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1. Preface to Rubric 2. The Rubric 3. Mary's First Moves 4. The Inhibition5. Bourne's Sermon 6. The True Report7. The Precept to Bonner 8. Anno 15549. From 'The Communication' to 'A Monition' 10. Bonner's Monition11. Mary's Articles for Bonner 12. The Articles 13. From Mary's Proclamation to the 'Stile'14. From the 'Stile' to the 'Communication' 15. The 'Communication' 16. How Thomas Cranmer ... 17. Cranmer18. Ridley 19. Latimer20. Harpsfield's Forme 21. 1563's Disputational Digest22. Political Events up to Suffolk's Death 23. Between Mantell and the Preacher's Declaration 24. The Declaration of Bradford et al 25. May 19 to August 1 26. August 1 - September 3 27. From Bonner's Mandate to Pole's Oration 28. Winchester's Sermon to Bonner's Visitation 29. Pole's Oration 30. From the Supplication to Gardiner's Sermon 31. From Gardiner's Sermon to 1555 32. From the Arrest of Rose to Hooper's Letter 33. Hooper's Answer and Letter 34. To the End of Book X 35. The Martyrdom of Rogers 36. The Martyrdom of Saunders 37. Saunders' Letters 38. Hooper's Martyrdom 39. Hooper's Letters 40. Rowland Taylor's Martyrdom 41. Becket's Image and other events 42. Miles Coverdale and the Denmark Letters 43. Bonner and Reconciliation 44. Robert Farrar's Martyrdom 45. The Martyrdom of Thomas Tomkins 46. The Martyrdom of Rawlins/Rowland White47. The Martyrdom of Higbed and Causton 48. The Martyrdom of William Hunter 49. The Martyrdom of Pigot, Knight and Laurence 50. Judge Hales 51. The Providential Death of the Parson of Arundel 52. The Martyrdom of John Awcocke 53. The Martyrdom of George Marsh 54. The Letters of George Marsh 55. The Martyrdom of William Flower 56. Mary's False Pregnancy57. The Martyrdom of Cardmaker and Warne 58. John Tooly 59. The Examination of Robert Bromley [nb This is part of the Tooly affair]60. Censorship Proclamation 61. The Martyrdom of Thomas Haukes 62. Letters of Haukes 63. The Martyrdom of Thomas Watts 64. Martyrdom of Osmund, Bamford, Osborne and Chamberlain65. The Martyrdom of Ardley and Simpson 66. The Martyrdom of John Bradford 67. Bradford's Letters 68. William Minge 69. The Martyrdom of John Bland 70. The Martyrdom of Frankesh, Middleton and Sheterden 71. Sheterden's Letters 72. Martyrdom of Carver and Launder 73. Martyrdom of Thomas Iveson 74. John Aleworth 75. Martyrdom of James Abbes 76. Martyrdom of Denley, Newman and Pacingham 77. Examinations of Hall, Wade and Polley 78. Richard Hooke 79. Martyrdom of William Coker, et al 80. Martyrdom of George Tankerfield, et al 81. Martyrdom and Letters of Robert Smith 82. Martyrdom of Harwood and Fust 83. Martyrdom of William Haile 84. Examination of John Newman 85. Martyrdom of Robert Samuel 86. George King, Thomas Leyes and John Wade 87. William Andrew 88. William Allen 89. Martyrdom of Thomas Cobb 90. Martyrdom of Roger Coo 91. Martyrdom of Catmer, Streater, Burwood, Brodbridge, Tutty 92. Martyrdom of Hayward and Goreway 93. Martyrdom and Letters of Robert Glover 94. John and William Glover 95. Cornelius Bungey 96. Martyrdom of Wolsey and Pigot 97. Life and Character of Nicholas Ridley 98. Ridley and Latimer's Conference 99. Ridley's Letters 100. Life of Hugh Latimer 101. Latimer's Letters 102. Ridley and Latimer Re-examined and Executed103. More Letters of Ridley 104. Life and Death of Stephen Gardiner 105. Martyrdom of Webb, Roper and Park 106. William Wiseman 107. Examinations and Martyrdom of John Philpot 108. John Went 109. Isobel Foster 110. Joan Lashford 111. Five Canterbury Martyrs 112. Life and Martyrdom of Cranmer 113. Letters of Cranmer 114. Martyrdom of Agnes Potten and Joan Trunchfield 115. Persecution in Salisbury Maundrell, Coberly and Spicer 116. William Tyms, et al 117. The Norfolk Supplication 118. Letters of Tyms 119. John Hullier's Execution120. John Hullier 121. Christopher Lister and