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1. Exhumations of Bucer and Phagius along with Peter Martyr's Wife2. Pole's Visitation Articles for Kent3. Ten Martyrs Burnt at Canterbury4. The 'Bloody Commission'5. Twenty-two Prisoners from Colchester6. Five Burnt at Smithfield7. Stephen Gratwick and others8. Edmund Allen and other martyrs9. Alice Benden and other martyrs10. Examinations of Matthew Plaise11. Richard Woodman and nine other martyrs12. Ambrose13. Richard Lush14. Edmund Allen15. The Martyrdom of Simon Miller and Elizabeth Cooper16. Rose Allin and nine other Colchester Martyrs17. John Thurston18. George Eagles19. Richard Crashfield20. Fryer and George Eagles' sister21. Joyce Lewes22. Rafe Allerton and others23. Agnes Bongeor and Margaret Thurston24. John Kurde25. John Noyes26. Cicelye Ormes27. Persecution at Lichfield28. Persecution at Chichester29. Thomas Spurdance30. Hallingdale, Sparrow and Gibson31. John Rough and Margaret Mearing32. Cuthbert Simson33. William Nicholl34. Seaman, Carman and Hudson35. Three at Colchester36. A Royal Proclamation37. Roger Holland and other Islington martyrs38. Stephen Cotton and other martyrs39. Scourging of Thomas Hinshaw40. Scourging of John Milles41. Richard Yeoman42. John Alcocke43. Thomas Benbridge44. Four at St Edmondsbury45. Alexander Gouch and Alice Driver46. Three at Bury47. A Poor Woman of Exeter48. Priest's Wife of Exeter49. The Final Five Martyrs50. John Hunt and Richard White51. John Fetty52. Nicholas Burton53. John Fronton54. Another Martyrdom in Spain55. Baker and Burgate56. Burges and Hoker57. The Scourged: Introduction58. Richard Wilmot and Thomas Fairfax59. Thomas Greene60. Bartlett Greene and Cotton61. Steven Cotton's Letter62. James Harris63. Robert Williams64. Bonner's Beating of Boys65. A Beggar of Salisbury66. Providences: Introduction67. The Miraculously Preserved68. William Living69. Edward Grew70. William Browne71. Elizabeth Young72. Elizabeth Lawson73. Christenmas and Wattes74. John Glover75. Dabney76. Alexander Wimshurst77. Bosom's wife78. Lady Knevet79. Mistress Roberts80. Anne Lacy81. Crosman's wife82. Congregation at Stoke in Suffolk83. Congregation of London84. Edward Benet85. Jeffrey Hurst86. William Wood87. Simon Grinaeus88. The Duchess of Suffolk89. Thomas Horton 90. Thomas Sprat91. John Cornet92. Thomas Bryce93. Gertrude Crockhey94. William Mauldon95. Robert Horneby96. Mistress Sandes97. John Kempe98. Thomas Rose99. Complaint against the Ipswich Gospellers100. Tome 6 Life and Preservation of the Lady Elizabeth101. The Unprosperous Queen Mary102. Punishments of Persecutors103. Foreign Examples104. A Letter to Henry II of France105. The Death of Henry II and others106. Justice Nine-Holes107. John Whiteman108. Admonition to the Reader109. Hales' Oration110. Cautions to the Reader111. Snel112. Laremouth113. William Hunter's Letter
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Q. Mary. A Complaint of such as fauored the Gospell in Ipswich.

Marginalia1558.At the length the Bishop sent to a Coniurer, to know of hym which way I was gone, and he answeared, that I was gone ouer a water, and in the keeping of a woman. And in very deede I was passed ouer a small water, and was hyd by a blessed woman and godly wydowe (whiche lyued in a poore cottage) the space of three weekes, tyl al the great heate was ouer.

