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K. Henry. 3. kißing the knee of the Popes Legate comming into England.

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rour, the place being emptie, but in all ecclesiasticall benefices haue full right and power to giue, to translate, and to dispose after my arbitremēt. Marginalia75.
Pope Zacharias. Caus. 15. q. 6. c. Alius.
75. Did not I Zacharias put down Childericke, the old kyng of Fraunce, and set vp Pipinus? Marginalia76.
Pope Hildebrand aliâs Gregor. 7. Clement. c. pastoralis.
76. Did not I Gregorius vij. set vp Robert Wysard and made hym kyng of Sicilia & Duke of Capua? &c. Marginalia77.
Ex Gestis Hildebrandi.
77. Did not I the same Gregorius also set vp Rodulphus against Henricus. 4. Emperour? Marginalia78.
Baptista Egnatius.
78. And though this Henricus was an Emperour of most stoute courage, who stode, 62. tymes in open field agaynst hys enemyes. Marginalia79.
79. yet did not I Gregorius bryng hym coram nobis, and made hym stand at my gate three dayes and three nightes barefoote and barelegge with hys wyfe and child, in the deepe of wynter, both in frost and snow, entreatyng for hys absolution & after did excommunicate him agayne, so that he was twise excōmunicate in my daies? Marginalia80.
80. Agayne did not I Paschalis after Gregory, set vp the sonne of the said Henricus agaynst hys father in warre, to possesse the Empyre, and to put downe hys father, and so he dyd? Marginalia81.
Polidor Virgil. Historia Iornalensis de rebus Anglorum.
81. Item, did not I Pope Alexander bring vnder Henry the second kyng of England, for the death of Thomas Becket, and cause hym to go barefoote to hys tombe at Canterbury with bledyng feete? Marginalia82.
Chronica vernacula.
82. Did not I Innocentius the thyrd, cause kyng Iohn to kneele downe at the feete of Pandulphus my Legate, and offer vp hys crowne to his handes: also to kysse the feete of Steuen Langhton Byshop of Canterbury, & besides marsed hym in a M. Markes by yeare? Marginalia83.
Pope Vrbanus. Caus. 15. q. 6. cap Iuratos.
83. Did not I Vrbanus 2. put downe Hugo Earle in Italy, dischargyng hys subiectes from their oth and obedience to hym? Marginalia84.
Pope Paschalis. Carsulanus. Platina. Vincentius. Stella Antoninus. Matheus Parisiensis. Pope Gelasius. 2. Pope Calixtus. 2. Platina de vitis pontificum.
84. Dyd not I Paschalis excommunicate also hys sonne Henricus. 5. and get out of his handes all his right and title of elections and donations of spirituall promotions? Did not I Gelasius 2. bryng the Captaine Cintius vnder, vnto the kyssyng of my feete? And after Gelasius, dyd not I Calixtus. 2. quale the foresayd Emperour Henricus. 5. and also bryng in subiection Gregory whom the sayd Emperour had set vp agaynst me to be Pope, brynging him into Rome vpon aCamell, his face to the horse tayle, makyng hym to hold the horse taile in his hād in stead of a bridle? Marginalia85.
Pope Innocentius. 2.
85. Further, did not I Innocentius 2. set vp and made Lotharius to be Emperour for driuing out Pope Anacletus out of Rome? Marginalia86.
86. Dyd not I the sayd Innocentius take the Dukedome of Sicile from the Empire, and made Roger to bee kyng therof, wherby afterward the kyngdome became the patrimonie of S. Peter? Marginalia87.
Pope Alexander. 3. De sponsal. & matr. Non est.
87. Dyd not I Alexander 3. suspend all the Realme and Churches of England for the kyngs mariage? an. 1159. Marginalia88.
Nauclerus. Acta. Rom. pontificum.
88. But what do I speake of kynges? did not I þe sayd Alexander bryng the valiant Emperour Fridericke the first to Venice, by reason of his sonne Otho there taken prisoner, and there in S. Markes Church made hym fall downe flat vpon the ground, while I set my foote vpon his necke, saying the verse of the Psalme. Super aspidem & basiliscum ambulabis? &c. Marginalia89.
Pope Adrianus. Vitß Rom. pontificum.
89. Did not I Hadrianus Pope, an Englishe man borne, excommunicate William kyng of Sicile, & refuse his peace, which he offered? and had not he ouercome me in playne field, I would haue shaken hym out of his kingdome of Sicile and Dukedome of Apulia. Marginalia90.
Ex Auentino. lib . 6.
90. Also did not I the saydAdrianus, controlle and correct the foresayd Fridericus Emperour, for holdyng the left styrrup of my horse when he should haue holden the right? Marginalia91.
Bulla Adriani contra Cæsarē.
91. and afterward did not I excōmunicate & curse hym, for that he was so sawsy to set his owne name in writyng before myne? Marginalia92.
Acta Rom. pontific.
92. And although a poore flie afterward ouercame and strangled me, yet I made kynges and Emperours to stoupe. Marginalia93.
Pope Innocentius. 3. Ex vitis & Actis Rom. pontificum.
Ex Abbate Vrspergens.
93. Dyd not I Innocent. 3. deiect Philippus, brother to Fridericus, frō þe Emperial crown, being elected without my leaue, and after set hym vp agayne? and also set vp Otho of Brunswicke, and after did excommunicate and also depose the same 4. yeares, settyng vp the French kyng to warre agaynst hym? Marginalia94.
Ex eodem.
94. Then was Fridericus 2. by me set vp and reigned. 37. yeares, and yet fiue yeares before hee dyed. Marginalia95.
Pope Honorius. 3. Ex Mario.
95. dyd not I Honorius interdict him, for not restoryng certaine to their possessiōs at my request? Marginalia96.
Pope Gregor. 9. Ex eodem.
96. Whom also Gregorius 9. dyd excommunicate twise together, and raised vp the Venetians agaynst him. Marginalia97.
Pope Innocēt. 4. Hieronimus Marius, Petrus de Vincis.
97. And at length Innocentius spoyled him of his Empyre: after þt caused him to be poysoned, at length to be strāgled by

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