other person or persons shall erre from the sayd Church, either let them be admonished, or els their names taken, to be knowē who they be that swarue from the customes of Marginalia9.
Pope Stephan. Distinct. 19. ca. Enimuero.
Rome. 9 Thus then for asmuch as the holy Church of Rome, whereof I am gouernour, is set vp to the whole worlde for a glasse or example, reason woulde what thyng so euer the sayd Church determineth or ordeineth, that to be receaued of all men for a generall and a perpe-tuall rule for euer. Marginalia10.
Pope Bonifac. 8. Extrauag. c vnam sanctam.
Item Pope Ioannes. 22. Extrauag. cap. Super gentes.
10 Wherupon we see it now veryfied in this Church, þt was foreprophesied by Ieremy, saying: Behold I haue set thee vp ouer nations and kingdomes to plucke vp and to breake downe, to build and to plante, &c. Marginalia11.
Pope Innocent. 3. art. de maior et obe. c. Solita.
11 Who so vnderstādeth not the prerogatiue of this my Priesthode, let him looke vp to the firmament, where he may see two great lights, the sunne and the moone: one rulyng ouer the day þe other ouer the night. So in the firmament of the vniuersall Church. Marginalia12.
Pope Gelasius Dist. 96 cap. Duo.
12 God hath set two great dignities, the authoritie of the Pope, and of the Emperour: Of the which two this our dignitie is so much more weightier, as we haue the greater charge to geue accompt to God, for kyngs of the earth, & the lawes of men. Marginalia13.
13 Wherfore be it knowē to you Emperours, which know it also right well, that you depend vpon the iudgement of vs: we must not be brought & reduced to your will. Marginalia14.
Innocentius De Maior. & obed. c. Solita.
14 For (as I sayd) looke what difference there is betwixt the sunne and the moone, so great is the power of the Pope rulyng ouer the day, that is ouer the spiritualitie, aboue Emperours and Kinges rulyng ouer the night, that is ouer the laitie. Marginalia15
Glosa ibidem.
15 Now seing then the earth is seuen time bigger then the moone, and the sunne eight tymes greater then the earth, it foloweth that the Popes dignitie 47. times doth surmounte the estate of Emperours. Marginalia16.
16 Vpon consideratiō wherof I say therfore and pronounce that Constantine the Emperour did naught in settyng the Patriarch of Constātinople beneath him, on his left hand. Marginalia17.
Innocentius Glosa ibidem.
17 And although þe sayd Emperour wrote to me alleging the wordes of S. Peter, cōmaūding vs to submit our selues to euery humane creature, as to Kynges, Dukes & other for the cause of God. &c. 1. Pet. 2. 

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I Peter 2: 13-14.

yet in aunsweryng agayn in my Decretall, I expoūded the minde and the wordes of S. Peter to pertaine to his subiectes, and not his successors, willyng the sayd Emperour to cōsider the person of the speaker, and to whom it was spoken. For if the minde of Peter had ben there to debase the order of Priesthode and to make vs vnderlynges to euery humane creature, then euery Iacke might haue dominion ouer Prelates: which maketh agaynst the example of Christ, settyng vp the order of Priesthode to beare dominiō ouer Kyngs, according to the saying of Ieremy: Behold I haue set thee vp ouer Kinges and nations. &c. Marginalia18.
Pope Clemēt. 5. Clement de iureiurādo. c. Romani.
18 And as I feared not then to write this boldly to Constantine, so now I say to all other Emperours, that they receiuyng of me their approbation, vnction, consecration, and crowne Imperiall, must not disdaine to submit their heades vnder me, and sweare vnto me their allegeance. Marginalia19.
Pope Ioannes Dist. 96 c. Nunquā.
19 For so you read in the Decree of Pope Iohn, how that Princes heretofore haue ben wont

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