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K. Henry. 8. Persecution in the dioces of Lincolne.

MarginaliaAn. 1521
Ex Regist. Io. Longland. Lincol.

Accusers.Parties accused.Crimes obiected.

mans soule frō sinne, and so from payne: it is no-
thing but blinding of the people, to haue their
Also for these wordes, or such like: If a man do
sow xx quarters of corne, as wheate or barley, or
other corne, he ought to deduct his sede, and of
the residue to tithe, or els he hath wrong. &c.

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Funge &
Alyce his
were put
to their
othe to


For speaking against the reall pre
sence of Christ in the Sacrament
vnto Francis Fūge, as before. &c.

Raue, of

For saying these workes: That the
Sacramēt of the aultar is not that
body which was borne of the bles
sed virgine Mary.
Item, for speaking such woordes
xiiij. yeres past: That folkes were
ill occupyed that worshipped any
thinges grauen with mans hand:
for that is grauen with mans
hand, is neither God, nor our La-
dy, but made for a remembraūce
of Saintes. Nor we ought to wor-
ship any thing, but God and our
Lady, and not Jmages of saints,
which are but stockes and stones.

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Deyn for-
ced by his
othe to
Edmund Hill of Penne.

prieste of
Orton by

For hauyng and readyng vpon a
suspected booke: which boke when
he perceaued to be seene in his
hand, he closed it and caried it
to his chamber.

Ioh. Hill
was for-
ced by
his othe,
did detect

Thomas Groue and his wife, of
Matild Philby wife of Edward Philby
of Chaldwey.

of Ches-

Because shee instructed & taught
the sayd Hill before his abiura-
tion, in the Epistle of S. Iames, and
other opinions.

William Atkyns of great Missenden.
Richard Murden, of Chesham.
Emme Murden, his wife.

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W. Gud-
game for
ced by
his oth to

game hys
owne wife.

For beyng in the same opinion of
the Sacrament that hee was of:
who notwithstandyng did sweare
the same not to bee true, that her
husband sayd.
Alyce Nashe or Chapman, of Missenden.

des, and
Iohn Sy-
her hus-
band, put
to their
othe de-

One Hag
Commentary  *  Close

John Hacker was an extraordinarily influential Lollard with a long career; see J. A. F. Thomson, The Later Lollards, 1414-1520 for details. Hacker will be arrested in London in 1527 and in 1528, he would abjure and give the names of over 40 other Lollards to the authorities (1563, p. 418 and BL, Harley 421, fos. 11r-14r).

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of Lō
MarginaliaA prophesie.
For speaking in their house, an.
1520. these wordes: That there
should be a battaile of Priestes, &
all the Priestes should bee slayne,
and that the Priestes shoulde a
while rule: but they should all bee
destroyed, because they holde a-
gaynst the law of holy Church, &
for making of false Gods, and af-

ter that they should be ouerthrowen.
Item, an other time, hee said, that men of
the Church should be put downe, and the false
Gods that they make: and after that he sayd
they should know more, & then should be a me-
ry worlde.

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Accusers.Parties accused.Crimes obiected.

forced by
his othe,
did detect

pher Tin
ker of

The cause of this Tinkers trouble
was fot that hee comming to this
mans house, and complaynyng to
him of the pouertie of the worlde,
had these woordes: That there
was neuer so misgouerned people,
and that they bare them selues so
bold vpon pardons and pilgrima-
ges, that they cared not what soe-
uer they did, and so he departed.
And after that vij. dayes, thys
Tinker comyng againe, asked
him how his communication with
him last did please him, and he
said, well. Then the Tinker said

he knew more, and that he could tell him more,
and bad him that he should beleue in God in
heauen: for here bee many Gods in earth, and
there is but one God: and that hee was once
here, and was yll dealt with, and would no more
come here till the day of dome: and that the
Sacrament of the altare was a holie thing, but
not the flesh and bloud of Christ that was borne
of the virgine, and charged him not to tell
this to his wife, and especially to his wiues bro-
ther a Priest.
Afterwarde as the Priest was drying singing
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I.e., communion wafers.

being wette, which his sister had bought,
the foresaid Thomas Clerke said, that if euery
one of these were a God, then were there many
Gods. To whom the Priest aunswered, that till
the holy wordes were spoken ouer it, it was of no
power, and then it was very God, fleshe and
bloud, saying moreouer that it was not mete for
any lay man to speake of such thinges.
These wordes of the Priest beyng after recited
to the Tinker, by the said Clerke: then said hee,
let euery man say what they will: but you shall
finde it as I shewe you: and if you will take la-
bour to come to my house, I will shew you a far-
ther profe of it, if you will take hede. &c.

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Pope first
of Amer-
sham, af-
ter of
dred, cau-
sed by his
othe, dyd
these fo-

aliâs Litle
page, and
his wife.

To these was obiected for that
they had communication and
conference with this Rob. Pope
in the Gospell of S. Mathew, be-
fore the great abiuration, in the
towne of Amersham.

Tho. Scri
uener fa-
ther to
Tho. Hol
Commentary  *  Close

Thomas Holmes informed against so many people that even Foxe is reluctant to credit him as a martyr; yet it was not enough to save him. Why he was treated with such unusual severity is unclear.


This Scriuener was detected for
that the said Pope had of him a
booke of the Epistles in English.

Ward of
field, and
his father.

To Warde this was layd, that the
foresaide Pope had receaued a
booke of the x. Cōmaundementes.
He had also the Gospels of Mat-
thew and Marke.
Of the same Ward he learned his
Christ Crosse row: Fiue partes of
the viij. beatitudes.


Thomas Harding, and his wife. 
Commentary  *  Close

A Thomas Harding and his wife were listed among those who had abjured in 1511. In 1532, Thomas Harding will be burned for heresy.

Iohn Scriuener, and his wife. 
Commentary  *  Close

John Scrivener will be burned in 1521; see TNA, C/85/115/13.

Tho. Mā,
and his
Commentary  *  Close

Quite possibly one or both of these Thomas Mans were the same person as the martyr.

An other
Tho. Mā,
and his

These were detected for this, be-
cause they had communed and
talked with the saide Roberte
Pope oft times in bookes of Scrip-
ture and other matters of Religi-
on concernyng pilgremage, adora-
tion of Jmages, and the Sacra-
ment of the Lordes body.
Thomas Bernard.

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