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Then was I conueyed to London, and frō thence pas-

sed ouer the seas, where I lyued tyl the death of Q. Mary & that it pleased God for the cōfort of his church, & restoring of al poore exiles and prisoners for his names sake, to blesse this Realme, with the gouernment of our noble Queene, whō God to the glory of his owen name, & þe defence of his Church, accordyng to his good wyll and pleasure long preserue and continue ouer vs. Amen.

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A Complaynt against such as fauoured the Gospell in Ispwich, exhibited to Queene Maryes Counsayle, sittyng in Commission at Bechelles in Suffolke, the 18. of May. An. 1556. by Philip Williams, aliâs Footman, Iohn Steward, and Mathewe Butlar, sworne for the purpose. 
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Complaint against the Ipswich Gospellers

This document was introduced in the 1576 edition. Notice the predominance of St Christopher's parish in this list. And notice the frequency with which members and servants of certain families - particularly the Nottinghams - appear on this list.

¶ The names of such as fledde out of the Towne, and lurked in secrete places, as:

MarginaliaS. Mary TowerRobert Partriche.
Rose Nottingham, daughter of William Nottingham
the elder. 

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Rose Nottingham had earlier got into trouble for her public support of the Marian martyr Robert Samuel (1570, p. 1879; 1576, p. 1609 and 1583, p. 1704).

MarginaliaS. Laurence.Anne Fenne, seruaunt to Robert Nottingham.
Andrewe Yngforbye his wife and daughter. 

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Andrew Ingforby and his family fled to Geneva, where his daughter Joan married Laurence Humphrey, one of Foxe's closest friends (see the article on Humphrey in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography).

Thomas Thompson Shomaker, supposed to haue re-
ceyued but twise these. xvij. yeares.
Marten Algate, Lockesmyth his wife.

MarginaliaS. Margarets.William Pickesse, Tanner.
Iohn Whoodles, Couerlet weauer, and his wife.
William Harset, Brycklayer.
Thomas Fowler, Shomaker.
W. Wright his wife at the Wynd myl.
Laurence Waterward late Curate, borne in a towne cal-
led Chorley, in Lankeshyre.

MarginaliaS. Nicholas.Widowe Swayne.
Mathew Byrd and his wife.
Stephen Greenwich and his wyfe.
Wil. Colman, seruant to the said Stephen.
Rob. Colman and his wife.
Roger Laurence, aliâs Sparow.
Iohn Carelton, Sadler.
William Colman.
Iames Hearste his wife.

MarginaliaS. Peters.Rich. Houer apprentise with Nicholas Nottingham.
Richard Hedley a seller of heretical bookes.

MarginaliaS. Stephens.Iames Bockyng Shomaker his wife.
Iohn Rawe, late seruant to Iames Ashley.

William Palmer.
Rich. Richman
Iohn Deersley
seruaunts to Ste. Greene Shoo-

Rich. Richman Shoomaker his wife, daughter to mo-
ther Fenkel Mydwife.

MarginaliaS. Clementes.Maistres Tooley, who departed to Darsham in Suff.
Agnes Wardal the elder widowe.
Robert Wardal her sonne.

MarginaliaS. Mathewes.Iohn Shoomaker and hys wyfe.

¶ The names of such as haue not receyued the Sacrament.

MarginaliaS. Clementes.Robert Bray.
Iohn Nottingham.
Agnes Wardal, wife of Robert Wardal. 

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Agnes Wardall had barely eluded arrest for heresy (1570, p. 2124; 1576, p. 1846 and 1583, pp. 1940-41).

Nicholas Nottingham.
Richard Michel.
William Iordane his wyfe.
Richard Butteral.
Robert Browne.

MarginaliaS. Peters.Iohn Reade.
Thomas Spurdance.
Iohn, seruant to Stephen Grinleffe.

MarginaliaS. Stephens.Robert Scoldyng.

MarginaliaS. Margarets.Iohn Greenwich and his wyfe.

