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126 [1143]

Actes and Monumentes of the churche

pell, to apprehende pouertye, and to walke in the way of holy simplicity. He left in writing to his disciples and folowers, his rule, which he called Regulam Euangelicam. 1. the rule of the gospel, as though the gospel of Christ were not a sufficient rule to al Christen men, but it must take his perfection of franticke Francis. And yet for all that great presumption of this Frācis, notwithstanding this his rule, sounding to the derogation of Christes Gospel was confyrmed by this Pope Innocent. Yea, and suche fooles this Francis found abrode, that not only he had followers of his doltish religion, both of the nobles, and vnnobles of Rome, but also some there were whiche builded mansions for him and his Fryers. This Francis as he was supersticious in castyng all thynges from hym, euen also the girdle, girding a coard about him so in outward chastising of himself, so streight he was to his fleshe (leauing the ordinarye remedy appointed by god) that in Winter season he couered his body with yse and snow. He called pouertye his Lady: he kept nothynge ouer night. So desirous he was of Martyrdom, that he went to Siria to the Souldane, which receyued him honorably: wherby it may be thought that surely he tolde him not the truth, as Iohn Baptist did in Herodes house. For truth is seldom wel welcome in Courtes, & in the world. But it is hard to make a martyr of him whiche is no true confessor. I will here passe ouer the fable, howe Christe and his sainctes dyd marke him with fiue woundes. MarginaliaDiuers sects of Frāciscanes.These Franciscanes or begging Friers, although they wer al vnder one rule & clothing of sainct Frācis, yet they be diuided in many sectes, and orders: some go on treen shoes or Pattins, some barefooted, some regulare Fransciscanes, or obseruantes, some Minors, or Minorites, other bee called Minimi, other of the Gospell, other de Caputio. They al differ in many thinges, but accord in superstition and hipocrisy. And forsomuche as we haue here entred into the matter of these two orders of Friers, by thoccasion hereof I thought a lyttle by the way to digresse from our story, in reciting the whole cataloge or rablemēt of Mōks Friers, and Nunnes, of al sectes, rules, and orders set vp and confirmed by the Pope. The names of whom here in order of the Alphabet, follow vnder written.

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MarginaliaTee rable of al religious order.AVstinians, the fyrst order.
Ambrosians two sortes.
Antonies heremites.
Austines heremites.
Austins obseruauntes.
Armenians secte.
Ammonites and Moabites.
Basilius order.
Benets order.
Bernardes order.
Barefooted Fryers.
Sayncte Brigittes order.
Beghartes or whyte spyrites.
Brethren of Ierusalem.
Brethren of saynt Iohn de ciui-
Brethren of wilful pouertye.
Cluniacensis order.
Chanons of saynct Austine.
Charterhouse order.
Cisterciensis order.
Crossebearers or crossed Friers
Carmelites or whyte Friers.
Saynct Clares order.
Celestines order.
Camaldulensis order.
Crosse starred brethren.
Constantinopolitanysh order.
Crosse bearers.
Chapter Monkes.
Dutch order.
Graundimontensis order.
Gregorians ordre.
Georges order.
Gerundinensish order.
Galilei or Galileans.
Saynct Helens brethren.
Hospitall brethren.
Holy ghost order.
Ieromes orders two sortes.
Iohns Heremites.
Saynct Iustines order.
Saynct Iohns order.
Ieromes heremites.
Iosephes order.
Iacobites sect.
Saint Iames brethrens order.
Saynct Iames brethren wyth
the sweard.
Indians order.
Sayncte Katherine of Senes
Keyed Monkes.
Lazarites or Marye Magda-
Lordes of Vngarye.
Minores or Minorites.
Maries seruauntes.
Monkes of mount Oliuete.
Marouinies secte.
Moronites secte.
Monachi and Monache.
Morbonei and Meristei.
Menelaysh and Iasonish sect.
New Chanons of Saynct Au-
Nolharte brethren.
Newe order of our Lady.
Paules heremites.
Premonstratensis order.
Preacher order, or blacke
Peter the Apostels order.
Purgatory brethren.
Scourgers the fyrst secte.
Souldiours of Iesus Christ.
Specularii or the glasse order.
Sepulchres order.
Sheere order.
Swearders order.
Starred Monkes.
Starred Fryers.
Sclauony order.
Scourgees the. ii. secte.
Stoole brethren.
Scotlaude brethren order.
Templar Lordes.
Templar Knyghtes.
The vale of Iosaphats order.
Vallis vmbrose.
Waldensis secte,
Wenczelaus order.
Zelotes order.

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Thus hast thou, if thou please (gentle reader) to knowe what orders and sectes of religyous haue bene set vp by the Pope, the cataloge and nūber of thē al, so farre as could we search themout, not onely in bokes printed of late in Germany, namely by the reuerend father Martyn Luther, but also conferred with an other Englishe booke, whiche came to oure handes,

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