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K. Henry. 8. Persecution in the dioces of Lincolne.

Accusers.Parties accused.Crimes obiected.

The fore-
said Iohn
of Bur-
ford, dyd
to the By
shop, these
here na-

Laurence Taylor of Shordiche.
Thomas Philippe 
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A pointmaker of the parish of Micheal le Querne, London. John Hacker informed on him in 1528. He was imprisoned and later held in the house of Thomas More (then Lord Chancellor), who turned him back over to Bishop Stokesley (BL, Harley MS 421, fo. 13r; More, Apology, CWTM 9, p. 126). He abjured, but abjured his abjuration and was imprisoned in the Tower (1570, pp. 1185-6, 1576, p. 1014; 1583, p. 1042). He remained imprisoned in the Tower, but working as a gaoler. In this capacity he aided evangelical prisoners (BL, Harley MS 425, fo. 138v).

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of London.
Philippe, seruaunt of Richard Colyns.
VVaunsell fishmonger, of the Vise.
Ioanne Robert.
Burges wife.
Iohn Boyes, and his brother, a monke of
Thomas Baker, father to Gunnes wife
of Whatley.
Agnes, daughter of Iohn Edmundes.
The mother of Iohn Boyes, of Sedbery.
Edward Red Scholmaster of Burford.
Robert Hichman of Lechelade.

of Burford.

This Elynor was charged that
she should burne the Sacrament in
an ouen.

Iohn Through, of the Priorie of Burford.
The mother of Robert Burges wife.

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Dods of
by his oth
was com-
pelled to
these per-
sons here

Syr Iohn
vicare of
in Worce-

The crime agaynst this Sir Iohn
Drurie was, for that, when Ro-
ger Dods came first to him to be
his seruaunt, he sware him vppon
a booke to kepe his counsails in all
thinges: and after that he shewed
him a certeine womā in his house
whom he said to be his wife, coun
sailing moreouer the said Roger
Dods vppon an Imbring day, to
suppe with bread and chese, say-
ing: that which goeth into a mans
body defileth not a mans soule, but
that whiche goeth out of the body
defileth both body and soule.
Also that the sayde vicare
taughte him the A. B. C. to
the entent hee shoulde haue vn-
derstanding in the Apocalyps,
wherein hee said that hee shoulde
perceaue all the falsehode of the
world, and all the truth. He said
farther more vnto him, when hee
had bene at the lady of Worcester,
and at the bloud of hailes, whiche
had cost him. xviij. pence, that he
had done as an ill husband, that
had plowed his land and sowen it,
but nothing to the purpose: For he
had worshipped mans hādy worke
and cast away his money, whiche
had bene better geuē to the poore:
for hee shoulde worship but one
God, and no handy worke of man.
Item, when the people would offer
candels, where he was vicare, to
Mary Magdalene, he would take
thē away & say they were fooles,
that brought them thether.

Elizabeth More, of Easthenred.
Robert Pope, of Westhenred.

Miller or
Tucke, by

This Henry did shewe to Roger
Dods a certeine story of a woman
in the Apocalyps, ryding vpon a
a red beast. 
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The whore of Babylon; see Rev. 17:1-6.

The sayd Henry was
twise abiured.

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A John Phipp appeared on the list of those in the Amersham area who abjured in 1511. It probably was not the same person, since Phipp was not executed for relapse in 1521, but it could well have been a close relative.

of Hychen

For readyng vnto the sayd Ro-
ger Dods, a certeine Gospell in

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Accusers.Parties accused.Crimes obiected.

The fore
sayd Ro-
ger Dods
of Bur-
ford, by
his othe
was com
pelled to
these per-
sons here

Fyppe of
and Hēry
his sonne.

This William had exhorted Ro-
ger Dods, that hee should worship
no Images, nor commit no Idola-
trie, but worship one God: and
tolde the same Roger that it was
good for a mā to be mery & wise,
meaning, that he should kepe close
that was told him: for els streit
punishement would folow.

Rog. Par
ker of Hy

This Parker sayd to Iohn Fyppe 
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A John Phipp appeared on the list of those in the Amersham area who abjured in 1511. It probably was not the same person, since Phipp was not executed for relapse in 1521, but it could well have been a close relative.

for burnyng of his bookes, that
hee was foule to blame, for they
were worth a C. markes. To whō
Iohn aunswered, that he had ra-
ther burne his bookes, then that
his bookes should burne him.

The wife of Thomas Wydmore, daughter
of Roger House, of Hychenden.
Old Wydmores wife, sister to Iohn Fyppe
of Hychenden.

Iohn Le-
disdall of

For reading of the Bible, in Ro-
bert Burges house at Burford vp-
pon holy rood day, with Colyns Ly
uerd, Thomas Hall, and other. MarginaliaFor reading the Bible in Englishe.

Rob. Co
lyns, and
his wife.

For byeng a Bible of Stacy, 
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John Stacy, a warden of the bricklayers company. He will be charged in 1531 for aiding - and having converted - the evangelical martyr Richard Bayfield (1570, p. 1161; 1576, p. 993 and 1583, p. 1021). He will testify against Thomas Phillips and then abjured (1570, p. 1185; 1576, p. 1014 and 1583, pp. 1041-1042).

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for xx. .

Iohn Colyns, and his wife.

The fa-
ther of
Rob. Co

This father Colyns had bene of
this doctrine from the yeare of
our Lord. 1480.

Thomas Baker of
Roberte Lyuored.
Iohn Symson,
of Steuenton.
Thomas Ryley,
of Burford.
Iohn Clemson,
seruaunt to the
prior of Burford.
Iohn Edmundes,
of Burford.
VVilliam Gunne,
of Wytney.

To these was layd, that
they beyng in the house
of Iohn Harrys of Vp-
ton, at the mariage of
Ioanne the wife of Ro-
bert Burges, did read in
a boke called Nicode-
mus Gospell, that made
the cloth whiche our
Lord was buried in (as
the Register saith) and
in that booke is the sto-
rie of the destruction of

Iohn Baker Weauer, of Wytney.
The Balyffe of Wytney.

Iohn Hakker.
Iohn Brabant, and
his wife.
Iohn Brabant his
sonne, with his wife.
Iohn Brabant the
yoūger sonne, with
his wife.
MarginaliaFor reading the scripture in Englishe.
For readyng in a cer-
teine Englishe booke of
Scripture, they beyng
together in Iohn Bra-
bants house of Stan-
Reginald Brabant, of Stanlake.


The crime and detection against
this Henry was, for that he being
asked of this Dods. an. 1515.
whether he would go to Wycombe
or not, aunswered againe, that
hee was chosen Roode man,
that is, keper of the Roode loft, say
ing, that he must goe and tynde a
candle before his BLOCKE AL-

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