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King John offering his Crowne to Pandulphus, Legate.

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CUL copy: Note all figures in this illustration are provided with additional detail by the painter. Pandulphus receives no extra attention but the figure, in red, on the right of the illustration, has been provided with additional detail. WREN copy: another pale image, with the cardinals in pale orange.

MarginaliaCaus. 2. q. 6. cap. Placuit.otherwise concluded in the generall Coūcell of Carthage, that no man should appeale ouer the Sea vnder payne of excommunication, yet my glose commeth in here with an exception: MarginaliaGlosa Gratiani. Nisi. ¶Nisi forte Romanam sedē appellauerint: i. Except the appeale be to the sea of Rome, &c. Marginalia46.
Pope Gelasi. 25. q. 1. cap. Cōßicimus.
46. By the authoritie of which Church of Rome, all Sinodes, and Decrees of Councels stand confirmed. Marginalia47.
Pope Vrbanus. 25. q. 1. cap. Sunt.
Pope Pelagius. 25. q. 2. cap. post caquam.
47. And hath alwayes full authoritie in her handes to make new lawes and decrementes: And to alter statutes, priuileges, rightes or documentes of Churches: To separate thinges ioyned, and to ioyne thynges separated vpon consideration, either in whole or in part, personally, or generally. Marginalia48.
Bulla Donationis. Dist. 96. c. Constant.
48. Of the which Church of Rome I am head as a kyng is ouer hys iudges, Marginalia49.
Pope Paschalis. Dist. 63. cap. Ego.
49. the vicare of S. Peter. Marginalia50.
Pope Clement. 5. Clement. c. Romani. Glosa.
50. yea not the vicare of Peter properly, but the vicare of Christ properly, and successor of Peter. Marginalia51.
Pope Bonifacius. 8. Sext, Decretal. ib. Sacrosancta.
51. vicar of Iesus Christ. Marginalia52.
52. Rector of the vniuersall Church: Director of the Lordes vniuersall flocke: Marginalia53.
Pope Bonifacius. prohem. Sext. Decretal. ib. Sacrosancta.
53. Chiefe Magistrate of the whole world. Marginalia54.
Anacletus. Dist. 22. cap. Sacro sancta.
54. Cephas. i. caput, the head and chief of the Apostolicke Church. Marginalia55.
Pope Bonifacius. 4. Sext. Decret. de panis. & remiß. cap. 5. Glosa.
Item Alexander. 4. Sext. Decret, c. 4. in Glosa.
55. vniuersall Pope, and diocesane in all places exempt, as well as euery Byshop is in places not exempt. Marginalia56.
Pope Hilarius. 25. q. 1. Nulli.
56. most mighty Priest. Marginalia57.
Sext. Decret. cap. Ab arbitru. Glosa.
57. Lex animata in terris. i. Marginalia58.
Pope Bonifacius. Sext. Decret. De const. cap. licet.
58. a lyuyng law in the earth hauyng all lawes in the chiste of my breste. Marginalia59.
Pope Innocentius. 3. De transl. c. Quanto.
59. bearyng the person of no pure man: Marginalia60.
Prohem. Clement. Glosa. Papa Stupor mundi. &c.
Nec Deus es nec homo, quasi neuter es inter vtgrumq̀;.
60. beyng neither God nor mā, but the admiration of the world, and a midle thyng betwixt both: Marginalia61.
Pope Bonifacius. Extrauag. De Maiorit & obed. cap. vnam.
Item Dist. 22. cap. Omnes.
61. Hauyng both swordes in my power, both of the spirituall and temporall iurisdiction. Marginalia62.
Sext. Decret. De sentent. & re. e. Ad Apostolicß.
Item in Glosa. ibidem.
62. so farre surmounting the authoritie of the Emperour, that I of myne owne power alone without a Councel haue authoritie to depose him, to trāsferre his kyngdome, and to gyue a new election, as I didto Fridericke & diuers other. Marginalia63.
Pope Nicolaus. Dist. 22. ca. Omnes.
63. What power then or potestate in all the world is comparable to me: who haue authoritie to binde & lose both in heauē and earth. Marginalia64.
Glosa. Ibidem.
64. That is, who haue power both of heauēly things, and also of temporall thinges. Marginalia65.
Pope Gelasius. Dist. 96. c. Duo.
65. To whom Emperours and Kynges be more inferiour, thē lead is inferiour to Gold. Marginalia66.
Pope Gelasius. Ibidem.
66. For do you not see the neckes of great Kyngs and Princes bend vnder our knees, yea and thinke themselues happy and well defensed, if they may kisse our hands? Marginalia67.
Dist. 96. ca. Illud.
67. Wherfore the sawcines of Honorius the Emperour is to be reprehended, and his constitution abolished, who with his laity would take vpon him to intermedle not onely with the tēporall order, but also with matters ecclesiasticall, & election of the Pope. Marginalia68.
Ex citatione Hiero. Marij.
68. But here percase some wil obiect the exāples and wordes of Christ, saying, that his kyngdome is not of this world, and where he beyng required to diuide betwixt ij. brethren their heretage, did refuse it. But that ought to be no preiudice to my power. Marginalia69.
Pope Hildebrandus, alias, Gregorius. 7. Ex Platina, in Vita Gregorij.
69. For if Peter, & I in Peter, if we I say, haue power to binde and loose in heauen, who much more thē is it to be thought, that we haue power in earth to loose and take away Empires, Kingdomes, Dukedomes, and what els so euer mortall men may haue, and to gyue thē where we will? Marginalia70.
Hildebrādus. Ibidē.
70. And if we haue authoritie ouer Aungels, which be the gouernours of Princes, what then may we do vpon theyr inferiours & seruauntes? Marginalia71.
Antoninus in tertia parte Summa maioris.
71. And for that you shall not maruell, that I say: Aungels be subiect to vs, you shall here what my blessed Clerke Antoninus, writeth of that matter, saying, that our power, of Peter & me, is greater then the Aungels, in 4. thinges: In iurisdiction, 2. in administration of Sacramentes: 3. in knowledge, 4. and in reward. &c. Marginalia72.
Bulla Clementis.
72. And againe in Bulla Clementis, do not I there cōmaunde in my Bull, the aungels of Paradise to absolue the soule of man ont of Purgatory and to bring it into the glory of Paradise? Marginalia73.
Pope Innocent. De electione c. Venerabilem.
73. And now besides my heauenly power, to speake of myne earthly iurisdiction, who did first translate the Empire from the Greekes to the Almanes, but I? Marginalia74.
Extrau. De prßbend. & dig. c. Exccrabilis.
74. And not onely in þe Empyre am I Empe-

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