five other martyrs 122. Hugh Lauerocke and John Apprice 123. Katherine Hut, Elizabeth Thacknell, et al 124. Martyrdom of John Harpole and Joan Beach 125. Thomas Drury and Thomas Croker 126. Thomas Spicer, John Deny and Edmund Poole 127. Thomas Rede128. Persecution of Winson and Mendlesam 129. William Slech 130. Avington Read, et al 131. Wood and Miles 132. Adherall and Clement 133. A Merchant's Servant Executed at Leicester 134. Thirteen Burnt at Stratford-le-Bow135. Persecution in Lichfield 136. Hunt, Norrice, Parret 137. Martyrdom of Bernard, Lawson and Foster 138. John Careless 139. Letters of John Careless 140. Martyrdom of Julius Palmer 141. Guernsey Martyrdoms 142. Dungate, Foreman and Tree 143. Martyrdom of Joan Waste 144. Three Men of Bristol145. Martyrdom of Edward Sharpe 146. Four Burnt at Mayfield at Sussex 147. John Horne and a woman 148. Northampton Shoemaker 149. Prisoners Starved at Canterbury 150. More Persecution at Lichfield 151. Exhumations of Bucer and Phagius along with Peter Martyr's Wife152. Pole's Visitation Articles for Kent153. Ten Martyrs Burnt at Canterbury154. The 'Bloody Commission'155. Twenty-two Prisoners from Colchester156. Five Burnt at Smithfield157. Stephen Gratwick and others158. Edmund Allen and other martyrs159. Edmund Allen160. Alice Benden and other martyrs161. Richard Woodman and nine other martyrs162. Ambrose163. The Martyrdom of Simon Miller and Elizabeth Cooper164. Rose Allin and nine other Colchester Martyrs165. John Thurston166. Thomas More167. George Eagles168. Richard Crashfield169. Fryer and George Eagles' sister170. John Kurde171. Cicelye Ormes172. Joyce Lewes173. Rafe Allerton and others174. Agnes Bongeor and Margaret Thurston175. Persecution at Lichfield176. Persecution at Chichester177. Thomas Spurdance178. Hallingdale, Sparrow and Gibson179. John Rough and Margaret Mearing180. Cuthbert Simson181. William Nicholl182. Seaman, Carman and Hudson183. Three at Colchester184. A Royal Proclamation185. Roger Holland and other Islington martyrs186. Richard Yeoman187. John Alcocke188. Alcocke's Epistles189. Thomas Benbridge190. Stephen Cotton and other martyrs191. Alexander Gouch and Alice Driver192. Three at Bury193. The Final Five Martyrs194. William Living195. The King's Brief196. William Browne197. Some Persecuted at Suffolk198. Elizabeth Lawson199. Edward Grew200. The Persecuted of Norfolk201. The Persecuted of Essex202. Thomas Bryce203. The Persecuted in Kent204. The Persecuted in Coventry and the Exiles205. Thomas Parkinson206. The Scourged: Introduction207. Richard Wilmot and Thomas Fairfax208. Thomas Greene209. Bartlett Greene and Cotton210. Steven Cotton's Letter211. Scourging of John Milles212. Scourging of Thomas Hinshaw213. Robert Williams214. Bonner's Beating of Boys215. A Beggar of Salisbury216. John Fetty217. James Harris218. Providences: Introduction219. The Miraculously Preserved220. Christenmas and Wattes221. Simon Grinaeus222. John Glover223. Dabney224. Alexander Wimshurst225. Bosom's wife226. The Delivery of Moyse227. Lady Knevet228. Crosman's wife229. Congregation at Stoke in Suffolk230. Congregation of London231. Robert Cole232. Englishmen at Calais233. John Hunt and Richard White234. Punishments of Persecutors235. Tome 6 Life and Preservation of the Lady Elizabeth236. The Westminster Conference237. Nicholas Burton238. Another Martyrdom in Spain239. Baker and Burgate240. Burges and Hoker241. Justice Nine-Holes242. Back to the Appendix notes243. A Poor Woman of Exeter244. Those Burnt at Bristol: extra material245. Priest's Wife of Exeter246. Gertrude Crockhey
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Actes and Monumentes Of the Church
Mandatum Episcopi ad abolendum prauas scripturas & dogmata hæreseos in parietibus ecclesiarum depict. 
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Block 32: From Bonner's mandate to Pole's Oration