MarginaliaS. Nicholas.Thomas Sturgeon Maryner.
Iohn Fynne his wife.

MarginaliaS. Mary Keye.Robert Branstone, brother and seruaunt to William

MarginaliaS. Mary TowerMarten Iohnson, who lyeth bedrede.

Agnes his keeper.
Bent Aldced.
seruants to Rob. Nottingham.

MarginaliaS. Laurence.Robert Sylke his sonne.

MarginaliaS. Mary at Elmes.Iohn Ramsey 

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Ramsey was in prison for his repeated involvement in plots against Mary (see APC V, pp. 65, 70, 87-88 and 105). Ramsey was also the author of A Protestant polemics, A plaister for a galled horse (London, 1548), STC 20662 and a didactic work, A corosyfe to be layde harde unto the hartes of all faythfull professours of Christes gospels (London, 1548?), STC 20661.

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and his wyfe, nowe in prison.

¶ Names of such as obserue not ceremonies.

MarginaliaS. Clementes.Robert Cambridge refused the Paxe.
Robert Brage his wyfe refused to suffer any chylde to
be dypped in the Font.

Ioane Barber wydowe.
Thomasin her daughter.
Maistresse Ponder, mo-
ther to Ioane Barber.
Tye a Maryner his wyfe.
refused to beholde the ele-
uation of the sacrament.
in the same fault

MarginaliaS. Mary at Elmes.Richard Haward refused the Paxe at Masse in Saint

MarginaliaS. Peters.M. Lyons at Masse at S. Mary Stoke refused the

Mother Fenkel.
Ioan Ward, aliâs Bent-
leys wife.
refuse to haue chyldrē dyp-
ped in Fontes.

MarginaliaS. Stephens.Mother Beryffe Mydwyfe refuseth to haue chyldren
dypped in Fontes.

MarginaliaS. Nicholas.George Busshe his wyfe reiected the Host after receyt
of it.

¶ Names of priestes wyues that haue accesse to their husbandes.

Rafe Carleton his wyfe Curate of S. Mathewes, &
S. Mary at Elmes.
Elizabeth Cantrel, wyfe to Rafe Cantrel.
Iane Barker, wife to Robert Barker Priest, late of
Latymer his wyfe, Curate of saint Laurence and S.
William Clarke his wyfe, late Curate of Barkham,
and S. Mary at Elmes.

¶ Names of maynteyners agaynst this complaynt.

Robert Steroppe, Customer to Queene Mary.
Gylbert Sterop, deputie to Edward Grymstone Es-
quier, for his Butlerage.
Maister Butler the elder, Searcher.
Maistresse Tooly swelling by much riches into wealth.
Margaret Bray, who also presumeth vpon the office of
a Mydwife, not called.

MarginaliaS. Clementes.Ioane Barber wydow,
Maystresse Byrd.
practising much wholesome

MarginaliaS. Mary Keyes.Bastian Mannes wyfe and hym selfe more riche then

¶ Their requestes to punish and conuent certayne, whose ensample might reuerse other from their opinions.

To conuent Richard Byrd Gaylor, who by euyl coun-
sel doth animate his prisoners of his sect. Also for that
he with his wife dyd checke vs openly with vnseemely
wordes, tendyng almost to a tumult.

To conuent Tho. Sadler, for certayne words spoken
to Iohn Bate the Cryer of the town, the sixt of May.

That it might please þe B. to wish his Cōmissary & of-
ficiall, to be vpright & diligēt in their office, & to appoint a
Curate of more abilitie to feede his cure wt gods worde.

That none may be suffered to be Mydwyues, but such
as are Catholike, because of euyl counsel at such tymes
as the necessitie of womens trauayle shal require a nū-
ber of women assembled.

That Rafe Carleton Curate, may be cōuented, whe-
ther by corruption of money he hath ingrossed his booke,
of any that are there named, and hath not receyued in
deede as it is reported.

¶ The
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