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[Auinion; Auignia]

Vaucluse, France

Coordinates: 43° 56' 58" N, 4° 48' 32" E

Seat of the papacy 1309 - 77; seat of the antipopes during the Great Schism (1378 - 1415)

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[Bitures; Bituricae; Beturia; Burges]

Cher, France

Coordinates: 47° 5' 4" N, 2° 23' 47" E

Capital of historic province of Berry; cathedral city

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[Tholous; Tholouse; Theolouse; Tule]

Haute-Garonne, France

Coordinates: 43° 36' 19" N, 1° 26' 34" E

Historic capital of Languedoc

793 [769]

K. Henry. 7. Prophesies of the Turkes and Antichrst with the interpretation thereof.

MarginaliaChristians abusing Gods benefites.Romains which shall restore peace againe to þe Christiās. In which peace they shal reedify their cities & mansions againe: the Priests shalbe deliuered from their greuances, & men at that time shall rest from their tribulations, and then shall the King of the Romaines dwell in the Citie of Hierusalem a weeke or sabbate, and a halfe of times. &c.

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MarginaliaThe third alteratiō by the cōming of the turks.Thirdly, during þe time of this peace, the said Methodius saith, þt men shal fal into licentious securitie, & carelesse life: and then according to the word of the Apostle, saying: 

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Pseudo-Methodius, Revelationes (Basel, 1515), sigs. b4r-b6r and d1r-d2v.

Whē they shal say, peace, peace, sodeine destruction shal fall vpon them: then (sayth he) shalbe opened the gates of the North, & the beastly people shal breake in, which King Alexander the great, did close vp within 2. mountaines, making his prayer vnto the Lorde God, that he would bind vp that bestial & execrable people, least with their filthy & detestable pollutions, they shuld come out and pollute the holy land. Whose intercession being heard the Lord cōmaunded them to be inclosed within 2. mountains in the North parts, to the depenes of 12. cubits (which signifieth peraduenture 12. C. yeres MarginaliaThe reigne of Christian kinges in Hierusalem lasted 88. yeares an. 1187.) so that neither by witchcraft, nor by any means they could get out, or any might come vnto them, vntill the time of the Lord apointed, which are (saith he) the latter times: & then, according to the prophecie of Ezechiel in the latter time of the cōsummation of the world, Gog & Magog out frō the north, shal come forth into the land of Israel, & shal work al this mischiefe against the christiās, aboue recited. And then (saith Method. proceding in his Prophesies) shall the K. of Romanes, after he hath reigned in Ierusalē a sabbate of times, & a half, that is, saith Met. x. yeres & a halfe, take the crown frō his hed, and yeld it vp to the Crosse in Golgotha where Christ was crucified, MarginaliaBy this resigning vp the crowne to the crucifixe in Golgotha, is signified, the ceasing of the reigne of the christiās in Hierusaiē tyll the cōming of Christ. and shall die. And the Crosse with the crowne shalbe taken into heauen, which shal not appeare againe before the comming of the Lord.

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Fourthly, it foloweth then moreouer in the Prophesies of Method. whych declareth, that when the weeke or sabbate & half weke of times shal end, and whē the K. of Romanes shall geue vp his crowne in Ierusalem, & die. 

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Pseudo-Methodius, Revelationes (Basel, 1515), sigs. d2r-d4v.

Then immediatly shal Antichrist the son of perdition begin to appeare, & be borne in Iewry, of the tribe of Dan, MarginaliaBy this tribe of Dā, and the citie of Chorosaim, Bethsaida, & Capernaū is signified Gods great malediction vpon Antichrist. wherof also came Iudas Iscarioth, & he shalbe borne (saith Methodius) in Chorosaim, & shalbe bred in Bethsaida, & shal raign in Capernaū: to þe which 3. cities, Christ the Lord gaue his 3. Væ. And whē great tribulatiō shal increase & multiply in the daies of this Antichrist, & al lordship & dominion shalbe destroied, the Lord shall sende his 2. faithful & deare seruants, Enoch and Hely, to reproue and detect the false seducing, & lying forgeries of this Antichrist, openly before all mē: so that the people seing thēselues falsly beguiled, & seduced by this son of perditiō, cōming out of the tēple disēblingly, to the destructiō of many, shal leaue & flie frō him, & ioyn thē selues to the said 2. holy prophets. Which son of perdition & Antichrist seing his procedings so to be reproued, & brought into cōtēpt, in his fury & anger shal kil the 2. Prophets of God And then shal appeare (saith Methodius) the signe of the comming of the sonne of man, and he shall come in the clouds of heauenly glory, MarginaliaThe destruction of Antichrist.and shall destroy the enemie with the spirite of his mouth. &c.

