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Buda [Ofen: German]


Capital of Hungary 1361 - 1541

Coordinates: 47° 30' 0 N, 19° 1' 60 E

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Oradea (Varadinum)


Coordinates: 47° 4' 20" N, 21° 55' 16" E

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Pécs (Fuenfkirchen; Quinque Ecclesiae) [Quinque Ecclesias]

Baranya, Hungary

Coordinates: 46° 4' 16.5" N, 18° 13' 59.2" E

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Vienna (Wien)


Cathedral city

Coordinates: 48° 12' 0" N, 16° 21' 0" E

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Wiener Neustadt [Neustat; Neapolis]

Lower Austria, Austria

Coordinates: 47° 49' 0" N, 16° 15' 0" E

772 [748]

K. Hen. 7. Rhodes wonne of the Turks. K. Ludouick. K. Ferdinan. Vaiuoda. Vienna besieged.

in the Turkes campe, that 30. M. of them died thereof: and yet for all thys, Solyman woulde not cease from hys siege begonne: who at length by vnderminers casting downe the vamures and vttermost partes of the citie, wan groūd still more and more vpon the Rhodians, and with mortary pieces so battered the houses, þt there was no free place almost standing in all the Citie. And thus continued the siege for the space of fiue or sixe monethes, and yet all thys while came no help vnto them from the christians. MarginaliaChristian princes negligent in helping their felowes. Wherfore they being out of all hope, thorough the aduise of Valladamus, yelded themselues vnto the Turke vppon condition that hee woulde spare them wyth life and goodes, which conuention the Turke kepte wyth them faithfully and truely.

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Thus Solyman with his great glory and vtter shame to all christian princes, and also ruine of all Christendome, got the noble Ile of Rhodes, MarginaliaRhodes wonne of the turke. although not wythout great losse and detriment of hys army: in so much that at one assault 20. thousande Turkes about the walles, were slayne with fire, sword, stones, and other engines. Wherby it may be coniectured what these Rhodians might or would haue done, if succor had come to them from other christian princes as they looked for. This city was wonne vpon Christmas day. An. 1522.

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Thys conquest of Rhodes obtained, Solyman the 4. yeare after, bringeth backe his army againe into Hungary, where he founde none to resist him but onely Ludouike the yong king: who being accompanied with a smal army, and nothing able to matche wyth the Turke, yet of a hasty rashnes and vaine hope of victory, would needes set vpon him: who if he had staide but a little, had prospered the better. For Ioannes Vaiuoda being a Capitaine well exercised in Turkish warres before, was not farre off, comming with a sufficient power of able souldiors. MarginaliaChristen warres against the turke neuer speede well vnder the guiding of Popishe prelates.But Paulus the Archbishop Coloss. a Franciscane Frier, a man more bold then wise, with his temerity and rashnes troubled al their doings: For the whole summe of the army of the Hungarians, contained in all but only 24. M. horsmen and footemen, who at length comming vnto the battaile, and being compassed about wyth a great multitude of the Turkes army, were brought into great distres. The Turks twise shotte of their pieces against the Christian army: yet scarce was any Christian touched with the stroke therof: whych was thought to be done of purpose, bicause they were christians whych had the ordering of the gunnes, MarginaliaChristians were the speciall gunners to the turkefor then the speciall gunners of the Turkes were Christians, whome for the same cause they spared. Then the Turkes horsmen comming vpon the backe of the christian armie, compassed them about, and by reason of their multitude, ouercharged their horsemen. MarginaliaThe rashe archbishop slaine.Amongst whom was slaine the same tyme the Archb. Frier aforesayd, wyth the Bishops of Strigone and Varadine & many other nobles besides. Marginaliaking Ludouicke perished in warAlso the kyng himselfe being desitute of hys necessary aide and succour, was compelled to flie into a marish, where he falling from his horse, being heauy loden with his harneis, was not able to rise againe, but there miserably perished.

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Solyman the Turke marueiled at the foolyshnesse of Ludouike the King, who wyth so small an armye woulde presume to encounter wyth such a great hoste of two hundreth thousande. This battaile in Hungarie was fought, Anno. 1526. 

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This was the overwhelming Ottoman victory at Mohács on 29 August1526.

MarginaliaFerdinandus K. of Hungary.After the deceasse of Ludouicke 

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From here through the siege of Vienna, Foxe is taking his detailednarrative of events from Giovann Battisto Ramusio's history as excerpted inLaonicus Chalkokondylas, De origine et rebus gestis Turcorum (Basel, 1556), pp.199-208. Foxe abridged a great deal of the detail in the account, particularly thedescription of the Ottoman army and the topography of Vienna.

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, Ferdinandus succeded in the kingdome, being Duke of Austria and king of Hungarie. Then Solyman setting contention betwixt Ioanne Vaiuoda and Ferdinandus for the kingdom of Hungarie, spedde his viage to the Citie of Buda, whych also in short time he made to be yelded vnto hym vpon condition that they should escape with their liues and goodes: whych cōdition some say he kept, and some say he did not. MarginaliaBuda, Varadinum, and the citie called Quinquecclesia taken of the turke.Besides Buda diuers places and munitiōs the sayd Turk, contrary to his league made before, did spoile and waste, as Varadinum, Quinque Ecclesias, and other fortes and munitions moe, bordering about the coastes of Hungary.

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In the yeare of our Lorde 1529.  

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In the 1563 edition, Foxe prints an account of Süleyman's1529 campaign in Hungary and the siege of Vienna. Foxe based this account on Edward Hall, The unyon of the twoo noble and illustre families of Lancastre andYork (London, 1550), STC 12723a, fos. CXLIv-CXLIIr.

