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The P caried on mēs shoulders, the Emp. & K. going before him. Ex li. Sacrar. Cer. li. 1.
MarginaliaThe Image of Antichrist exalted in the tēple of God aboue all that is called God. 2. Thess. 2.

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CUL copy: a significant amount of additional detail is provided by the painter in this illustration, although, again, no additional detail is provided over the top of the colour red when used. WREN copy: another pale image, although there is a good attempt made to provide detail to the clothing depicted, particularly the fur collars. There is, however, too much detail provided in black ink.

notwithstandyng to Peter (themselues also agreyng to the same) that he should beare dominion and superiority ouer all the other Apostles. Marginalia149. Ibidem. Quasi vero Petrus non a Petra, sed xxxx ducatur. 149. And therefore had hys name geuen him Cephas, that is, hed or beginning of the Apostlehode. Marginalia15[illegible text]. Dist. 21. cap. In nouo. 150. wherupon the order of priesthode first in the new testament begā in Peter, to whom it was sayd: Thou art Peter, and vpon thee I will build my church. Marginalia151. Ibidem. 151. And I will geue thee the keyes of the kingdom of heauen. And thou beyng conuerted confirme thy brethrē. Marginalia152. Dist. 21. cap. Decretis. 152. I haue prayed for thee, that thy faith shall not faile. Wherfore seyng such power is geuen to Peter. Marginalia153. Pope Leo. Dist. 19. c. Ita Dominus. 153. and to me in Peter, beyng his successor. Marginalia154. Pope Nicolaus in tantum. Dist. 22. 154. who is he then in all the world that ought not to be subiect to my decrees which haue such power in heauē, in hel, in earth with the quicke and also the dead? Marginalia155. Pope Clement. in Bulla Viennæ, in scrinijs priuilegiorum. 155. cōmaundyng and graūtyng in my bull of lead sent to Vienna, vnto all such as died in their peregrination to Rome, that the payne of hell should not touch them: And also that all such as tooke the holy crosse vpon then, should eueryone at his request not only be deliuered himselfe, but also deliuer 3. or 4. soules whom so euer he would, out of purgatory. Marginalia156. Dist. 21. cap. Decretis. 156. Agayne, hauing such promise & assuraunce, that my faith shall not fayle, who then will not beleue my doctrine? For did not Christ himself first pray for Peter that his faith should not fail? Marginalia157. Pope Anacletus. Dist. 22. c. Sacrosancta. 157. Also haue not I a sure promise of Paules own mouth, writing to my Church by these words: god is my witnes whō I serue in my spirit, in þe gospel of his sonne, þt without ceasing I make mētion of you alwayes in my praiers? Rom. 1. 

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Romans 1: 9-10.

MarginaliaScripture well applyed, and lyke a Clerke. Marginalia158. Pope Damasus. 25. q. [illegible text] Greg. Dist. 19. [illegible text]. 158. Wherfore as I cōdēne all such worthely, which will not obey my decrees, to be disposessed of all their honor, without restitution: Marginalia159. Pope Nicolaus. Dist. 22 cap. Omnes. 159. So all they þt beleue not my doctrine or stand against þe priuiledge of þe church especially of þe church of Rome, I pronounce thē heretikes. Marginalia160. Ibidem. 160. And as þe other before is to be called vniust, so this mā is to be called an heretike. Marginalia161. Ibidem. 161. For why, he goeth against þe fayth which goeth against her who is þe mother of faith. Marginalia162. Dist. 20. Decretales. 162. But here may rise percase a dout or scruple, þt if my fayth & knowledge stand so sure by þe promise of Christ, & by the continual prayer of s. Paul: whether is it true, or is to be graunted, þt any other should excel me in knowledge or interpretatiō of holy scripture. Marginalia163. Ibidem. 163. For loke whose knowledge is grounded of most reason, his words should seme to be of more authority. Marginalia164. Ibidem. 164. Wherunto I answer & graunt, that many there be and haue bene more aboundantly indued with fuller grace of the holy Ghost, and greater excellencie of knowledge, and therfore that the tractations of Augustine, Hierome and others ought to be preferred before þe constitutions of diuers popes: yet I say in determination of causes, because they haue not the vertue and height of that authoritie which is giuen to me, therfore in expounding of Scriptures they are to be preferred, but in deciding of matters they stand inferiour to my authoritie. By vertue of whiche authoritie. Marginalia165. Dist. 19 si Rousanorum. 165. both they themselues be allowed for doctours, and their workes approued, & also all other matters be ruled, through the power of the keyes which is giuen to me immediatly of Christ. Although I deny not but the same keyes be also committed to other prelates, as they were to other Apostles besides Peter: Marginalia166. Gariell Biel. lib. 4. Dist. 19. 166. yet it is one thyng to haue þe keyes, an other thing to haue the vse of the keyes. Marginalia167. Petrus de Palude. 167. Wherfore here is to bee noted a distinctiō of keyes, after the minde of my scholedoctors: one key which is called Clauis ordinis, hauyng anthoritie to bind and lose, but not ouer the persons whom they binde & lose, and this authoritie they take not immediatly of Christ, but mediatly by me the vicare of Christ. The other key is called Clauis iurisdictonis, which I þe vicar of Christ take immediatly of him, hauyng not onely authoritie to bind and lose, but also dominiō ouer thē on whō this key is exercised. By þe iurisdiction of which key, þe fulnes of my power is so great, þt where as al other are subiects. Marginalia168. Dist. 96. cap. Imperator. 168. yea & Emperours thē selues ought to subdue their executions to me. Onely I am a subiect to no creature. Marginalia169. Gabriel. lib. 4. Dist. 19. 169. no not to my selfe, except I list, In foro pœnitentiæ, to my Ghostly father submitting my selfe as a sinner, but not as pope: So that my Papall maiestie euer remaineth vnminished. Superiour to all men. Marginalia170. Pope Nicol. Dist. 19. cap. Si Romanorū in Glosa. 170. whom all persons ought to obey. Marginalia171. Item. 24. q. 1. Hæc est. 171. and fol-

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