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THE EPISTLE of the Liiii. Nobles of Morauia, wrytten vnto the Councel of Constance, in the defence of M. Iohn Hus.

To the right reuerent Fathers and Lordes in Christ, the Lordes Cardinals Patriarkes, Primates, Archebishops, Byshops, Ambassadours, Doctors & Maisters, and to the whole Councell of Constance. We the Nobles, Lordes, Knightes and Esquiers, of the famous Marquesdome of Morauia, wyshe the desire of all goodnes, & the obseruation of the commaundement of oure Lorde Iesu Christ.

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VErely for so much as euery mā both by the lawe of nature as also by Gods lawe, is commaūded to doo that vnto an other man which he wold haue done vnto him selfe, and is forbidden to doo that thing vnto an other which he would not haue done vnto him selfe. As our sauiour saithe: All thinges whatsoeuer you wyll that men shuld doo vnto you, the same doo you vnto them, for this is the lawe and the Prophetes. MarginaliaMathe. 7.Yea the lawe is filled in this one point. Thou shalt loue thy neyghbour as thy selfe. MarginaliaRom. 13. We therfore God being our autor, hauing respect as much as in vs lyeth vnto the sayd lawe of God and the loue of our neyghbour, We haue sent our letters vnto Constance for our deare beloued frend of good memory Maister Iohn Hus, Bacheler of Diuinitie & preacher of the Gospell. Whome of late in the Councel of Constance, we knowe not with what spirite being lead, you haue condemned as an obstinate heretike neither hauing confessed any thinge, neither lawfully conuict as were expedient. Hauinge no errours or heresies declared or laid against him, but only at the synister false & inportune accusations, suggestions, and instigations, of his mortall enemies, and the traytors of our kyngdome and Marquesdome of Morauia.

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And being so condemned, you haue slayne him with moste shamefull and cruel death: to the perpetual spot & infamy of our most Christian kingdome of Boheme, and the famous Marquesdome of Morauia (as we haue wrytten vnto Constance vnto the mooste Noble Prince and Lorde, the Lorde Sigismond, king of Romaines, and of Hungary, the heyre and successor of our kyngdome) the whiche was also red and published in your Congregations, the whiche we wil haue here as enrolled. And And haue burned him as it is reported in the reproche and contempt of vs. Wherfore we haue thought good euen nowe to directe our letters pattents vnto your reuerēces now present in the behalf of Maister Iohn Hus: open-ly professing and protesting both with harte & mouth, that he the saide Maister Iohn Hus, was a iust good and catholick mā, and a long season laudably commendid & allowed in our kyngdome for his lyfe and conuersation. He also preached and taught vs and our subiectes the lawe of the Gospell, and of the holy Prophets, and the bookes of the olde and newe Testament according to the exposition of the holy doctors approuid by the churche, and left many monuments in wryting most constantly detesting and abhorring all errours and heresy, continually admonishing both vs and all faithfull Christians to doo the lyke: Diligently exhorting all men as much as in him lay by his worde, wrytinges and trauell, vnto quietnes and concorde, so that vsing all the diligēce that we might, we neuer heard or coulde vnderstande, that Maister Iohn Hus had preached, taught, or by any meanes affirmed any errour or heresy in his sermones, or that by any maner of means he had offended vs or our subiectes, either by worde or deede, but that he always led a quiet and godly life in Christ MarginaliaAl that wil lyue godly in Christ. 2. Timo. 3.exhorting all men diligently, both by his words and workes, as muche as he might to obserue and kepe the lawe of the Gospell, and thinstitutions of the holy fathers, by the preachinge of our holy mother churche, and the saluation of their neighbours. Neither did these premisses whiche you had so perpetrated to the reproche both of vs and our kyngdome & Marquesdō suffice & content you, but þt also without all mercy and pitie, you haue apprehēded imprisoned and slaine, and euen now peraduēture lyke as you did Maister Iohn Hus, you haue moste cruely murdered the worshipfull man maister Hierome of Prage, a man aboūding in eloquence, maister of the seuen liberal artes and a famous Philosopher, not beinge seene, heard, examined, neither conuict: but only at the Synister and false accusation of his & our accusers and betrayers. Furthermore it is come to our knowledge and vnderstandinge, (that whiche we doo not without great griefe rehearse) as we may also euidently gather by your wrytinges howe that certain detractors odible both to God and men pryuie enuiors & betraiers, haue wyckedly and greuously albeit falsly and traiterously accused vs, our kingdōe and Marquesdome aforsaid, before you in your councell, that in the said kyngdom of Boheme and Marquesdome of Morauia, diuerse errors are sprong vp, whiche haue greuously and manifoldly infected both our heartes and also the heartes of many faithfull men. In so muche that without a spedy stop or stay of correction, the sayd kyngdome and Marquesdome together with the faithfull christians therin, shuld incur an irrecuperrable losse & ruyne of their soules. How then may or can we suffer these cruell and pernicious iniuries which are laide vnto vs, our sayd kingdom and Marquesdom, albeit most falsly and sclaunderously without any desert or demerite on our behalfe. For so muche as thorowe the grace of God, when in

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