Foxe reprints Bonner's mandate to remove scripture verses from the church walls in his diocese from Bonner's register (cf. Guildhall MS 9531/12, fol. 357v with 1563, pp. 1006-07; 1570, p. 1646; 1576, p. 1440 [recte 1404] -1405 and 1583, p. 1475). In the first edition both the Latin original as well as an English translation were provided; in subsequent editions the Latin original was deleted. (The elimination of Latin documents from the 1570 edition was a consistently pursued policy).

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EDmundus permissione diuina London. Episcopus, vniuersis & singulis Rectoribus, Vicarijs, Clericis & literatis infra parochiam de Hadham, aut alibi infra diœces in nostram London, vbilibet constitutis, salutem, gratiam, et benedictionem. Quia nonnulli iniquitatis filij, carnalibus desiderijs & nouitatibus dediti, veterem ecclesiæ faciem exterminare, & sectas & hæreses introducere, & stabilire multis modis sunt conati, auferentes Christi imaginem, & multa in ecclesia catholica antiquitus laudabiliter instituta, & obseruata, substituentes interim quæ in tali loco non oportebat ac in parietibus ecclesiæ scripturas nonnullas prauè detortas, in hæresium suarum stabilimentum, vt putarūt, depingi curarūt, qui omnes eo præcipue tendebant, vt libertatem carnis, sacerdotumque coniugia tenerent, ac venerabile altaris sacramentum quantum in ipsis erat, destruerent, & festos dies, ac Ieiunia, aliasque cathocæ ecclesiæ laudabiles consuetudines, & disciplinam extinguerent, et eneruarent, fenestram vitijs omnibus aperientes, & aditum ad virtutes penitus claudentes: Hinc est quòd nos, christiano zelo permoti, pro exoneratione debiti nostri, præmissa vlterius non ferenda censentes, vobis coniunctim & diuisim committimus, & tenore præsentium firmiter iniungendo mandamus, quod receptis præsentibus, cum omni celeritate accomoda moneatis, seu moneri faciatis, primo, secundo & tertio, ac peremptorie, omnes & singulos œconomos & parochianos, parochiarum, & locorum quorumcunque, infra dioc. nostram London. prædict. vbi scripturæ huiusmodi extiterint, aut aliqua ex præmissis attentata fuerint, quod scripturas huiusmodi deleant, aboleant, & exterminarent, ita quod ibidem legi, & videri nullo modo possint: & vlterius faciant quod iustū fuerit, ac laudabile, in hac parte. Et si post monitionē huiusmodi, dicti œconomi, aut parochiani, remissi, & negligentes, aut culpaliles extiterint, vos coniunctim & diuisim ea facere, delere, abolere, &exterminare cum omni celeritate curetis, citando œconomos & parochianos omnes, & singulos, (quos nos etiam in eum euentum, tenore præsentium citamus) quod dicti œconomi & parochiani omnes, et singuli, sic remissi, negligentes, et culpabiles existētes, compareant coram nobis, aut nostro Vicario in spiritualibus generali, et Officiali principali, seu Commissario nostro speciali, in ecclesia nostra Cathedrali diui Pauli London, loco Consistorij ibidem, et hora causarū consueta, sexto die post citationem huiusmodi, eis aut eorum alicui in hac parte factam, si iuridicus fuerit: Alioquin proximo die iuridico ex tunc sequente, quo nos aut vicarium nostrum, Officialem aut Commissarium huiusmodi pro tribunali sedere contigerit, causam rationabilem (si quam pro se habeant, aut dicere sciant) qua re ob negligentiam, remissionem, et culpam suam huiusmodi, excommunicari, et aliâs puniri non debeant, dicturi, et allegaturi, vlteriusque facturi, et recepturi, quod iuris fuerit, et rationis. Et quid in præmißis feceritis, nos aut Vicarium nostrum, officialem principalem, et Commissarium huiusmodi diligenter et debite in omnibus et per omnia certificetis, seu sic certificet ille vestrum, qui nostrum hoc mandatum recepit exequendum. In cuius rei testimonium sigillum nostrum præsentibus apposuimus. Datum in ædibus nostris Episcopalibus Lōdon. xxv. die mensis Octobris. An. Domini. 1554. et nostræ translationis. An. 16. The same in English.

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A Mandate of Boner Bishop of London, to abolishe the Scriptures and hereticall wrytinges paynted vpon the Churche Walles.

EDmund by Gods permission Byshoppe of London, to all and euery Persons, Vicars, Clarkes, and lettered, within the parish of Hadham, or within the precincte of oure diocesse of London wheresoeuer beyng, sendeth gretynge, grace, and benediction. Because some children of iniquitie, geuen vp to carnall desyres and nouelties, haue by many wayes enterprysed to banishe the aunciente maner and order of the Churche, and to bring in and establishe sects and heresies, takinge from thence the picture of Christe, and many thynges besydes, instituted and obserued of auncient tyme laudably in the same, placinge in the rowme thereof suche thynges, as in suche a place it behoued them not to doe: and also haue procured, as a staye to their heresies (as they thought) certain scriptures wrongly applied, to be paynted vpon the Churche Walles, all whiche persones tende

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chiefly to this ende, that they mighte vpholde the libertie of the fleshe, and mariage of priests, and destroye, as muche as laye in them, the reuerende sacrament of the Altare, and myght extinguishe and eneruate holye dayes, fastynge dayes, and other laudable discipline of the Catholike churche, opening a windowe to all vyces, and vtterly closyng vp the waye vnto vertue: wherefore we being moued with a christian zeale, MarginaliaA Pharisaicall zeale. iudging that the premisses are not to be longer suffered, doe for discharge of our dutie committe, vnto you ioyntly and seuerally, and by the tenour hereof doe straightly charge and commaunde you, that at the receyt herof, with all spede conuenient, you doe warne, or cause to be warned, fyrst, second, & third tyme, and peremptorily all and singuler churchwardens and parishioners, whosoeuer, within our foresayde diocesse of London, wheresoeuer any suche scriptures or paintinges haue bene attempted, that they abolishe and extinguish such maner of scriptures, so that by no meanes thei be eyther redde or seen, and therein to procede moreouer as they shall see good and laudable in this behalfe. And if, after the saide monitiō, the saide Churchwardens and Parishioners

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