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MarginaliaThe interpretation.TO these prophesies & testimonies of Methodius, what credite it is to be geuen, I leaue it to the Reader. 

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Note Foxe's refusal to endorse the authenticity of the prophecies attributed to Methodius.

But if the meaning of his Prophesies goe by such order of times, as is set & disposed in his booke: he semeth to describe vnto vs 4. principall states and alterations of times to come.

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MarginaliaThe comming of the Saracens.The first state and alteration is by Mahumete and the Saracens, which be the ofsprings and sonnes of Ismael comming out of Arabie in the time of Heraclius Emperour of Constantinople. An. 630. which rebelling against Heraclius, increased & preuailed still more & more against the Christians, both in Asia, and Africa, and also in many places in Europe, especially in Spayne, and Italy.

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MarginaliaThe cōming of the turks.The seconde state & alteration he Prophesieth to come by the Turke, which first comming out of the farre partes of Scythia, þt is, out of the North, first ouercame the Saracenes, subdued the Persians, and afterward ioyning together wt the Saracens, conquered the kingdome of Hierusalem about the yeare of our Lorde 1187: then subdued Syria and moste part of Asia. &c. And these be they, whych Methodius seemeth to meane of, speaking of the vile and miserable people closed vp of þe Lord God, at the intercession of Alexander the great captaine in the North, betwene 2. mountaines the deepenesse of 12. cubites, least that filthy corrupt nation shuld pollute the earth with their wickednes. Wherby are ment these Turkes, which comming out frō the vttermost partes of the North, that is, MarginaliaScythia iuxta Caucasū.out of Scythia and the mountaines of Caucasus or els Imaus, were withholden & kept backe of Almighty God, for Christes cause, that they myght not harme his Church a long space, during the time of xij. C. yeares: yea, and then, the sinnes of the Christians so deseruing, they were permitted of al-mighty God to breake out, and to inuade the church: who nowe ioyning together wt the Saracens, haue wrought, and daily do woorke, all these greuances against our Christian brethren: as we se this day is come to passe, and more is like to folow, except the hād of the Lord, which let them out, do plucke them in againe.

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Moreouer, in þe meane space, betwene the reigne of the Saracens and the Turks, where Methodius speaketh of the K. of Romaines, which should restore quietnes to the church, & should raigne in Hierusalem, a sabbate of times and halfe a sabbate: thereby seemeth to be vnderstand the viage of Christian Princes out of the West partes of Europe, vnder Gotfridus Duke of Lotharing & his 2. brethren and many other christen Princes, with 300. M. footmen, and 100. M. horsemen: who fighting against the Saracens, recouered againe from them, MarginaliaVictory of the Christians gotte against the Saracens. the Citie of Hierusalem, in the yeare of our Lorde. 1099. MarginaliaEx Paulo Iouio The citie of Hierusalē recouered by the Christiās frō the Saracens which citie before had bene in their possession, þe terme of 490. yeres. 

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From Paolo Giovio, Turcarum rerum Commentarius as excerpted in Theodore Bibliander, Machumetis Saracenorum principis…Alcoran (Basel, 1550), III, p. 107.

After which victory got, first Gotfridus, then Baldwinus his brother, and other after them, to the number of 9. Christen kings, reigned in Hierusalem the space of 88. yeres: MarginaliaHierusalem possessed of the christians 88. yeares. and after that through the discord of the Christians not agreeing amōgst themselues, both Hierusalem and Syria, with other parts of Asia besides, were subdued and wonne of the Turkes, whych to this day they keepe yet still. MarginaliaHierusalē wōne frō the Christiās by the turkes, an 1187.And this was in the yeare of our Lord. 1187.