Ferdinandus king of Hungarie aforesaid, recouered diuers holdes gotten of the Turke before, and also warring againste Ioannes Vaiuoda his enemy, MarginaliaContention betweene Ferdinandus, and Vaiuoda.with whom he had variance (as ye heard before) expulsed him out of his kingdom. MarginaliaVaiuoda flieth to the turks.Wherupon Vaiuoda flying to the Turke, desired his ayde. The Turke glad to take that occasion, wyth great preparatiō addressed him selfe to returne into Hungary, where he recouering againe the Citie of Buda, which Ferdinandus had gotten from him a little before, remooued his armye into Austria, spoyling and destroying by the way all that came to hys handes, shewing many examples of great cruelty & tyranny most lamentable to here and vnderstand. For of some he put out their eies, of some he cutte of their handes, of sometheir eares and noses, and of their children he cut of theyr priuy members. The maidens he corrupted, the matrones had their brestes cut of, and such as were with childe, were ript and their childrē cast into the fire. MarginaliaHorrible examples of the turkes crueltie.And these examples of horrible and barbarous tyranny, thys wretched Turke perpetrated by the way comming toward Vienna a noble City in Austria, besides the captiues which he tooke by the way, and led into seruitude moste miserable, mounting to the number of 30. thousand.

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Among other holdes by the waye as the Turke came, there was a castle called Altenburch strongly by nature situated, and by art defenced, which castle the Turke entending not to ouerpasse because he woulde make all thynges sure behinde him, began to make hys assault, and lay hys ordinance against it. MarginaliaThe effeminate cowardlynes of the souldiours in Altenburch.The warders and kepers of the Castle, so soone as the Turks began to lay siege against them, making no resistance, of a womanly cowardnes sent their messengers to the Turke to yelde themselues, ready to doe his commaundement, and further him with their vitaile. MarginaliaThe castell of Altenburch yelded to the turke. Amongest whome were three hundreth Bohemians, who were commaunded to followe the hoste, that the Turke by them might learne what strength was in the city of Vienna: also where the king was, and what was to be done for the winning therof.

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Of whom when the Turke had vnderstanding howe all things stoode, and how that there was but 20. thousand men in Vienna able to beare armour, and that other cities of Austria would soone yeelde if that were gotten, and that Vienna was vitailed but for 2. monthes, and that the king was of late in Boheme, thus the Turk of all things being certified, hauing no doubt in hys minde of victorie, made speede toward Vienna: and first comming to Neapolis MarginaliaNeapolis besieged of the turke. a city but 8. miles distant from Vienna, he required them to yelde themselues: who notwithstanding withstoode them, and repulsed them valiantly. Then the Turkes assigned a place for the pitching of their tents, whych because it semed some thing too litle for such a great multitude, they tooke in more ground to the compasse of 7. miles circuit. The multitude of his armye, which hee there planted, is accompted of some to extend to 250. M. souldiours. MarginaliaThe turkes army of 250 thousand souldiours. The Turke thus being planted, made daily excourses ouer all the countrey of Austria, specially about the citie of Vienna, wasting and spoyling with great cruelty & murther amongst the poore Christians.

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Moreouer, to make al things more sure toward þe preparation of the siege, scoutes were sent abroade, and bushments were laid about the riuer side of Danubius, to prouide that no aid nor victual should be brought to Vienna. MarginaliaVienna besieged of the turke. So it pleased the prouidence of the Lord (who disposeth all things) that 3. daies before the comming of the Turk, Fridericus the Earle Palatine, MarginaliaFridericus Earle palalatine captaine of Vienna. which was then assigned by þe Empire to take the charge of Vienna, was come downe by the riuer of Danubius with 14. M. and with a certaine troupe of horsemen well apoynted and picked for the purpose. After the comming of thys Fridericke, prouision also of victuall was appoynted to followe shortly after, by the sayd riuer of Danubius.

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In the meane time, they which had the cariage & trāsporting therof, hearing how the waies were laid, & all the passages 10. miles about Vienna, stopped by the Turkes although they knew þe city to stand in great nede of vitail, yet seing there was no other remedy, rather then it should come to the ennemies hande, thought it best to sincke theyr boats wt their cariage, and so they did. Wherby, all be it the christians wanted their reliefe, yet were the Turks disappoynted of their pray & purpose. MarginaliaFridericus Earle Palatine, Willi Rogendorffius, Nicholaus Earle of Salme, captaines of Vienna.The captains whych had the keeping of the City, which were chiefly Fridericus the Earle Palatine, Gulielmus Rogendorffius, and Nicolaus erle of Salme, seing themselues so straightned contrary to their expectation, although they had great causes to be discouraged, yet calling their courage vnto them, they consulted together for the best way to be taken: and seing that the little city Neapolis (aboue mentioned) being 8. miles distaunt from them, so valiauntly withstoode the Turkes, that in one day they sustained 7. greuous assaultes against all the maine force of the Turkish armye: by their example and manfull stāding, being the more animated and encouraged, thought to abide the vttermoste before they woulde geue ouer, and first plucking downe all the suburbes, and buildings wythout the walles, wherby the enemy myght haue any succor, they willed all the farmers & inhabitantes about the Citye to saue themselues, and to bryng in theyr goods wtin the walles. MarginaliaPreparation within the Citie of Vienna, against the turke.Such places as were weake wythin the walles, they made strong. About the towers & munition of the walles, they prouided rampires & bulwarks distant 80. foote one from another, to kepe of the shot: and euery man hadde hys place and standing awarded to hym

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