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An Almanacke for 31. yeares.
The yeare of our Lorde.The Golden numbre.The Epact.The circle of the Sunne.Dominicall letter.Easter daye.
M. D. Aprill.
M. D. lxiiii.viixviivB aii. Aprill.
M. D. lxv.viiixxviii.viGxxii Aprill.
M. D. lxvi.ixixviiFxiiii Aprill.
M. D. lxvii.xxxviiiCxxx March.
M. D. lxviii.xiiixD Cxviii Aprill.
M. D. lxix.xiixiixEx. Aprill.
M. D. lxx.xiiixxiiixiAxxvi. Marche.
M. D. lxxi.xiiiiiiiixiiGxv Aprill.
M. D. lxxii.xvxvxiiiF Evi Aprill.
M. D. lxxiii.xvixxvixiiiiDxxii Marche.
M. D. lxxiiii.xviiviixvCxi Aprill.
M. D. lxxv.xviiixviiixviBiii Aprill.
M. D. lxxvi.xixxxixxviiA Gxxii Aprill.
M. D. lxxvii.ixixviiiFvii Aprill.
M. D. lxxviii.iixxiixixExxx Marche.
M. D. lxxix.iiiiiixxDxxix Aprill.
M. D. lxxx.iiiixiiiixxiC Biii Aprill.
M. D. lxxxi.vxxvxxiiBxxvi Marche.
M. D. lxxxii.vivixxiiiGxv Aprill.
M. D. lxxxiii.viixviixxiiiiFxxxi Marche.
M. D. lxxxiiii.viiixxviiixxvE Dxix Aprill.
M. D. lxxxv.ixixxxviCxi Aprill.
M. D. lxxxvi.xxxxxviiBiii Aprill.
M. D. lxxxvii.xiixxviiiAxxvi Aprill.
M. D. lxxxviii.xiixiiiiG Fvii Aprill.
M. D. lxxxix.xiiiiiiiiExxx Marche.
M. D. xc.xiiiiiiiiiiiDxix Aprill.
M. D. xci.xvxviiiiCiiii Aprill.
M. D. xcii.xvixxvivB Axxvi. Marche.
M. D xciii.xviiviiviGxv Aprill.
A Table for the Dominicall letter for euer.

J this Table ye shall thus finde out the Dominicall letter. The first two letters (which are. G F) assigne to the yeare of oure Lorde. 1560. the next letter followyng (which is E) assigne vnto the yeare of oure Lord. 1561 lykewyse T. followyng assygne to the yeare of our Lorde. 1562. and so foorth tyll ye come to the letter, whiche is the dominicall for the yeare present, which letter (yf he stande alone) then is it no leape yeare. But if there stand an other vnderneath hym, then is it leape yeare: so that the highest of these two letters shall serue vnto the. xxiiii. daye of February: the lower shalbe the dominicall letter for the rest of the same yeare. Where note by the waye that when the number of these letters whiche be. xxviii. be expired, then come to the fyrste letter, and so begyn the table agayne.

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A shorte and true note for the leape yeare.

When ye can diuide the yeare of our lord into foure equall partes, then is it leape yeare.

A rule to fynde the golden number or prime for euer.

Adde to the yere of our Lord. 1. Then diuide that summe by. xix. the remain is the prime or golden nūber.

A rule to fynde the Epact for euer.

Multiply the pryme by. xi. diuide by. xxx. The remayne is the pryme or the Epacte. And note that the pryme and Epact begynne at Marche, seruyng for the chaunge of the Moone. &c.

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