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156 [1438]

Actes and Monumentes

sent) of Canterbury, Yorke, and Prage, legates of the Apostolike sea, in the kingdome of England and Boheme did condempne the bokes of the said Wickleffe to be burnt. And the sayde Archbishop of Prage, commissary of the Apostolike sea, did likewise in this behalfe determine and iudge. And moreouer, he did forbid that any of those bokes, whiche did remaine vnbourned, should not be hereafter anye more red. And again, these thinges being brought to the knowledge and vnderstandinge of the Apostolike sea, and the general councel. The bishop of Rome in his last councel condemned the said bokes, treatasies and volumes, commaundinge them to be openly burned: Most straitly forbidding, that any man, which should beare the name of Christ, should be so hardy either to keepe, read, or expound any of the said bookes, or treatyses, volumes, or woorkes, or by any meanes to vse or occupy them, either els to alledge them openlye or priuely, but to their reprofe and infamy: and to the entent that this moste daungerous & filthy doctrine should be vtterly wyped away out of the church, he gaue commaundement thorow out all places, MarginaliaWordes of authoritye without due probation.that the ordinaries shoulde diligently enquire and seeke out by the Apostolyke aucthoritie and Ecclesiastical censure, for al such bokes, Tretises, volumes, and workes. And the same so being found to burn & cōsume thē with fire: prouiding wythal, that if there be any such found, which wil not obey the same, processe to be made against them, as against the fauourers and maintainers of herisies. And thys most holy Sinode hath caused the said xlv. articles to be examined and ofttimes perused, by many moste reuerent fathers of the church of Rome, Cardynals, Bishops, Abbots, masters of deuinity and doctors of bothe lawes, besides a great nomber of other notable men: MarginaliaAske my felow if I be a thiefe.the which Articles beyng so examined, it was found (as in truthe it was no lesse) that many, yea a great number of thē to be notoriously and heretically reproued and condemned, by the holy fathers, other some not to be catholicke but erronious, some full of offence and blasphemy, Certain of them offensiue vnto godly eares, and many of them to be rashfull and sedicious. MarginaliaSo we here you saye,It is founde also that hys bokes do cōtaine many articles of like effect and qualitie, and that they do induce and bring into the church, vnsound and vnholsome doctrin, contrary vnto the faith & ordinaunce of the church. MarginaliaVnholsome because they teach agaynst the pomp of the Pope.Wherfore in the name of our Lord Iesu Chirst, this sacred sinode, ratyfiing and approuing the sentences and iudgementes, of the Archbyshops and councel of Rome, do by this their decre and ordinaunce, perpetually for euermore condemne and reproue, the said articles and euerye one of them, his bokes which he entiteled his dialoge, and Trialoge, and all other bookes of the same authoure, volumes, treatises and workes, MarginaliaO meruaylous sacred what name so euer they be entiteled or called,the which we wil here to be sufficiently expressed and named. Also we forbid the reading, learning, exposition, or aledging of any of the sayde bokes, vnto all faithfull Christians: MarginaliaBecause thys trealoge teareth the popes triple crounbut so farre forthe as shall tend to the reprofe of the same, forbidding al and singuler catholike persones, vnder the pain of curse, that from henceforth, they be not so hardy openly to preach, teach, or hold, or by any meanes to alledge the said articles or any of them, excepte (as is afore saide) that it do tend vnto the reprofe of them: MarginaliaRub a gaid horse on the backe, & he will wynse.commaunding all those bokes, treatises, works and volumes aforsaid to be openly burned, as it was decreed in the Sinode at Rome, as is a fore expressed. Marginaliaat Rome. & c Nether barrell, better Herring.For the execution wherof duely to be obserued, and done, the said sacred Sinode doth straitly charge and commaunde, the ordinaries of the places, diligently to attend and looke vnto the matter, according as it appertaineth vnto euery mānes duetie, by the Canonical lawes and ordinances. MarginaliaThough the sepulchre be watched, yet Christ wyll ryse.

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¶ The decree of the same Sinode or councel, as touching the digging vp againe of Ihon Wickleffes bones.

MOreouer, for so much as by þe authoritie of the sentence, and decree of the councel of Rome, and by the commaundement of of the churche and the Apostolike sea after due delayes being geuen, they proceaded vnto the condempnation of the said Ihon Wickleffe, and his memory, hauing first made proclamation, and geuen commaundement to call forth whosoeuer wolde defend the said Wickleffe, or his memory (if ther were anye suche), but there did none appeare, which would eyther defend him or his memory. And moreouer witnesses being examyned by cōmissyoners appoynted by Pope Ihon, and thys councell, vpon the impenitencie and final obstinacy and stubbernesse of the said Ihō Wickleffe reseruinge that, whiche is to be reserued, as in suche businesse, the order of the law requireth, & his impenitencie and obstinacie euen vnto hys end, being sufficiently proued by euident signes & tokens, and also by lawfull witnesses of creadit, was lawfully geuen therevnto, wherfore at the instaunce of the steward of the treasury, proclamation being made to heare and vnderstand the sentence against this day, the sacred Sinode declareth, determineth and geueth sentence, that the said Ihon Wickleffe was an notorious obstinate heriticke, and that he died in his heresye, cursing and condempninge bothe hym and hys memory.

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This Sinode also decreeth and ordaineth, that the body and bones of the said Ihon Wickleffe, if it might be decerned and knowne from the bo

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