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MarginaliaThe cōming & markes of Antichrist defcribed.About which yeare and time (as foloweth in Methodius) when the Citie of Hierusalem shall be wonne of the Turkes, then shall Antichrist begin to be borne of the tribe of Dan, of whom came Iudas Iscarioth, and shalbe borne in Chorosaim and bredde in Bethsaida, and reigne in Capernaum: Meaning that this Antichrist or sonne of perdition, shalbe full of Gods malediction, noted by Iudas Iscariothe, and these 3. Cities, against whome were spoken thrise of the Lord.

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And heere is moreouer to be noted, that Methodius sayth, not that Antichrist shall be borne among the Saracens or Turkes, but among the people of God, and of the tribe of Israel. Whereby is to be collected, that Antichriste shal not come of the Saracēs, nor Turkes, but shall spring vp among the Christians, and (sayeth Methodius) shall seeme to come out of the Temple, to deceiue many. &c. Whereby the Pope may seeme rather then the Saracene or the Turk, to be described, for so much as the Pope, being elected norished, and raigning in the middest of Gods people, at Rome, sitteth in the temple, and very place of Christ: and (no doubt) deceiueth many. &c.

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And nowe to come to the time assigned of Methodius, here is to be added also, that which we read in Antoninus. Par. 3. that about this said present time, a certaine Bishop of Florence preached that Antichriste was then comming. MarginaliaThe time of Antichrist. But the pope commanded him to keepe silence & to speake no more therof. 

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St. Antoninus, Historiarum Domini Antonini Archipraesulis Florentini (Paris, 1543), III, fo. 26v.

Now why the pope so did, & why he could not abide the preaching of Antichriste, I referre it to them which list to muse more vpon the matter. This is certain, that about this time, heere assigned by Methodius, came Petrus Lombardus Gratianus, MarginaliaPetrus Lombardus. Gratianus. and Pope Innocent þe thirde, MarginaliaInnocentius. 3. the first authors & patrons of trāsubstantiation. 
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Gratian flourished in the mid-twelfth century and Peter Lombard lived from c.1100-1160. But Innocent III reigned 1198-1216. It is hardly accurate to say that they created transubstantiation, but they personified (respectively) canon law, scholastic theology and papal power.

MarginaliaTrāsubstātiatiō. At which time also began the first persecution by þe church of Rome, MarginaliaThe first persecution by the church of Rome againste þe Albingenses or Waldenses, about Tolous, Bitures, and Auinion. Of whome 17. M. the same time were slaine, by the Popes crossed souldiors. Among whom frier Dominicke MarginaliaDominicke. was then the chiefest doer. About whyche time also was Frier Frances, MarginaliaFrier Fraunces. of which two came the two orders of begging Friers: MarginaliaEx antonino part. 3. tit. 19. c 1. The orders of Fryers beganne. al which began much about one time together. An. 1215. which were nere, within 20. yeres. after the kingdome of the Christians was taken of the Turkes, according to the Prophesie aboue sayd.

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MarginaliaThe pope exalting himselfe aboue kings and Emperours.It followeth moreouer in Methodius, That in hys time al Lordship & domination shal cease and geue ouer. &c. The verity whereof we see nowe accomplished in the Pope. For where the Pope with his double sword, and triple crown doeth come, there all seculare power must geue place, both Emperors, Kings, and Princes must stoupe.

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MarginaliaNotes of Antichrist.So king Iohn 

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The following incidents are described in more detail in other parts of the Acts and Monuments.

yeelded vp his crowne to Pandulfus the popes Legate, and was in his hand 5. daies. An. 1217. 
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This actually took place in1213.

Childerike the French K. had hys crowne taken from him, and geuen to Pipine. An. 747.

Henricus 4. Emperor was forced to submit hymselfe and his scepter to Pope Hildebrand. An. 1077.

Fridericus Barbarossa Emperour, in Saint Markes Church in Venice, was faine to lay downe hys necke vnder the Pope Alexanders feete. Anno 1277 

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This actually took place in 1177.

. Which Fridericke also before, was faine to holde the stirroppe to Pope Adrian, &c.

What should I speake of the Ambassadour of Venice, named Fanciscus Dandulus? who being sent to Pope

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