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luxurious riot, wasted and consumed CC.M. floreines, & left lx. M. in debt. MarginaliaVesellusGroningisis.Wesellus Groningensis, in a certain treatise of his, de Indulgentus papalibus, wryting of this pope Sixtus reporteth this, þt at þe request of the forsaid Peter Cardinall, and of Ierome his brother, MarginaliaThe pope licenseth the whole family of a certain cardinal to play the Sodomites iii. monthes in the yere.the said pope Sixtus permitted and graunted vnto the whole family of the cardinal of S. Lucy, in the iii. hot monethes of somer, Iune, Iuly, & August (a horrible thinge to be spoken) free leaue and liberty to vse Sodomitry, with this clause, Fiat vt petitur: That is: be it as it is asked. MarginaliaPope Innocentius þe eight.Next after this Sixtus came Innocentius the viii. as rude and as farre from al learning as his predecessor was before him. Amonges the noble factes of this Pope, thys was one, that in the town of Polus apud Aequicolos, he caused viii. men and vi. wemen wyth the lord of the place to be apprehended and taken, and iudged for heretickes, because they sayde, that none of them was the true vicare of Christ, which came after Peter, but they whiche followed only the pouerty of Christ. MarginaliaGeorg king of Boheme condemned of heresie.Also he cōdempned of heresy, George the kinge of Boheme, and depriued him of his dignity, and also of his kingdom, & procured his whole stock to be vtterly reiected and put downe, geuinge his kingdom to Mathias king of Panonia. MarginaliaPope Alexander.In Alexander the vi. which came nexte after Innocentius, this I haue principally to note, which besides the receiuing of CC.M. floreins for poysoning Gemen the Turkes brother at Rome, and besides calling for the helpe of the Turkes against the french kinge, besides also his īgratitude, toward those cardinals, which chose him Pope, speciallye againste Antonius Mācinell9 declared his malitious wickednes, which Mācinellus being a man of excellent lerning, MarginaliaThe Pope commaundeth mancinellus hāds and tongue to be cut of for spekinge against his vices.because he wrote an eloquent oratiō against his wicked manners and filthy lyfe, with other great vices, commaunded therfore both his handes & his tongue to be cut of. Afterward he sittinge with his cardinals and other rich senators of Rome at dinner (the seruaunts vnwares bringing a wrōg bottel vnto him) was poysoned both he & his cardinals about him. In his time Hieronin9 Sauonarola was burnte, wherof we made mention before. This also is not to be pretermited which hapned in the time of this pope Alexāder, how that the angel which stoode in the hyghe top of the Popes church, was beaten downe with a terrible thunder, which thing semed then to declare the ruine and fal of the Popedom. MarginaliaPope pius 3. An. 1503.After this pope, next succeded Pius the third, about the yere of our Lord M.CCCCC.iii. After whome came next Iulius the second. A mā so farre passyng all other in iniquitye, þt Wycelius and such other of his own frends, wryting of him are compelled to say of him. Marti illum quam Christo deditiorē fuisse: That is,that he was more geuen to warre and batail, then to Christ. Cōcerning the madnes of thys man, this is most certenly knowen, þt at what time he was going to warre, he cast the keyes of S. Peter into the riuer of Tybris, saying þt for as much as the keies of Peter, woulde not serue him to his purpose, he woulde take hym self to the sword of Paule. Whervppon Phillip Melancton, amongest many other wryting vpon the same, maketh this Epigrame.

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Cū contra Gallos bellum papa Iulius esset

Gesturus, sicut fama vetusta docet:

Ingentes martis turmas contraxit, et vrbem

Egressus sæuas edidit ore minas.

Iratusq; sacras claues in flumina iecit

Tibridis, hic vrbi pons vbi iungit aquas.

Indemanu strictum vagina diripit ensem,

Exclamansq; trucitalia voce refert:

Hic gladius Pauli nos nunc defendet ab hoste,

Quandoquidem clauis nil iuuat ista Petri.

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Whervpon also Gilbert Ducherius maketh this Epigram.

In Gallum vt fama est, bellum gesturus acerbū.

Armatam educit Iulius vrbe manum:

Accinctus gladio, claues in Tibridis amnem

Proucit et sæuus talia verba facit:

Quum Petri nihil efficant ad prælia claues,

Auxilio Pauli forsitan ensis erit.

OF this Iulius it is certenly reported, that partly with his warres, partlye with hys cursynges, within the space of vii. yeares, as good as two hūdred thousand Christians wer destroyed. Fyrst he besieged Rauēna agaynst the venetians, then Seruia, Imola, Fauētia, Foroliuium, Bononia, and other cities which he gate oute of princes handes, not wythout much bloud shed. The chronicles of Ihon Sledan maketh mention, that when thys Iulius was made Pope, he toke an othe, promisyng to haue a councel wythin ii. yeres, but when he had no leasure thervnto, being occupied with his warres in Italy, amonges the Venetians, and with the french kinge, and in Ferraria, and in other countries: ix. of his cardinals departing from him came to Millaine, and there appoynted a councel at the citye of Pise, amonges whome the chefe were, Bernardinus Cruceius, Gulielmus Prenestin9 Franciscus Constātinus, with diuers others, amonges whome also were adioyned the procurators of Maximilian themperor, and of Ludouick the french kinge. So the councell was appoynted the yere of our Lord 1511. to begin in the Kalends of September. The cause why they did so call this councell was thys alleaged, because the pope had broken his othe, and all thys while gaue no hope to haue any coūcell, and also because there were diuers other crimes, whervpon they had to accuse hym.

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