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812 [788]

K. Henry 2. kissing the knee of the Popes Legat comming into England.

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CUL copy: as with other images in this section, additional detail is provided to the image but none (including a lack of shading) is provided to the robes depicted in red. WREN copy: another pale image, with the cardinals in pale orange.

both of Councelles, person, or persons, may and ought to be examined. Marginalia113. Pope Grego. 2. q. 3. c. Quatuor.113. for that, they may be corrupted foure wayes, by feare, by giftes, by hatred, by fauour: onely my sentence and iudgement must stand. Marginalia11.4. Pope Agatho. Dist. 19. cap. Sic omnes.114. as geuen out of heauen by the mouth of Peter himselfe, which no mā must Marginalia115. P. Nicolaus. 9. q. 3. Patet.115. breake, nor retract. Marginalia116. Pope Innocētius. 2. Art. 17. q. 4. Si quis.116. No man muste dyspute or doubt of. Marginalia117. Dist. 19. ca. In memoriam.117. Yea if my iudgement, statute, or yoake seeme scarcely tollerable, yet for remembraunce of S. Peter it must be humbly obeyed. Marginalia118. Sext. Decret. Tit. 7. De renunciat. Quoniam Glosa118. Yea and moreouer obedience is to be geuen, not onely to suche decrees set forth by me in time of my Popedome, but also to suche as I doe foresee and committe to writing before I be Pope. Marginalia119. Offic. l. r.119. And although it be thought by some writers, to be geuen to all men to erre, and to be deceiued. Marginalia120. Glosa. Extra. De verb. signif. cap. Ad.120. yet neyther am I a pure man. Marginalia121. Pope Gregorius. Caus. 35. q. 9. Apostolicæ.121. and agayne the Sentence of my Apostolique seat is alwayes conceiued with such moderation is concoct and digested with such patience and ripenesse, and deliuered out with suche grauitye of deliberation, that nothing is thought in it necessary to be altered or retracted. Marginalia122. Pope Symmachus. Caus. 9 q 3. Aliorum.122. Wherefore it is manifest, and testified by the voyce of holy bishops, that the dignity of this my seat is to be reuerenced through the whole world, in that all the faythfull submit themselues to it as to the head of the whole body. Marginalia123. Ibidem.123. Whereof it is spoken to me by the Prophet, speaking of the Arke: if this be humbled, whether shall you run for succour, & where shall we say then to such as will take vpon thē to iudge of my doings, to reprehend my procedings, or to require homage & tribute of me to whō all other are subiect? Marginalia124. Pope Gregorius 6. q. 3. Scriptum est.124. Against þe first sort þe scripture speaketh Deut. thou oughtst not to put thy sithe in an other mās corne. 

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Deut. 23:25.

Which thing to attempt agaynst me what is it but plaine sacriledge? Marginalia125. Caus. 17. q. 4. Sacrileg. Glosa.125. According to my Canonists, which thus define sacriledge to consist in 3. thinges, either when a man iudgeth of hys Princes iudgement: or when the holyday is prophaned, or when reuerēce is not geuē to lawes and Canons. Marginalia

126. 2. q. 7. cap. Plæruque Glosema Gratiani.

¶ Item.

126. Agaynst the secōd sort maketh the place of the booke of kinges, where we reade the Arcke of God was brought from Gaba to Hierusalem, and in the way the Arke inclining by reason of þe vnruely Oxen, Ozias the Leuite put to his hand to helpe, and therefore was striken of the Lord. 
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2 Samuel 6:6-7.

By this Arke is signified the Prelats:by the inclination therof: the fall of Prelates. Marginalia127. Ibidem.127. which also be signified by the Aungels that Iacob did see goyng vp and comming downe the lader. Marginalia128. Ibidem.128. Also by the Prophet. where he sayth: He bowed downe the heauens and came downe &c. By Ozias and by the vnruely Oxen are ment our subiectes. Marginalia129. Ibidem.129. Then like as Ozias was stricken for putting his haud to the Arke inclining, no more must subiectes rebuke theyr Prelates going awry. Marginalia

130. Ibidem.

¶. His Ita.

130. Albeit here may bee aunswered agayne, that all be not Prelats which so be called: for it is not the name that maketh a Beshop, but hys life. Marginalia131. Pope Vrbanus. 23. q. Tributum131. Agaynst the third sort of suche as would bring vs vnder the tribute and exactions of secular men, maketh the new Testament, where Peter was bid to geue the groate in the fishes mouth, but not the head nor the bodye of the fish: No more is the head or body of the Church subdued to kings, but onely that which is in the mouth, that is, the externe thinges of the Church. And yet nor they neither. Marginalia

132. Ibidem.,



132. For so we read in the booke of Gen. that Pharao in time of dearth subdued all the land of the Egyptians, but yet he ministred to the Priestes, so that he tooke neither their possessions from them, nor theyr liberty. If then the Prelates of the church must be neither iudged, nor reprehended, nor exacted, how much more ought I to be free from the same? Marginalia133. Pope Benedictus. Extr. Deaut. et vsu. palij. c. Sancta.133. which am the Bishop of Bishops, and head of Prelats. Marginalia134. Pope Stephanus. Dist. 19. Enimuero.134. For it is not to be thought that the case betwixt me and other Prelats: betwixt my sea and other Churches belike. Marginalia135. Pope Pelagius. Dist. 21. Quamuis.135. Although the whole Catholicke and Apostolicke Churche make one bridechamber of Christ: yet the Catholicke and Apostolicke Church of Rome, had the preheminence geuen ouer all other by the mouth of the Lorde him selfe saying to Peter: Thou art Peter. &c. 
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Matthew 16: 18.

Marginalia136. Dist. 21. Decretis.136. Thus adiscretion and difference must be had in the Church as it was betwixt Aaron and his children. Marginalia137. Pope Anacletus. Dist. 21. In nono.137. betwixt the 72. Disciples, and the 12. Apostles: betwixt the other Apostles and Peter. Marginalia138. Pope Bonifacius & Greg. Dist. 89. Ad hoc.138. Wherefore it is to be concluded, that there must be an order and difference of Degrees in the Churche betwixt powers, Superiour and Inferiour: without which order, the Vniuersitye of the whole cannot consist. Marginalia139. Ibidem.139. For as amongest the Angelicall creatures aboue in heauen, there is set a difference and inequality of powers and orders, some be Aungels, some Archaungels, some Cherubines and Seraphines. Marginalia140 Dist. 89 cap. Singula.140. So in the Ecclesiasticall Hierarchie of the Church Militant in the earth, Priestes must not be equall wyth Byshoppes, Byshoppes must not bee like in order wyth Archbyshoppes, wyth Patriarckrs, or Primates. Marginalia141. Ex Citatione. Bul. Decret. 5. Ser. 3.141. Who conteyne vnder them three Archby-

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