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Fridericus. I. Emperour shent for holding Pope Adrians styrrup on the wrong side.

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CUL copy: The pope is dressed in a vivid blue. There is some additional detail provided by the painter but, again, any figures wearing red receive no additional detail to their clothing or any shading. WREN copy: this is another pale image, with an excessive use of a pale orange in this image.

one Manfredus, and dyd excommunicate hys sonne Conradus after hym, not onely depriuyng hym of his right inheritaunce, but also caused hym, with Fridericke Duke of Austria to be beheaded. Marginalia98.
Ex Chronic. Carionis.
98. Thus then did not I excommunicate and depose all these Emperours in order? Henricus. 4. Henricus. 5. Fridericus. 1. Philippus, Otho. 4. Fridericus. 2. and Conradus hys sonne? Marginalia99.
Historia Anglorum.
99. Did not I interdict kyng Henry the eight. Marginalia100. Ibid.100. and all his kyngdome of England? Marginalia101. Ibid.101. And had not his prudence and power preuented my practise, I had displaced him from hys kyngdome also. Briefly, who is able to comprehend the greatnesse of my power & of my seate? Marginalia102.
Pope Marcellus. Dist. 17. ca. Synodum.
102. For by me onely generall Councels take theyr force and cōfirmation. Marginalia103.
Dist. 20. Decretales.
103. and the interpretation of the sayd Councels, and of all other causes hard and doubtfull ought to be referred and stand to my determination. Marginalia104.
Pope Nicolaus. Dist. 19. Si Romanorum.
104. By me the workes of all writers, what so euer they be, either be reproued or allowed. Marginalia105.
105. Then how much more ought my writynges and decrees to be preferred before all other? Marginalia106.
Dist. 20. Decretales.
106. In so much that my letters and Epistles decretall be equiualent with generall Councels. Marginalia107.
Symmachus Pope. 9. q. 3. Aliorum.
107. And whereas God hath ordeined all causes of men, to be iudged by men, he hath onely reserued me, that is, the Pope of Rome, without all question of men, vnto his owne iudgement. Marginalia108.
Pope Innocentius. 6. q. 3. ca. Nemo.
108. And therfore where all other creatures be vnder theyr iudge, onely I which in earth am the iudge of all, can be iudged of none, neither of Emperour, nor the whole Clergy, nor of Kynges, nor yet of the people. Marginalia109.
109. For who hath power to iudge vppon hys Iudge? Marginalia110.
Pope Gelasius. 9. q. 3. c. Cuncta.
110. This iudge am I, and that alone, without any other assistance of any Councell ioyned to me. For I haue power vpon Councels, Councels haue no power vppon me. But if the Councell determine amisse, it is in my authoritie alone to infrynge it, or to cōdemne whom I lust without any Councel. Marginalia111.
111. And all for the preeminence of my predecessor blessed S. Peter, which by the voyce of the Lord, he receiued, and euer shall retein. Marginalia112.
Anastasius Patriarch. D. q. 3. cap. Antiquis.
Item. 11. q. 3. cap. Quāuis.
112. Furthermore, and where as all other sentences and iudgementes both of Councels, person, or persons, may and ought to be examined. 113. for that, Marginalia113.
Pope Gregor. 2. q. 3. c. Quatuor.
they may be corrupted foure wayes, by feare, by giftes, by hatred, by fauour: onely my sentence and iudgement must stand. Marginalia114.
Pope Agatho. Dist. 19. cap. Sic oēs.
114. as giuen out of heauē by þe mouth of Peter him selfe, which no man must. Marginalia115.
Pope Nicolaus. 9. q. 3. Pater.
115. breake, nor retract. Marginalia116.
Pope Innocentius. 2. Art. 17. q. 4. Si quis.
116 No man must dispute or doubt of. Marginalia117.
Dist. 19. cap. In memoriam.
117. Yea if my iudgement, statute, or yoke seeme scarsly tolerable, yet for remembraunce of S. Peter it must bee humbly obeyed. Marginalia118.
Sextus Decret. Tit. 7. De renunciat. Quoniam. Glosa.
118. Yea and moreouer obediēce is to be geuen, not onely to such decrees set foorth by me in tyme of my Popedome, but also to such as I do foresee and commit to writyng before I be Pope. Marginalia119.
Offic. l. 1.
119. And although it be thought by some writers to be gyuen to all men to erre, and to be deceaued. Marginalia120.
Glosa. Extra. D. verb. signif. cap. Ad.
120. yet neither am I a pure man. Marginalia121.
Pope Gregorius. Caus. 35. q. 9. Apostolica.
121. and agayne the sentence of my Apostolicke seat is alwayes conceaued with such moderation, is cōcocte and digested with such paciēce and rypenes, and deliuered out with such grauitie of deliberation, that nothyng is thought in it necessary to be altered or retracted. Marginalia122.
Pope Symmachus. Caus. 9. q. 3. Aliorum.
122. Wherfore it is manifest, and testified by the voyce of holy Byshops, that the dignitie of this my seat is to be reuerēced thorow the whole world, in that all the faythfull submit them selues to it, as to the head of the whole body. Marginalia123.
123. Wherof it is spoken to me by the Prophet, speakyng of the Arcke: if this be humbled, whether shall you runne for succour, & where shal your glory become? Seyng then this is so, that so holy Byshops and Scriptures do witnesse with me, what shall we say then to such as wil take vpon them to iudge of my doynges, to reprehende my procedynges, or to require homage and tribute of me, to whom all other be subiect? Marginalia124.
Pope Gregorius. 6. q. 3. Scriptum est.
124. Agaynst the first sort the Scripture speaketh Deut. thou oughtest not to put thy sieth in an other mās corne. 

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Deut. 23:25.

Which thyng to attempt agaynst me, what is it but playne sacrilege? Marginalia125.
Caus. 17. q. 4. Sacrileg. Glosa.
125. Accordyng to my Canonistes, which thus define sacrilege to consist in iij. things, either when a man iudgeth of his Princes iudgement: or whē

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