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Actes and Monumentes Of the Churche.

the death of pope Nicolas the fifth was published which had crouned Frederick the third, the germains be wailing their miserable estate went about to perswade themperoure that he shuld no longer be vnder the obedience of the Popes of Rome, except they had first obtained certaine thinges of them as touching the charter of apeales declaring their estate to be farre worse (although vndeserued) then the Frenchmen or Italians: Whose seruauntes (and specially of the Italians) they are worthely to be called excepte that their state were altered. MarginaliaThe complaint of the germains to themperour for helpe and aide against the oppressiō of the Pope.The nobles and comunaltie of Germany, did instantly intreate with most waighty reasons and examples, both for the vtilitie and profitt of thempire, to haue the Emperours aide and helpe therein (for the whiche he was bounde vnto them by an othe) alledging also the great dishonour and ignominie, that they alone had not the vse of their owne lawes, and that the Frenche nation had not made their sute vnto their kinge in vayne againste the exactions of Popes: by whome they were defended, whiche also prouided decrees and ordinaunces for the libertie of his people, and caused the same to be obserued. The whiche thing the Emperour ought to forsee within his Empyre, and to prouide for his people and states of his Empyre, as well as other kynges doo.

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For what shall come to passe thereby if that forreine nations hauing recourse vnto theyr kynges beyng relieued and defended by them from the saide exactions, and the Germaines & states of the Empire flying vnto their Emperour bee by hym forsaken, or rather betraied and depriued of their own lawes and decrees. The Emperour being moued and partly ouercome by their perswasions, promysed that he would prouide no lesse for them, then the king of Fraunce hath doone for the Frenchemen, and to make decrees in that behalf but the graue autoritie of Eneas Syluius, as Platina wryteth, in the history of Pius the seconde, brake of the matter, whose talke was this vnto the Emperour. Marke here the wicked oration of a wicked and trayterous orator. Amongest princes sayth he, albeit there be variance and discorde about great and wayghtie matters, yet peace may sometyme be made againe, but betwene the prince and the comon people there is alwayes mortal hatred. Wherfore this wicked Eneas for so muche as he should be shortly the successor of Calixtus, cōcluded vpō this point saying. That he thought it muche better to accorde with the Pope, then to folowe their couetous desyres whose myndes are led with couetousnes and appetite, rather then by reason. Beholde by what policie and engine, with what force of impietie and wyckednes that venemous tounge hath sodenly enuenimed and enchaunted the Emperour,that with one worde he hath subuerted & put away so euident truthe, so exquisite iustice, & so manifest vtilitie and necessitie of lawes and decrees, the whiche Eneas hymselfe was present at the makyng of, and a long time alowed the same vnto the Emperour, and put them in execution, besydes the manifolde and wayghty reasons of the Princes and people of Germanie, the whiche were admitted, had already taken place and perswaded, but that as yet they were not perfourmed. This I saye he brought to passe by that his only false seditious and venemous oration, that the Emperour was so bewyched that he contemning the equall, iust, and necessary requestes of his subiectes, chose the sayd Eneas to be his Ambassadour vnto Calixtus, then newly chosen Pope, to sweare vnto him in his name, and to promise the absolute obedience of all Germanie as the onelye countrey (as they call it) of obedience, neglectyng the ordinaunces and decrees of their coūtrey. As before he had done vnto Eugenius the fourth beyng Ambassadour for the sayde Frederick, promysing that he and all the Germaynes would be obedient vnto hym from henceforth in all matters, as well spiritual as temporall.

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Thus twise Frederick of Austrich contemnid & derided the germaines. And frustratinge them of their natiue decres and ordinaunces brought them vnder subiection and bondage of the pope which partly was the cause that. 7 yeares before his death he caused his sonne Maximilian not only to be chosē but also crouned king of Romaines: And did associate him to the ministration of thempire, least after his death (as it came to passe. the empire should be transported into an other family. Suspecting the germaines, whome he had twise contrary to his lawes made subiect and in blondage vnto the popes exactions. MarginaliaFrederick made þe germans twise snbiect vnto the Pope.First before he was crouned, in the time of Eugenius the. 4. And againe the seconde time after his coronation, & death of Pope Nicolas the fifth denienge their requests. By whome afterward in the yeare of our lord. 1463. he was besieged.

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Wherupon Germany, being in this miserable pouerty & greuous subiectiō of the Popes tiranny and polinge with teares and sighes lamenting their estate: Continued so almoste vnto Luthers time, as these histories hereafter following do testifie. Herunto also may wel be annexed that whiche is by Henry Token Canon and Ambassadour of the Archbyshope of Maidenburg, written in his booke intituled Rapularium, MarginaliaEx Rapulario Hērici Token. wher as he writeth that in the counsell of Basell Ano. 1536. the Archbishope of Lions did declare that in the time of Pope Martine their came out of Fraunce to þe court of Rome. ix. milliōs of gold which was gathered of the bishops and Prelates, bysides those

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