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Actes and Monumentes of the Churche.

did repente after their recantation, but after the seconde tyme, there woulde no pardone serue.

For so muche as we haue before mentioned the greuous complaintes of the Germaines made vnto the Emperour Fredericke of Austriche, against the Popes suppressions and exactions, hauing also declared howe that by the meanes of Eneas Syluius, they were twyse put backe & forsaken of the Emperour wherby they continued in the same yoke and bondage vntill the tyme of Luther, it cometh now to hande & we thinke it also good, here briefly to declare, howe the Germaynes in the tyme of Maximilian the Emperour remouing their complaynt againe. delyuered vnto the Emperour ten principal greuances, wherby the Germaines haue bene longe tyme oppressed, shewyng also the remedies againste the same, with certaine aduisementes vnto the Emperours Maiestie, howe he might withstand and resist the Popes subtilties and craftes. The order and tenour whereof here enseweth. 

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This list of grievances is translated from Matthias Flacius, Catalogustestium veritatis (Basel, 1562), pp. 321-22.

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¶ The ten greuances of the Germaines and of the sacred Empire.

Marginalia1.THat the byshops of Rome, successours one vnto another doo not thinke them selues bounde to obserue and kepe the bulles couenantes, priuileges, and letters, graunted by their predecessores without all derogation. But by often dispensation suspencion and reuocation euen at the instāce of euerye vyle persone, they doo gainsaye and withstand the same.

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Marginalia2.That the electiō of Prelates are oftentimes put backe.

Marginalia3.That the electiōs of Presidētships are withstand, which the chapterhouses of many churches haue obteined with great cost & expence, as the church of Spyre and Haselles, doo well knowe. Whose bulle, touching the election of their president, is made frustrate, he being yet aliue whiche graunted the same.

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Marginalia4.That benefices and the greatest ecclesiastical dignities are reserued for Cardinalles & head notaries.

Marginalia5.That expectatiue graces called vowsones, 

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Advowson is the English term - inserted by Foxe - for an expective grace, a lien or claim upon a particular benefice

are graunted without nomber, and many oftē times vnto one man. Wherupon continuall contentions do ryse, and muche monye spent, both that which is laid out for þe buls of those vowsons whiche neuer take effect, & also that whiche is consumed in going to lawe. Wherupon this prouerbe is risen, whosoeuer wil get a vowson from Rome must haue. 100. or. 200. peces of gold laid vp in his chest for the optayning of þe same, that he shall nede to prosecute the lawe withall.

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Marginalia6.That Annates or yearely reuenewes 

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First fruits are an English term for an annate, which is a tax of the entire first year's income upon the incoming holder of a benefice. But in England, first fruits were paid to the Crown, in Germany annates were paid to the Papacy.

are exacted without delay or mercy, euen of byshops lately dead, and oftentimes more extorted thē ought to be for newe offices & newe seruauntes, as by the example of the churches of Mētz and Strausborowe.

Marginalia7.That the rule of the churches are giuen at Rome vnto those that are not worthy, which were more fitt to kepe and feed mules, then to haue the rule and gouernaunce of men.

Marginalia8.That new indulgences and pardones with the suspention and reuocation of the old are graunted, to gather & scrape mony to gether.

Marginalia9.That tenthes are exacted vnder the pretence of making warre against the Turke, when as no expedition doth follow therupon.

Marginalia10.That the causes which might be determined in Germany wheras ther are both learned and iust iudges are indistinctly caried vnto þe court of Rome, which thing Saint Berward writing to Pope Eugenius semeth wonderfully to reproue.

¶ Here now enseweth the remedy against the greuances of the Germaines.

IF it shall seme good vnto the Emperores maiesty, 

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This list of remedies for the grievances is translated from Matthias Flacius, Catalogus testium veritatis (Basel, 1562), pp. 322-23.

lett it be declared vnto the Bishop of Rome, how greuous & intolerable a thing it is vnto the Germaines, to suffer continually so great charge and greuances, to pay so great Annats for the confirmation of the Bishopes & Archbishops and specially in suche Bishopriks, wheras the Annats by successe of time are enhaunced, and in many (as it is said) doubled. For the archbishopes Sea of Ments, 
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I.e., Mainz.

as it is saide, somtime paide only x. M. floreins, which som, when as one whiche was chosen there refused to geue and so continued euen vnto his death, he which was afterward elect, being desirous of confirmation, fearing to with stande the Apostolik Sea, offred the old some of ten thowsand floreins. But notwithstanding he could not get his confirmation, excepte he woulde paye the other ten thowsand, which his predecessor before him had not payd, by this meanes he was compelled to pay xx. thowsand floreins. Which being enrolled in the register, of the chamber, hath ben exacted of euery Archbishop since vntille these our dayes. And not only xx. thowsād, but also xxv. thowsād, for there new offices, and new seruants, at the last the some drew to xxvii. thousand floreins which Iames the Archbishop of Ments, 
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I.e., Mainz.

was compelled to pay as his commissary did report. So by this meanes in one mans life ther was. vii. times, xxv. thowsand floreins, paid out of the Archbishoprik of Mentes, 
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I.e., Mainz.

vnto Rome, for the confirmation of þe Archbishop. And when this Archbishop Iames had kept þe Archbishoprik scarce iiii. yeares, the Lord Vriel was elect after him,

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